White 2009 BMW Z4 spotted

BMW Z4 | October 29th, 2008 by 12
2009 BMW Z4

So far we have seen the 2009 BMW Z4 in the following colors: red, Space Gray, Deep Sea Blue, Cashmere Silver and today, white.  The …

So far we have seen the 2009 BMW Z4 in the following colors: red, Space Gray, Deep Sea Blue, Cashmere Silver and today, white. 

The fellows at MotorAuthority seem to be all over the Z4 subject and almost every day, they have a different set of photos for us. The Z4 in these photos is barely disguised and we can clearly see some of the design elements that we have talked about for a while: a wider grille, larger intakes up front, smoother corners and some elements similar to the CS Concept. One thing that stands out in these photos is the hood, longer than the one in the current Z4, which in my opinion, it gives the car a sportier and more aerodynamic look. 

Enjoy these spy photos since they might be the last ones, my sources say that the car will be revealed any day now and the “silly spy photos game” will be over.

  • roffle waffle

    looks VERY promising from the rear 3/4

  • Gragop

    I really like this in Alpine White! I think this looks the best of any of the recent spy shots. Can’t wait to see the debut!

  • George

    @Gragop: I agree! The car looks very cool in Alpine White. It will be a worthy succesor of the legendary 507. Does the top of the car have the same design philosophy as the Z4 coupe? I don’t think it looks completely flat…

  • Brookside

    Actually I’ve enjoyed this slow roll-out for the new Z4…a lot of drama-especially with the high riding zebra-skinned cars- but hey, it’s been fun.
    Smart campaign by BMW.

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  • roffle waffle

    thats a good point brookside, I don’t think its a coincidence that the car is pictured in exact front 3/4, exact rear, and rear 3/4 views

  • BMW sales

    The tail end has a hint of the 6-series design to it. I like it!

  • Gragop


    I think this car looks to be a hybrid of the Z4 coupe and the roadster. I hope it doesn’t mean that BMW won’t have a Z4 successor coupe – that would be very disappointing.

  • Bijan

    Most of the lines are similar to the current model, which I love. I like the tip up hood a lot, but the car looks girly from some angles

  • Brookside

    While I agree that the car is an update of the original Z4 I sure don’t see “girly” anywhere. Maybe it’s in the eye of the beholder?
    All I see are masculine signifiers…I mean the thing is basically a phallus on 4 wheels. If there were anymore testosterone added to this design it would be a caricature.

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