BMW M6: Please wash me

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world s dirtiest bmw m6 6 800 600

This is has to be without any doubt, the dirtiest bimmer I have seen to date. It breaks my heart even more when I see …

This is has to be without any doubt, the dirtiest bimmer I have seen to date. It breaks my heart even more when I see that it’s a BMW M6, one of my favorite cars.

Since the car seems to be located in Dubai, I’m assuming that the M6 went through a sand storm, a pretty common thing over there. Now, we can sit here all day and look for excuses, but if it was my car, I would have probably taken it by now to a car wash.

But of course, that’s just me and I tend to get pretty picky about dust and dirt on my car.

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world s dirtiest bmw m6 5 800 600 498x373

world s dirtiest bmw m6 8 800 600 498x373

16 responses to “BMW M6: Please wash me”

  1. adood84 says:

    I don’t think its a sand storm look at other cars in those pics … I live in Saudi and we get sand storms too , I think this car has just been parked there for too long …. even the comments written on the car seem to indicate that like “is the owner dead” which implies that it has been sat there for a long time

  2. miles says:

    that was stupid of them to write on the car…its probably scratched now.

  3. Hantra says:

    Sorry Hantra, but I had to edit your comment. Let’s try to be polite and not start a controversy.

  4. roffle waffle says:

    Comment was edited. Let’s stay on the topic please. Thank you

  5. ........................ says:

    poor thing. I’m with the poster, that car would be washed asap. and not just any wash; engine bay, undercarriage, etc.

  6. z says:

    hey, as i’ve seen being in the UAE, there are only two levels of car dirt: shining clean you could lick it, and dusted as hell. when you ride your car to hotels or offices, there are kids and guys who run around the parking lots and clean every car, but if you don’t ride it, f.ex. go away to your home country or something, the cars parked near homes are dirty almost as the one in the pic.

    sand dust is everywhere in the air, you don’t feel it but when you open your backpack after a day of walking around, you’ll see lot of sand debris on you camera, lens, etc. so it wasn’t any ‘sand storm’, just a few weeks of standing on the outside.

    don’t worry, the lucky bastard who rides the Mpower will for sure have it shining if he comes back. or he’s dead/bankrupt/deported/jailed.

  7. z says:

    notice the cat paws. cute factor 100%

  8. Simply_Bahraini says:

    lol the spelling mistakes are correction in the first pic are funny!! But honestly, all i was thinking about when i look at these pics is how good the m6 would look in matte black loool. hmmmm!! :P

  9. L1ndja says:

    the other cars arent dirty so the owner hasnt moved the car for a long time lol what kind an owner wouldnt drive the M6 lol

  10. mathis says:

    Jeez maybe the owner is just on vacation or in hospital. Not such a drama I think…

  11. House Junkie says:

    is it just me or does the car actually look hot like this

  12. mathis says:

    Hot and similarly good as the X6 in matte black that was on here last week…

  13. Lance says:

    lol, I don’t think the woner is dead. Maybe the car was hi-jacked and now just left there. By the way, can a BMW survive driving in a sandstorm? Would that not mess up the engine and aircon?

  14. Lance says:

    And also everytime I look at the M6 and the likes with thin tyres like those, it must cost a fortune to replace!!!! I don’t understand why larger inch tyres costs more – it’s it less rubber to manufacture it. Or are they just wanting the people who wnats to have a better looking car pay more just for the sake of making money.

  15. HyeRacer says:

    Edited: Please stop using defamatory words

  16. car detail says:

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