Renderings BMW PAS: Which one do you like best?

5 Series GT | December 2nd, 2008 by 16

The closer we get to the official revealing date, the more spy photos and renderings of the BMW Progressive Activity we will see. The folks …

The closer we get to the official revealing date, the more spy photos and renderings of the BMW Progressive Activity we will see. The folks at Leftlanenews decided to test their artist skills and based on the information we all have so far, they managed to draw a possible design of the BMW PAS. 

In the same time, the German based magazine, Autozeitung, famous for their computer generated images, have put together their own version of the BMW Progressive Activity model. 

Two different approaches, while the Leftlanenews artist uses the 2009 BMW 7 Series as the base for the PAS concept, Autozeitung still is importing design elements from the now cancelled CS Concept.

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Both designs share some common elements thought:


  • coupe-like roofline
  • frameless windows
  • a taller roofline compared to the BMW X6

Before I will let you express your opinion, I have to cast my vote in: the Autozeitung version seems more appealing to me, maybe because  of the CS Concept-like front, but to be realistic and in line with the things we heard, the Leftlanenews version is the one closer to the final product.

16 responses to “Renderings BMW PAS: Which one do you like best?”

  1. Auday says:

    I doubt anyone would pick the 1st, … the 2nd is very sporty and yet more elegant.
    I bet you the real car will be uglier than both :)

  2. Giom says:

    In the end, I would go with the second one… it just looks more solid than the first. Still not crazy about it – but a little more adventurous than the first.

  3. Maxim says:

    Shooting Break of Mercedes looks much cooler/sportive! Hopefully these renderings aren’t close to reality!

  4. miles says:

    I like the overall shape of the first one because the second one looks too much like an X6 but i do like the aggressive front end of the second one.

  5. Brookside says:

    The second looks the most likely because it incorporates BMW’s latest design dna..taking cues from the (new) 3,7,and CS Concept.

    I’m surprised this will be built…. even in the best economic times this model would fill a small volume niche.

  6. Gerhard Sunderdiek says:

    nothing new, looks like german mercedes R-Class SUV Tourer
    regards from germany

  7. bunker says:

    I like the second render much better, but I’d be willing to bet the actual car is closer to the first render. I think I just don’t like the headlights in BMW’s new design direction…

  8. Lance says:

    2nd one. very sporty, much sharper front with attractive grille, beautifully designed side profile. Just hope the real car will be similar to 2nd and not the 1st.

  9. BernardP says:

    First one looks like a Subaru Impreza Hatchback. 2nd one looks like… a BMW!

    Not even close.

  10. Horatiu B. says:

    You might be disappointed guys, but I think it will definitely be closer to the first rendering.

  11. Gragop says:

    @Horatiu B.:

    I agree. I also think that the nose of the first one is a big insight into what the next gen. 3 Series will look like too – for better or worse.

  12. Lawrence says:

    Huh! there both ok, but i will never by either one. BMW truly sucks at designing SUV’s, PAS, and what ever horse crap they call 7 passengers. Damn!, I mean what ever happened to the CS, now that wouldve been a crowd pleaser, but those two… things!, uh!, hell to the frickin NO!

  13. Rich says:

    I vote for #2. The first design just reminds me of a German Dogde Magnum.

  14. clara says:

    #1. I don’t want to… but i like it.

  15. Toni says:

    the 2nd one!!

  16. L1ndja says:

    The 1st one will be the new PAS

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