MB to bring AMG Diesels by 2011 – a threat to BMW?

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In a recent development, Mercedes’s tuning division, AMG, announced their plans to launch a diesel model within three years. Volker Mornhinweg, the boss of Mercedes’ …

In a recent development, Mercedes’s tuning division, AMG, announced their plans to launch a diesel model within three years. Volker Mornhinweg, the boss of Mercedes’ tuning division describes the diesel  AMG engine as an updated version of the legendary AMG Hammer, a tuned up 5.6-liter V8 outputting 360 hp.

Following the current trend of smaller, lighter and implicitly more efficient cars, Mercedes is looking to use the new diesel AMG in smaller chassis, such as the C-class.

The E-Class could be another candidate for the super-diesel AMG, but of course, all it’s too early in the game to confirm that.

Now to move over into the BMW world, what are the odds that BMW will embrace the idea of an M car powered by a super-diesel engine? We are already seeing the large push for fuel efficiency with BMW’s own EfficientDynamics technology and especially with the recent launch of diesel engines in the U.S, it seems like BMW is looking to push the massive-torque diesels more and more.

So, let me ask again, what are the odds of seeing a BMW M3 powered by a superduper diesel engine? Would that make any sense? Would it “hurt” BMW’s image?

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  1. Lee says:

    If you want to test the waters on an “M” diesel, release a hopped-up diesel x3/5. I definitely wouldn’t go straight to trying to pass off a diesel m3/5/6.

    I’m not opposed to the idea, as long as it performs. There’s always TONS of torque to be had with diesel engines, so I’m sure they can make it a fun vehicle.

  2. Mauro Corti says:

    @ Lee

    Right, but there are also TONS of torque to be had with petrol turbo engine… so I’d like to have a turbo version of an M3/5/6 more than a diesel one…

    Anyway I don’t get the point of having a so performing diesel car… it has no sense. Who buys an M3 to do hundreds of thousands of kms? I think no one, so I can’t get the meaning of diesel here, and trust me I love diesel since I live in Italy :)

  3. Mauro Corti says:


    *such a performing diesel car…

    I should get back to my english books I used in school xD

  4. Mauro Corti says:

    No well stop for a moment… I didn’t read the article…

    5.6L V8 engine, and I hope it’s a turbo version FOR GOD SAKE, and it has ONLY 360hp? Are you kidding?

    Bmw can get 306hp from a 3 liter twin turbo engine and what AMG is able to get out from a HUGE engine like a 5.6L is JUST 360?!?!?!?

    Aahahhaha that’s so funny, so funny. I hope the car will weigh less than 1400kg to get AMG usual performance because 360hp for a tuned car like AMGs are just ridicolus….

  5. Auday says:

    Diesel has lots of low end torque and they might suite some people but it has nothing to do with M cars. M cars are hightech high-revving naturally aspirated engines, Diesels and Turbos will screw up the nature of the M cars. If BMW ever put Turbos in M cars it will be only for fuel efficiency only and it will be very sad.

  6. Mauro corti says:


    A twin turbo engine is better than an aspirated one. More power, more torque, less weight, less fuel consumption, less co2 emissions and more fun !! You would’nt have to get to 7000 rpm un get fun and power from your car…

    Turbo is the future. I’d love to see an M with turbo engine, just not a diesel one please

  7. Auday says:

    @Mauro Corti
    It depends on the defintion of fun, some people have fun driving a V8 Mustange with Automatic transimission, and tons of torque at the low end, some other enjoy a car like the Honda S2000 with high revving (8300) I4 engine with proper 6speed. For me when it comes to BMW I’d take the S engines over the N engines any day, S14 and S54 are way more fun for me than N54 Turbo, it just doesnt have sport feeling in it.

  8. WHY ON EARTH would BMW introduce the diesels to the M line up? I would never, ever, ever, ever, ever buy it. Who wants to sounds of a diesel in their M3/5/6? Not me, it’s rubbish, and will probably be underpowered at an astronomically high price.

    Just my 2 cents.

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