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BMW’s Progressive Activity Concept is continuing its testing runs and the folks at Autocar UK were there to photo spy it. Just last week, a …

BMW’s Progressive Activity Concept is continuing its testing runs and the folks at Autocar UK were there to photo spy it. Just last week, a little more revealing shots were posted by us, but still too camouflaged to tell what’s hiding underneath.

Well, these new photos are going along the same line, a more revealing front, with a total masked and deceiving rear. The good news it that within the next two months, the car will most likely be losing the extra fake body panels and move into the FEP stages, where the patterned camo will become a “standard color”, at least for a while.


One interesting fact is pointed out by Autocar UK, the PAS design team considered adding a third row of seats to create a sort of luxury people carrier, but this idea has been scrapped because of the heavy curvature of the roof.

So, as we mentioned before as well, the PAS will have a coupeish rear style, somewhat similar to the BMW X6, at a smaller scale of course. I’m not sure if the deep-set seats are something that will be appealing to the buyers though.


[Source: Autocar UK]

3 responses to “Spy Photos: BMW PAS”

  1. BMW sales says:

    Even as a BMW enthusiast and sales representative, I still am trying to understand the market segment for this vehicle. It seems as if it fits too small of a segment to be producing a whole new vehicle, especially in this economic situation worldwide. Any thoughts?

  2. Gragop says:

    @BMW sales:

    My thought is that you’re right, this car is essentially pointless. Example? The Mercedes R Class – it sucks, it’s pointless and frankly hasn’t done very well around the world. The reason people don’t like is due to people buying premium cars not needing something between an SUV or wagon. Maybe a minivan flies in lower pricing points and for non-luxury brands, but not at the level BMW and Mercedes compete at – that’s what this is supposed to be, some sort of amalgam of the 5 Series and Merc R Class.

    If the market isn’t there then why the hell do you continue to build it? Probably because you have marketing people pushing their agenda too much while the engineers are glazed over by it. Too bad, BMW was known for creating interesting, purposeful vehicles.

    The 8 Series was a flop because it was a good car at a very high price point in a bad economic period however still remembered fondly. The PAS will be a flop because it’s an irrational vehicle that shouldn’t have been made and will not be remembered fondly.

  3. Gil says:

    I’m still confused…. it’s in between 5-series wagon and the X6. It’s odd… maybe it’ll make more sense when they have it out and I get to sit/test drive one. Until then I’ll continue drooling at the 5-series wagon. :)

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