2010 BMW 6 Series Spy Shots

6-series | October 29th, 2008 by 19

Finally we get to see some new prototypes being driven around. Moving away from all the Z4, PAS, 7 Series shots, today we have the …

Finally we get to see some new prototypes being driven around. Moving away from all the Z4, PAS, 7 Series shots, today we have the next generation 2010 BMW 6 Series, codename F13. With the current car being already very successful, BMW will not drastically change the design.

What we know is that the front headlights will be similar to the ones on the CS Concept but will not have the circular cut out, just a straight across slit. Longer than today’s model, the 2010 6-Series will offer more legroom for rear passengers. At the same time, it will get a sportier cockpit with a more driver oriented console layout.

We also learned that the convertible will be offered with a folding hardtop, like the new 3-Series convertible.

The rumor going around is that there will be three engine options, 306, 408, and 507 horsepower and of course the new eight-speed automatic gearbox with paddle-shifters.

That’s all we really know for now, but hopefully we will hear more soon.

[Source: GlobalMotors , and  MotorAuthority ]

  • Gragop

    I know this is a heavily camo’d car but call me crazy for thinking this looks to be a slimmer and more “fit” looking car than the current E63. I feel the same way about the F01 7er too though.

  • Lee

    Damn camo.

    8 speed auto with paddle shifters? Excess much? I’d be happy with 6, personally.

    The day doesn’t seem to be too far away when they’ll need a two digit numerical display to tell you which gear you’re in.

  • Gragop

    One more think I look forward to is the hardtop convertible – that should make the 6er a better-suited opponent to the Mercedes SL as that’s been a hardtop for quite sometime.

  • Auday

    Looks like the same ugly thing to me.

  • Giom

    Somethings wrong here. There has never been a heavely cladded prototype driven around. It always starts with the ungainly body panels. Howcome this one starts off with just tape?

    I don’t think this is the new 6er guys.

  • miles

    SWEET TAILPIPES!! and they took away the upright rear window from the top….i kinda liked that because it distinguished it from other convertibles

  • bunker

    If this IS the new 6er, I think this looks VERY different from the current version. Note the contour visible from the side-view of the front-half. Also, the whole rear section (C-pillar back) looks bigger/thicker. Also looks like they are taking the eyelids off the kidneys, which would be a welcome change.

  • Artmic

    this don’t look too much different than the old one…
    if this gets the hardtop thingy it will cost more i guess.
    perhaps the 300hp version will be more manageable in terms of price lol

  • Gragop


    Maybe it’s the convertible version of the PAS?! hahaha

    Seriously – don’t make that BMW…

  • Auday

    Does it look smaller than the 6 or is it just the picture?

  • Maxim

    Hey guys, this isn’t the new 6’er, I think it’s a mule. And BMW-blog 2010??? 2011-12!!! Greetings from Belgium

  • Horatiu B.

    @Maxim: Late 2010, early 2011.

  • George

    My guess is that the rear of the new 6 series will be very close to the new Z4 rear design philosophy. Even though it is too early to judge, I don’t see any improvement in the rear view visibilty. We don’t have to sacrifice important things like that for the sake of a cool design.

  • Neal Pratt

    Is this the end of the power rear vertical window!?!?!!? I Loved It!!!

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  • mitchs_Z4

    I am so happy to see a folding hard top on this mule!!! if you look closely you can see the real lines of the back window and realize that they put cloth on top of the sheet metal for the roof!!!!

  • Giom


    That is a soft top.

  • Toy Yoda

    The end of the power vertical windows? That would be sad indeed. I do enjoy mine.

    But, it may be true. If they added more legroom in the back without increasing the length of the car, it probably means they got rid of the spacing to house the retracted rear window and associated electric motors. But, that would only apply to the convertible, since it is the convertible that had the rear windows.

    Anyways, I do wish they kept the rear windows. My experience with convertibles is that the “stitches” to hold the rear window to the cloth top usually wears out much much faster than the car.

  • Mike Monroe

    I have the 05 hardtop and not sure wether the new convertible will be coming out in late 09 or mid 2010. Is it going to have the same small back window that it already has for the top or is it going to be the shape that is showing in this picture. I hope the car stays pretty and doesnt start to get all weird looking like all the Bmw’s are starting to look