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Mini Moke was a prototype designed as a light military vehicle in the style of the American Jeep. The Moke was first launched in 1964 …

Mini Moke was a prototype designed as a light military vehicle in the style of the American Jeep. The Moke was first launched in 1964 and  it was subsequently offered in a civilian version as a low-cost, easily maintained utility vehicle.

The utilitarian Mini Moke became popular as vehicle used on the beaches in Australia, the United States or the Caribbean. The Moke’s construction is simple and the productions costs were fairly low for the times.

moke02 498x416

The body mainly consists of two box-section ‘pontoons’ or ‘sideboxes’ running from the back of the car all the way up to the firewall. These are connected by the floor pan, the firewall and a sturdy torque box that runs under the front seats and stiffens the body in torsion. The left-hand pontoon contains the fuel tank; the right-hand has a compartment for the battery and a small lockable storage area.

The Mini Moke was powered by a straight 4-cylinder engine, 850–1275 cc, and a 4-speed manual transmission. Production ended in 1993 and in the past few years, there were many rumors that BMW might choose to revive the car.

The friends at MotorAuthority through their talented rendering artists at Schulte Design, created a computer generated image of what a future Mini Moke might look like. The rendering is based on the recently launched Mini Mark II Cooper Cabrio and I have to admit that it is quite appealing. The Moke in this photo sports cutaway doors and a slightly taller ride-height.

mini moke rendering 001 1208 950x673 498x286

Now, I’m aware that this is pure speculation and BMW has never hinted at the possibility of reviving the Moke, but with their continuing move towards smaller, efficient cars that reuse an existing platform or parts, might change things in the future.

8 responses to “Rendering: Mini Moke”

  1. Lance says:

    I doubt that they will do that. Mini is now a premium brand. Making somthing like this should now be done by cars that are not in the premium segment like Honda or others. Also image what the price is if it is a BMW Group product, will people actually pay more for something recreational?

  2. Jordan says:

    They could do the doors like the old BMW Z1, where they drop into rocker panels.

  3. George says:

    This looks like a golf cart!

  4. Jordan said exactly what I was thinking; a Mini with Z1 doors would be heaven. M!

  5. Jill says:

    Great car for little towns like mine! Hitting the road in a big car is a suicide here! I love this one, girlish and hot :)
    Jill, best pdf viewer

  6. Enoch Tang says:

    we have some mini moke car, if some one like that please contact me: Enoch Tang,

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