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Last night, we got word that the one of the most awaited BMW cars, the CS Concept, has been canceled due to the financial crisis …

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Last night, we got word that the one of the most awaited BMW cars, the CS Concept, has been canceled due to the financial crisis Europe and U.S is facing. In a press conference, BMW’s CEO, Mr Reithofer, confirmed that there will not be a series model of Concept CS”.
The CS has been rumored to be the next BMW flagship which might have replaced the discontinued 8 Series. The BMW CS Concept made its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show back in 2007 and it was one of the BMW’s most acclaimed concepts. Bimmer fans and car lovers were thrilled with the innovation and the plans BMW had for their new car.

The first rumors that the Concept will make into production surfaced in September 2007 and it was confirmed at that time by BMW’s CEO himself.

Obviously, the recent decline in sales and the financial crisis has everything with to do with BMW’s plans to nix the CS Concept, but as a BMW fan, I can only hope that sometimes in the future, the car will make its way into the production lines.

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Update from unofficial sources:

“All our actions are based on careful consideration and foresight. It does not make sense to build up stocks which are bound to reduce our revenues later on. We also have a commitment to our dealerships and the well-being of the company.

But there is another aspect towards improving profitability: We are reviewing all product projects again.

And we thus have decided that there will not be a series model of the Concept CS.

A recent analysis has shown that:

  • First: Despite the great feedback this car has achieved so far, it does not match our ambitious profitability targets.
  • Second: Our three premium brands have a strong brand image all around the world. This has been proven, for instance, by the latest Brand index analysis. So for the time being, we can do without this “brand shaper” since we have many others in our portfolio.
  • Third and most important is that we want to focus our resources primarily on future projects and new technologies.
  • In other words: Currently, our top priorities are EfficientDynamics and project i.

35 responses to “BMW CS Concept: CANCELED”

  1. Gragop says:

    Well at least we have a good template for what BMW’s design language will be for the next few years. Either way – that sucks.

    Isn’t the next gen. 3er supposed to be based heavily off of CS styling cues?

  2. Hantra says:

    Yay!!!! I hate that car. How about the E46 revival concept? ;-)

  3. bunker says:

    Well, at least we get all these unnecessary jumbo SUV’s, mini SUV’s, coupe-profile SUV’s, PAS-crap, and related nonsense. With all this other tripe to worry about, I have no clue why BMW would devote its time to making an attractive, sexy, upscale, flagship sedan to compete with the Panamera, the Quattroporte and the Estoque. Nah…that would be silly. It would be too good for the brand.

    Lately, BMW has really been pissing me off…

  4. Hantra says:


    I agree with that man. BMW is making too many vehicles that no one really wants or needs. That, along with the recent commoditization attitude toward their suppliers could mean that BMW is in for a tough decade.

  5. Gragop says:


    Well, if you guys want insight on why BMW is doing what it’s doing just look at point #1 and then #2 of the reasoning behind this: Profitability over image is their priority.

    This reasoning is also directly related to vehicles like the X6 and X1. If that’s their mindset then let them go off in the wrong direction for a while, it may ultimately bring them back around to what buyers want out of a BMW – not a corporate suit’s interpretation of what they think a consumer needs.

  6. Gragop says:

    I think the economy is putting the car industry back into a 1970’s/1980’s Crap Era of cars. I want to see BMW try to buck the trends and still create desirable models. Damnit! Not all of us are broke or losing our houses!

  7. Lawrence says:

    I agree, BMW is trying to do too much. What they need to do is build a M7 to go up against Audi’s nex gen. S8 which will sport 650hp. Next they need to work on bringing back the M1 to match up against the R8 than possibly make a street legal M3 GTR to go up against Audi’s upcoming RS5. Right now the only real flagship cars BMW has is the M3 and the 3 series but they are going to need more than that if they want to stay in the competition. BMW should just stop making SUV’s because there ugly and no one is buying them but soon there will be photoshop renderings of a possible M1, M3 GTR, and a M7 so be on the lookout!

  8. Gragop says:


    I wouldn’t count on seeing any of those models with a very iffy economy and very volatile fuel prices.

    Also the M7 should not be built. It’s outside the M philosophy as a 7 would prove to be a far too heavy candidate. That or BMW does take the AMG route of dumping heavy-hitter engines in cars to make them go faster than should be allowed.

  9. bunker says:


    But if “profitibility over image” is really their #1 priority now, this reflects a complete 180 from how BMW has done business – at least in the United States – over the last 20 years. During that time, image (e.g., the “brand”) has been their primary focus. The mistake BMW may be making here (and admittedly it will be easier to make this mistake since they are not a publicly traded company and do not face the external pressures such companies face) is abandoning the concept of brand in favor of profitability. The problem is that moreso than ever, particularly in the car industry, BRAND=PROFITABILITY. You can sell a pile of garbage to the average joe – and lots of those piles – if your brand stands out. Building SUV’s like fools and getting further and further from the “ultimate driving machine” / motoring enthusiast branding model BMW has cultivated will sharply cut into their profitability. Heck, it looks like BMW is focusing its primary branding energy on the Mini – a brand that has been executed flawlessly. Right now, BMW has no clue what “BMW” means as a brand. The brand is literally all over the place. The Concept CS, 1-Series tii, M3 CSL, etc. etc. all represent missed opportunities to tighten up the focus of the brand. The only thing we can conclude from all of this is that BMW has elected to take its brand in a different direction…which may mean that all of us will – within 2-4 years – be fans and drivers of a different brand of automobile. Everything changes, I guess…

  10. Auday says:

    Sucks, the only innovative design in the new era (Since Bangle took over) is canceled in favour of Suzuki looking X1.
    Yes BMW is choosing “profitability over image”, but this profitability is driven by the image that was built over the years since the late 60s, and if BMW wants to cash all that image into profit and not maintain it well things might change. People are already starting to loose respect of the brand in favour of Audi and new Japanese competitors.
    I don’t like all the SAVs, but I think the X6 is a step in the right direction to enhance the BMW sporty image, I mean if they will have SAVs anyway, they might as well try to add something new and more sporty to the genre.
    other good steps IMO:
    – Fire the design staff and get some new talents who understand the heritage of BMW.
    – Give BMW engineering heritage the upper hand over the marketing department.
    – Build lighter more agile cars. And bring back the sport spirit to the 5 and 7 (go back to E38,E39, and take it from there, scrap everything introduced in E60,E65 AND E63).
    – Build a super car! an M1 successor.

  11. Auday says:

    Totally agree with you. However I think with publicly traded companies the CEOs try their best to make profit to keep the shareholders happy. BMW strength stemmed from the believe in the brand by the owners, who (in the past) never compromised that with money and expansion, and there is nothing pressuring them to do so.

  12. Gragop says:


    Well, I think you’ve helped to illustrate my point though. BMW’s lack of direction relates right back to it’s focus on profitability. By taking it’s eye off of the more dynamic cars such as a CSL (I agree with you BTW) and focusing on X1’s and X6’s they lose the core of their brand just to push the dollars up on the bottom line. I agree that BMW is beginning to lose sight of what made them so great.

    I don’t think they’re necessarily building piles of crap and marking it “BMW” to boost sales but they are stepping away from what they say their “Ultimate Driving Machine” Philosophy is supposed to be. Hopefully they’ll fix this soon because the only other brand I identify with is Porsche and I don’t make enough yet to buy one.


    Your last few points are pretty good, I think it’s exactly what BMW should be doing. Also, tack onto that “Keep the 3 Series the same size, no more growth or weight!”

    However, I wouldn’t count on an M1 successor or any other supercar in the near future. We need a one-off model like the Z8 to help the brand but not something that’s going to cost $200k.

  13. Rui says:

    It´s a desilusion! I Love that CS concept! I hope…the reconsideration!!!

  14. Gragop says:


    It is ironic that the one Concept BMW’s come out with in nearly ten years that is widely liked is now being scuttled.

  15. mpower says:

    This car looks amazing i was looking forward on seeing this car out on the streets.

  16. BUMER says:

    Awful news… Firstly, they canceled M3 CSL – we all were shocked. Today almost all hopes are broken. Amazing concept with an exciting design and technical data won’t be built!!! Almost no information about future supercar – will it be or not, what kind of engines, design elements will it have… NOTHING! The only things we hear are “efficient dynamics, green cars” etc. This is not in BMW philosophy and its history!!! Where are powerful (not green), amazing cars like M1, M3 GTR? BMW MUST build this CS, and also a supercar because BMW is oriented for sport. M7 is needed like a competitor to S8 and S65. It seems to me that they forgot about customers and BMW fans and just try to make happy GreenPeace. Or just simply think too much about profitability. It’s not profitable for VW to make Phaeton but it does so!! VW try to support its trademark. My favorite car-maker doesn’t. I’m too upset.

  17. Simply_Bahraini says:

    :( very very upset and disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  18. Butch says:

    There are some high ranking saboteur’s working for BMW right now!!!

  19. v1p3r says:

    @ Lawrence

    “BMW should just stop making SUV’s because there ugly and no one is buying them ”

    The X6 is sold out

  20. Gragop says:


    Doesn’t change the fact that it’s ugly!

  21. Lawrence says:

    Well mayby the M7, M3 GTR, and M1 arent good ideas right now but lets face it BMW needs to atleast build the M1 to stay in the comp. I mean BMW hasent had a supercar in over 30 years and the M3 cant beat every car out there. BMW could easily build the M1 with its legendary M88/ 1 3.5 liter engine. All they would have to do is twin-turbo it, direct fuel-injection, and bam, you have a eco friendly, fuel efficient supercar for the 21st century. You folks think Audi is worried about a troubled economy and sales, Hell No!, those guys are gonna still do their thing because they want to please there customers. BMW needs to quit all of this X5 and X6 stuff and concentrate on making real world sales and pleasing us BMW fan’s. Like I said earlier just keep a lookout for Photoshop renders of a M7, M3 GTR, and a M1 and we will truly see if theese cars are really uneccesary.

  22. George says:

    I think the correct wording for the CS concept is “Postponed” not “Cancelled”. I see alot of passion in your messages which is no surprise since you are all bimmer fans. I think we should be a little bit patient because the world economy is in a recession and we still don’t know how long it is going to last. It doesn’t take a genious to understand that the companies who are going to get hit first are the luxury brands.

    The CS concept will inspire the new models to come just like it influenced the 7 series. So in that respect it is not considered “Cancelled” or “Aborted”.

    Lastly, I wouldn’t compare the BMW with the Porsche-VAG Group because they share their car parts and benefit from economies of scale. For example the engine used in the S8 is the same V10 found in the Lamborghini Gallardo.

  23. nizer says:

    SAV, PAS, blah, blah, blah. BMW needs a flagship sports sedan. CS would’ve been my next car. Now I guess it’ll be a different brand. Sad. Oh well.

  24. Jean says:

    Magnifique, dommage qu’elle ne sera pas produite ????

  25. Solrac_x81 says:

    I have one doubt this project was the same than the GT project who was designed to compete the AUDI A7 the Porsche Panamera etc… or it is a diferent one????

  26. Bogard says:

    I have been waiting to make my next BMW purchase! Wow, I guess I will wait! :-(

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