Meet the Beckers Part 2: Audi fans hate Laguna Seca color

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I’m assuming you guys still remember the Meet the Beckers, Audi approved series, where the BMW, Lexus and Mercedes drivers are portrayed in a less …

I’m assuming you guys still remember the Meet the Beckers, Audi approved series, where the BMW, Lexus and Mercedes drivers are portrayed in a less favorable light.

As Jalopnik stated also, Audi is looking to send out a message out with their new viral marketing videos, a message that tells the world that pricks drive BMW convertibles, old people drive Mercedes sedans and boring people drive Lexus crossovers. Should I even bother saying how much I disagree with that statement as well? Nah, probably not today, I’ll let the Audi fans enjoy this.

Of course, episode two of Meet the Beckers came out and the highlight of it is when the “cool” Audi driver calls the beautiful Laguna Seca color as being purple. But I won’t spoil the video, I’ll let you draw the conclusions.


12 responses to “Meet the Beckers Part 2: Audi fans hate Laguna Seca color”

  1. Diego says:

    I think Laguna Seca is a great color.

  2. Brookside says:

    eeeeeeewwwww!!! All those stereotypes!

    How can this commercial be characterized? As a soft attack ad? I don’t know. It wasn’t that funny….and the huge mistake is that it leaves the viewer wanting to know more about Laguna Seca Blue. Nothing like driving the prospective Audi buyers to a BMW showroom to find out.

  3. Gragop says:

    I haven’t gotten a chance to watch this yet. However, I’m 91.27% sure I will be annoyed once I do.


    If Audi wanted to drive their customers to BMW then they’d let them test drive a B8 A4 – baaazing! Too soon? Are we not laughing at that one yet?

  4. Adam says:

    I get the joke, I think… that ‘Laguna Seca’ is not a beach whatsoever, but a racetrack, and ‘Mr. Idiot BMW driver’ doesn’t know that, and ‘Mr Intelligent Audi driver’ does.

    That being said, the first one was funny (though I didn’t at first realise it was an ad for Audi- it seems to just be stereotyping cars and owners), but this one just seems less subtle, and maybe a bit too ‘in your face’.

    I’ve tried to like Audi. Their designs are great, their interiors are great, but they… just don’t feel right. Oh, they drive okay, but for the same price bracket, you can buy something that drives better. They do have a great AWD system, which is excellent if you need to drive in snow… problem is, just about every other car company has AWD now, too. /rant.

  5. Clara says:

    Oh come on, guys, this is hysterical. Both videos are really well done. I especially like the looks the grandfather gives.

    It’s a little nasty toward BMW, although the BMW brother is the least interesting character there. They wanted him to appear shallow, but they could have developed that more. Shallow people have embarassing breaks in their pretension – exploring that would have driven their point home more.

  6. Clara says:

    oops… redundant sentences… disregard that.

  7. Clara says:

    uhoh… every time i post it goes up on the “Recent comments”

  8. Clara says:

    Argh how embarassing

  9. Gragop says:

    I watched it and it’s as dumb as I expected. The only funny part is the old man who drives the Benz.

    The stereotypes in this series were funny in the first video but that is an extreme. Not all guys that drive a Lexus need coddling and are complete pansies, not all BMW drivers are oversexed short guys with a Napoleon complex that would run over pedestrians.

    If Audi thinks they’re being clever and will win new customers over by acting as the “level-headed” brand how can generalizing and stereotyping buyers of other brands convince them to switch to Audi? Are they expecting BMW or Lexus drivers to watch this and say “Oh yeah! I’m a complete ass! Let me go buy an Audi to fix my life!”

    My only logical guess is they somehow think this will convince younger, first-time buyers to this market to pick Audi over BMW, Lexus or Mercedes.

  10. I like it. It’s kinda funny and from a film major point of view, it’s kind of interesting. Like little webisodes for marketing, I think it’s interesting. This episode wasn’t funny as the 1st. But, that BMW driver guy is pretty funny as is the lexus guy, the Audi Driver is boring but the car is AMAZING.

  11. Diego says:

    @Gragop Great point. There is no way Audi is going to be able to attract customers from BMW, MB, and Lexus. It’s all for people that have never owned any of these four, so they can feel as though they are the sane ones with an Audi.

  12. Sam says:

    BMW deserves to be dinged for their color names. “Alpine White” my ass, it’s white. White is white. Why don’t they just call it “Cancer Cell White”? LOL or “Alzheimer’s Brain Gray” instead of “Space Gray.” Ahhhh perfect, I want my next BMW to be “Gangreen” LOLOL

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