THE most amazing 2009 BMW Z4 wallpapers

BMW Z4 | December 15th, 2008 by 13
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The 2009 BMW Z4 has definitely become one my obsession these days. If I have already been a huge BMW fan, now I am a …

The 2009 BMW Z4 has definitely become one my obsession these days. If I have already been a huge BMW fan, now I am a bigger one even. The 2009 Z4 is one of those cars that makes you fall in love with the BMW brand, a love that can and many times, will continue for many years to come.

The official 2009 BMW Z4 photos were already stunning and breathtaking, but these new Z4 wallpapers that just became available to us, are just…..from “another world”. We have always knew that BMW has top notch cars, but we have to give huge props to their marketing and art departments as well, the artists at BMW that managed to find the right combination between the car and its surrounding.

Trust me, after you will see these photos in full resolution, you will most likely agree with me.2009 bmw z4 wallpapers 1 498x398


bmw z4 04 498x373

13 responses to “THE most amazing 2009 BMW Z4 wallpapers”

  1. roffle waffle says:

    too bad they’re not widescreen. But you could just add a black frame like I did for the front end shot posted earlier

  2. Gil says:

    So many BMWs…. so little money… :)
    Thank you *so much* for posting these wallpapers!

  3. clara says:


    @roffle waffle:
    yes, they really need to be widescreen. Most people are running 1680×1050 or 1920×1200.

    So…. question….. where do i put my mt. bike??? I mean, the hood’s big enough to strap an antelope carcass to, but … apparently biking isn’t a real sport to these designers.

  4. Giom says:


    Lol!! That should be the last thing to worry about. I’ll change my lifestyle for this beauty. I haven’t been this excited about a new Beemer since… a long time.

    I just played GT5 and raced the California. Then I opend up this blog and saw these latest images of the Z4… there is no doubt in my mind that the Z4 is a far more beautifull car!! (And I love Ferraris!!)

    PS. Horatiu, where can we find proper sized wallpapers?

  5. JJ in WNY says:

    OMG… the Deep Sea Blue and the Orion Silver are amazing colors!!! Does anyone have any photos posted anywhere of the upcoming Z4 in Crimson Red? I bet that’d be hot too! And… can’t WAIT to see what a Z4 M will look like. If it’s already this sporty and hot… WOW…

  6. clara says:

    California… the new ferrari?

    After finding the link below, I’m Getting That Game. Thanks for the tip, I don’t know anything about racing games (normally I do FPS + RTS). What’s their car selection like?

    Btw… those lines under the Z4’s headlamps… I think they stole them from your 1 :)

  7. Giom says:


    Yes, the Ferrari California. And it is wild!

    As far as racing games goes, this is the only one I play -it’s just so realistic and well made! A must have for car nuts! Having said that, the creators are Japanese, so the non Jap cars are not as well developed, but they’re still great.

    I wish I could say BMW got those lines from my concept, but nobody has seen it but you and Horatiu :( So I guess I was just really close.

  8. clara says:

    I guess you can’t really play it with a mouse, right? What’s good in the world of steering wheels?

  9. Lee says:

    Right-click, save-as.

    The coupe shots = drool.

  10. Giom says:


    This is a PS3 only game, so, logitec steering wheels are about the default choices. I got PS3 only to play Grand Torismo 5 -worth every cent!

  11. clara says:

    Hmm…. but I don’t have a ps3 :(. Can you recommend any similiar PC games? I really liked the look of this one, versus Need for Speed and similiar games.

  12. Giom says:


    Unfortunatly there are none. If there were, I wouldn’t have spend all that money on PS3 (and PS2 GT4 before that). But I”ve tried them all on PC, none came close.

    Sorry I don’t have good news for ya.

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