The V8 Blender: World’s most powerful fruit blender

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Some of you simply love Jeremy Clarkson, while others…hate him. Okay, hate maybe was a strong word, but let’s just say that not everyone is …

Some of you simply love Jeremy Clarkson, while others…hate him. Okay, hate maybe was a strong word, but let’s just say that not everyone is his fan. But regardless, Jeremy is quite a character and he does not cease to amaze me.

So, you might be asking yourself already: what did he do this time? What car did he crash this time? Well, fortunately for him, he stayed away from the track this time but decided to take a V8 engine on the TV set.

Why the V8 engine? Well, he decided to build the world’s most powerful fruit blender by using the powerful 430HP 6.2L V8 found in a Corvette.

The result? Watch the video.

P.S I wonder how a V8 twin-turbo would work in this case. ;))

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18 responses to “The V8 Blender: World’s most powerful fruit blender”

  1. roffle waffle says:

    hahhaha, thats pretty good. Don’t know about the brick though…

  2. miles says:

    that is hilarious….i love top gear

  3. Lee says:

    The world is a much better place with Top Gear and their LS3 blender in it.

    I’m a LOYAL Top Gear fan. I spend every Sunday “acquiring” a copy of the UK broadcast because, let’s face it, we get screwed with the BBC America versions. That blender clip was from this past week’s showing; had you waited for that to air on BBCA, you’d likely be posting about it some time in 2011.

  4. Gragop says:

    I love Top Gear. Thankfully, this season is off to a much better season than the lackluster season 12.

  5. Lee says:


    This season has been great thusfar. The trip to the US to test the ZR-1, Challenger SRT-8 and CTS-V was one of my favorite episodes of all-time. The truck episode was epic, too. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for the cheap-car-challenges.

  6. Horatiu B. says:

    @roffle waffle: lol the brick was just the bonus

  7. Gragop says:


    The challenges are always the best part of the show, especially the Bugatti DB9 challenges. The GT-R challenge in last season was too “directed” and “planned” to be interesting or enjoyable to watch – that and Hammond still looked too screwed up after his 280mph accident to be back at 100% capacity. I’m pretty excited about their trip to Vietnam and the Artic special is a classic.

    I’m also glad to see the ZR1 and CTS-V get positive reviews from Jezza and May.

  8. Lee says:

    I wasn’t a fan of the GT-R segments either. Partially, in all fairness, because the GT-R has to be one of the most overhyped cars I’ve ever seen.

    The North Pole episode was awesomeness.

  9. Gragop says:


    You mean you don’t like cars that have traction control that can be disabled but shouldn’t because it will void the warranty? Or cars that carry black boxes that transmit data on you back to the company constantly? Who doesn’t want that? We need more government control in cars!

  10. Lee says:

    Big brother is watching!!!!1!11!

    I just don’t like cars that are uber-fanboyed for years before it’s even put into production. “OMFG the GTR is going to be teh greatest car EVAR!@!!!11!3341!”

    That’s all I heard on my many car forums for the ~3 years that led up to its release. If I didn’t know any better, I would have sworn it was a bible camp talking about the second coming of the Messiah. “OMFG, Jesus ran the Nuremberg Ring in 7:28 in his OEM sandals!!!11!1!!”

  11. Gragop says:

    @Lee: Yeah, I think recent press has begun to show that the GTR isn’t the incredible car everyone things it is. It’s all the software and gear loaded into it to over come the physical size and weight of the car. If I wanted something that would storm the Nurburgring I’d take a Porsche GT2 or the even more affordable Vette ZR1 – both more of a driver’s car than the GTR.

  12. Lee says:

    I would take either IN A HEARTBEAT over the GT-R. I’m not so sure which I would take over the other, though. I’m kind of torn.

    On one hand, I love me some German car. Every Porsche I’ve ever driven has made me extremely happy in naughty, naughty places.

    On the other hand, I’m a former ‘Vette owner and I know what they’re capable of firsthand. Granted, mine was just an ’04 Z06 and nowhere near the monster the ZR-1 is, but still. Those cars handle phenomenally, despite how much Clarkson likes to give the Corvette line-up hell about the leafsprings.

    Tough call, but regardless… the GT-R is nowhere in the mix of things I would buy.

    If I really had to have me some AWD TT V6 Jap car, I would likely take the Dodge Stealth. They’re whales too, but at least they have some personality and don’t nanny-state you while you’re driving.

  13. Gragop says:


    Well, look at it this way: Buy the ZR1, save $100k, use that money to ship the ZR1 back and forth to the ‘Ring and still have some change left.

    I can’t think of any Japanese cars I’d like to buy that are new, an NSX though…? I especially dislike the styling of the new 370Z compared to the 350Z.

  14. Lee says:

    I really, really, really wanted to like the 350Z. I gave it every opportunity to impress me, but it failed miserably. Too limp, soft, dead. Poor [no] steering feedback, poor [no] brake feedback, dull powerband, boring suspension… I just hated that car. I think it’s an insult to the Z heritage. I don’t see the 370Z being any better. Knowing Nissan, they likely thought a few extra horses would make everything better.

    Hmmm… new Japanese cars I would buy…

    Evo IX? Oh, wait, they made it ugly and called it the Evo X. STi? No, they make it look like a Mazda 3. Ummm…

    Lexus IS-F, perhaps, as long as they didn’t make it drive like a Lexus (which it probably does).

  15. Gragop says:


    Go look at a Lexus IS-F in person, it looks/feels cheap for car pushing $60,000 and that’s before you get into the ricer body kit on it. The “stacked” exhaust pipes along with the weird/awkward slits behind the from wheel wells and it has 8 gears. Nothing about this car seems very thought out. I’m not a big fan of the C63 AMG but at least that car can definitely be called nuts, harnessed lunacy. The IS-F seems to be unattractive and bland which,aside from it going fast, doesn’t do anything for me.

    The Audi RS4 is where it’s at. They still have a somewhat subdued exterior compared to most cars in that class.

  16. Lee says:

    I just don’t like Audis.

    The concept makes me happy. Powerful V8, AWD, subtle exterior, decent appointments on the inside… I’ve never driven a newer Audi that I’ve liked, though. They’ve all felt a little… safe. Not really what I’m looking for in a fun car. Kind of like when Volvo made the S60-R a few years ago. Great concept, but just not quite psychotic enough to really tingle my loins. Not to mention Audi and Volvo’s tendencies to build cars that suffer badly from understeer.

  17. heheh says:

    umm lee what cars do you like

    lol just kidding

    Yep I agree GTR is in clarkson language RUBBISH

    My M6 drives circles around it

  18. Gorgonzola says:

    Unfortunatley you cant beat a lamborghini

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