What if this will be the next generation BMW 1 Series….

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….Would you dig it? We are about 2-3 years away from the moment the a new generation BMW 1 Series will make its way onto …

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….Would you dig it? We are about 2-3 years away from the moment the a new generation BMW 1 Series will make its way onto the market. What is unclear at the moment is which model will be refreshed first: the 1er hatchback or the beautiful coupe version.

It is also unknown if the European hatchback model will ever be brought to the States or us, the Yankees, will get stuck with the coupes only. In the mean time, many graphic artists are having a field day playing with renderings and trying to determine what the new design might be. Some still believe many design elements from the now canceled CS Concept will be used, while others mention some similarities between the upcoming BMW Z4 and the future 1 Series.

In the mean time, the german fellows at AutoBild came up with some new computer generated images of the 1 series and let me tell you, the concept looks pretty good. Definitely a front-end that is appealing to a younger crowd, still keeps the a sporty and aggressive look.

As far as the rear-end design….not my most favorite one, but I still like it better than the one on the current hatchback.

Stud or dud?

17 responses to “What if this will be the next generation BMW 1 Series….”

  1. Auday says:

    too elegant and nice to be a new BMW. As with all previous models in the last 10 years or so, we see lots of renderings that look great and we start debating which looks better to be the real one, then the actual car comes out looking much worse than any of the renderings.

    If you want to see how any new BMW would look just grab any reasonable rendering and pick some random points in the drawing and stretch or compress it and you will end up with the awkward shape that the new BMW would have.

  2. BMW sales says:

    The hatch tail lights in the photo looks very F01/F02 7-series inspired…I like it better than some other concepts I’ve seen from BMW.

  3. Horatiu B. says:

    @Auday: apparently, they are not too far off.

  4. Gragop says:

    If I’m honest, I really like the look of this thing. It’s small, light-looking, stylish and quintessential BMW. I saw make it!

  5. Brookside says:

    2-3 years out isn’t so far away- not in the life cycle of how long it takes to produce a car. These photoshops are pleasing, but nothing that leads me to believe that the car’s final form is going to break the lineage of the 1-ers current design.
    Personally, I have a feeling we’ll get the hatch this next round Horatiu-
    maybe it’ll have a weird new nomenclature…..”X-1 Coupe” or some such thing, but it just seems the marketing case has been made for a small BMW hatch as long as it has a powerplant that isn’t anemic.

  6. Nico says:

    I totally agree with Auday, this is more Audi style, it looks good from the first look. The last few years BMW always introduces something awkward in the design which has to grow on you.

  7. Jonathan Johnson says:

    yes its a stunner

  8. Horatiu B. says:

    @Nico: Wasn’t it always the case? I mean, each new car they introduced, the initial reaction was negative. Think E46, E9x, E60, F01 etc…

  9. Ann Nonymous says:

    Looks like a Pontiac from the front.

  10. Clara says:

    @Horatiu B.:
    That’s true. That may be part of designer’s intention, that a design go through a longer evolution in people’s perception of it, and stay current longer. That may mean being ugly and incomprehensible at first.

    I have to admit, as much as I hate the current 1’s lumpy squareness, it’s starting to grow on me.

  11. Auday says:

    exclude the E46 from this list, it was lovely the first day and will always be a gorgeous car especially in its M3 trim which is probably one of the most beautiful BMWs ever.
    Any BMW after that has this syndrome, it grows on people slowly but doesnt reach the level that makes you develop a personal love with the car, they are not personal (especially the interior) they are more to show off and throw away after the lease is over. For me I still cant stand most of them, for example I still can’t look at the E63 (even the M6) and think BMW.

  12. Mauro Corti says:

    I have a 120d 3 doors hatchback version in my family (my brother owns it), and I personally love it. It has the mpack and 18″ rims, sparkling graphite colour, amazing car…

    What I really don’t love is the back, I think the front is really good, but the back… too much empty. The photoshop I see above has a good back but a non so good front desing… I dont’ know why, the kidneys looks “old” and the rearview mirrors are the same on the X6, wich I don’t like…

  13. Lance says:

    Sorry but the current one (hatch) looks better than this. Also I am not fond of the plastic bumper going so far up into the what used to be the bonnet area. It makes the whole car look of cheap plastic and creates an unattractive and unneccessary line up the bonnet area. Gone are the days where you’d have a long smooth bonnet, not it starts with some plastic pieve and a lid sort of effect. Please, this is tasteless to house the BMw logo on plastic! This inferior design element can be seen on the X1, and 7 Series. Most cars try to hide the bonnet line by making it in line iwth the lights and grille, but it is annoying that BMw is now trying to show this unattractive line and mess up the entire quality feel of the car by making the front part plastic!

  14. Lance says:


    lol, good point. Sometimes BMw deigns are a bit wierd on the eye. But once you look at it more, it is just amazing, like the current 1 series hatch. It is the hottest hatch in the world with a sports pack. The new 7 wasw shocking when I first saw it, but now has gotten used to it. But nowI have a feeling that it is already a bit dated. But either way, when you compare a BMW to audi, the Audi will put you to sleep. Merc is sort of in-between.

  15. George says:

    I have to say that the side and rear of the car looks worse than the current 1 series. The front looks more agressive which I really hoped the current series had.

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