Car-2-Car communications coming to BMWs

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BMW announced that the Car-2-Car technology developed by BMW, Daimler, Renault, Fiat and Audi, might find its way in the future BMW vehicles. This goes …

Car 2 Car communications coming to BMWs

BMW announced that the Car-2-Car technology developed by BMW, Daimler, Renault, Fiat and Audi, might find its way in the future BMW vehicles. This goes hand in hand with the new NGTP telemetrics that will be available starting with the next generation BMW 3 Series that will prodived a series of in-car services.

What is the Car-2-Car communication? 
C2C is the exchange of information and data between vehicles through visual and audio interfaces. To name one of the most common examples, basically is a car comes at a confusing road in front or a barrier, and it needs to stop, the vehicles will send a signal to a following car announcing them of the situation ahead, through a buzzer or a visual signal displayed on the windshield. 

This of course applies to other situations such as traffic jams, snow and icy roads, accidents and road blocks.

The technology is still in its early phases and multiple standards and requirements need to be met, starting with the WI-Fi technology that is going to be used. The key a successful Car-2-Car communications system is for all the automakers to use the same standards, that would assure a compatibility between vehicles, cheaper costs and future system updates and improvements being rolled over to all the cars.

It is clear that such technology has endless possibilities and it will change the way drivers interact on the road, but hopefully the technology will not become proprietary. Recently, Volkswagen began testing the Car-2-Car technology and the results are promising. 

[Source: MotorAuthority ]

  • Brookside

    If I understand this right:
    Fabulous idea…genius in its simplicity. I can see how at first there may be some break in time as a kind of etiquette….a format is developed.
    What’s appropriate, what isn’t….if it results in reductions of accidents…especially the minor sort where there just isn’t an understanding between two drivers in close proximity, then it’s a real boon to all of us.

    All this, of course comes with time and upgrades- but it’s still a move to harness technology for safer streets and hiways.

  • Lee

    I really, really like this idea. Of course we wouldn’t reap the benefits of this technology for years, but you have to start somewhere. Even if BMW released it on their vehicles for 2010 model-year, the chances of your close-encounter happening with another equipted 2010 BMW are pretty slim. Once the technology proliferates, though, it’ll be a great feature.

    Now if they could just make it to where I can directly connect to another vehicle on the road so I can cuss them out for hanging out in the left lane while they’re not passing anyone…

  • Clara

    Mere cussing?? There should be a dedicated profanity subsystem.

    You know — recently my washer jet went screwy, but i found an opportunity to use them squirt a tailgater.