BMW 330xd with the M-Package

3-Series | November 10th, 2008 by 13

Simon, a reader of our blog, has just sent in some photos of an Alpine White BMW 330xd with the gorgeous M-Package on. The M-package …

Simon, a reader of our blog, has just sent in some photos of an Alpine White BMW 330xd with the gorgeous M-Package on. The M-package includes  a different steering wheel, an M gear stick, the M logo on the doors and many other nifty things specific to an M car.

Also, the 330xd comes with BMW Professional Navigation system which offers live TV stations along with DVD playback. Unfortunately, the live TV is not a feature available for us in the States, but we’re excited to see the BMW ConnectedDrive system in the new 7 Series.

I once again have to say that the E90 Facelift is one of the most successful LCI BMW has ever done, and it has improved the 3 Series sedan appearance tremendously.

  • Hantra

    Uhh. . . why the ’96 TAURUS rims? ? ? ? Uggghhhh. . ..

  • Gragop


    Agreed, I love it sans those crap rims.

  • Simon

    Hi, when the car was ordered these were the only wheels that could be ordered at the time. Maybe not perfect but the car is excellent. It was ordered with an online car tool and the people had these wheels. Thats the life!

  • miles

    yeah for an m-package the wheels suck but the steering wheel and gear shift look good!

  • Hantra


    But the chick’s can’t see that until they get in. And they won’t get into a BMW with Ford Taurus wheels. No way. . . ;-)

  • miles

    hahahahahahahaha :D

  • Lance

    What’s with the rims, JUK. Why mess up your BMW with aftermarket rims? Also I noted that the LCI’s lights (eye lid) is made using cheap plastic that’s semi-transparent milky colour. It was a huge disspointment. They could have used something more classy and better looking by using silver or chrome. I just hope that this was not one of those things that’s helping BMW cut cost, becasue it is extremely obvious. Take a closer look the next time you walk pass an LCI

  • beto_L.A.

    ugly rims!!!! hope that they don’t make it to the U.S. models….the rest of the car look great!!!

  • Horatiu B.

    @Hantra: lol so true. I agree, the rims are definitely not the best, I’m wondering if they are standard on the 3er sedan in Europe

  • Howie_in_AZ

    Isn’t it a little lol that the M division, so keen on high-revving engines, should put M logos on a vehicle with a comparatively low-revving diesel engine?

    Also I am jealous of the extra amenities, to say nothing of the engine selection, that the Yuropeeun markets receive. It’s almost enough to make me move there and deal with all the strange speaking people, even if I’d be closer to France.

  • miles


    i saw the eyelids at the miami intl auto show on saturday night and it looked like the same material as the ones used on the Audi Q7 because those r also semi-transparent

  • BMW sales

    They are a snow tire ans wheel pkg. I have two clients in the States with these exact wheels for winter. Remember, German law requires snow tires in winter regardless of what drive system you have.

  • Simon

    Yep, the real wheels are coming after the winter. These are indeed winter tyres on winter rims