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BMW Z4 | October 21st, 2008 by 13

We all know that we are a little nuts when it comes to our bimmers and sometimes we go to extreme to satisfy our needs, …

We all know that we are a little nuts when it comes to our bimmers and sometimes we go to extreme to satisfy our needs, yes, some of us even name our cars, but when you add about 100 mods/parts to your car, then you are a crazy true bimmer fan.

Nivola, a member of, is the one guilty of the above sins. So did he do? Well, he took a stock 2000 BMW Z3 M Coupe and turned into a real racing car. 

How did he do that? Get ready for the answer. 

He started with this:

img261 498x332

And after adding ALL of those mods………

Accessories (OEM):
◦ Chrome door lock pins
◦ Chrome interior door handles
◦ Chrome review mirror (S54)
◦ Clear front corner lenses
◦ Extended tool kit
◦ Fire extinguisher & seat mount
◦ First-Aid kit
◦ Magnetic fender guards
◦ Mudflaps (F & R)
◦ Oil-bag
◦ Sunroof sunshade
◦ Tire pressure gauge 
◦ Touch-up paint kit 
◦ TrafficPro (with Stygar harness)
◦ Valve caps
◦ Warning triangle
◦ Wheel Roundels (new style)

Aftermarket Accessories:
◦ AC Schnitzer front splitters
◦ AC Schnitzer sport steering wheel
◦ Chrome/aluminum e-brake handle & button
◦ DICE iPod Integration Kit
◦ Emergency tire tote
◦ LeatherZ Alcantara shift boot & e-brake boot
◦ LeatherZ hatch trim
◦ LeatherZ Individual Alcantara door armrests & mirror blank
◦ LeatherZ Individual Alcantara hockeysticks
◦ LeatherZ Mark1 armrest
◦ LeatherZ space saver spare tire kit
◦ LeatherZ steering wheel tabs
◦ Seat-tilt mod
◦ Stygar spare-mount kit
◦ Ultimate Pedals custom aluminum pedals & passenger footrest
◦ V-1 with concealed display (hardwired)
◦ Veil coating
◦ WarCamp glovebox fix

◦ Bimmerword Titianium Thermal Barrier Plates (F/R)
◦ Brass brake caliper guide bushings 
◦ Euro E36 M3 floating rotors
◦ Ferodo DS 2500 brake pads
◦ Pentosin Racing Brake Fluid
◦ SS brake lines
◦ Vorshlag front brake cooling kit (plates, hoses & flanges)

◦ 3.73 LSD
◦ GSP 4130 alloy steel clutch pedal
◦ RedLine 75-90 in differential & MTL in transmission
◦ Rogue Engineering clutch stop
◦ UUC SS clutch line (CDV delete) 
◦ UUC UHMW clutch pedal bushings
◦ Vorshlag orange 80A urethane, through-bolt competition transmission mounts 
◦ Whalen Shift Machine

◦ DRLs
◦ Interstate MTP91 battery
◦ LeatherZ footwell light kit
◦ LED ATC fuses
◦ OEM 2.5 litre windshield washer reservoir, custom painted
◦ Stealth bulbs
◦ Stebel Nautilus ultra-compact Italian air-horns
◦ Super Bright LED interior LEDs
◦ Toshiba HIR 9012 low & 9011 high beam bulbs

◦ Aasco billet single-mass 12lb flywheel
◦ Aluminum thermostat housing
◦ ASC delete (& TC warning-light delete)
◦ BMW S54 oil-canister & oil-lines
◦ Conforti Shark
◦ Dr.Vanos Stage II
◦ Drilled OEM plastic front under-panel fairing — more airflow to oil-cooler
◦ ECIS intake w/ K&N RX-4730 filter (molded-in velocity stack) & aluminized heat shield
◦ Eurosport M50 kit
◦ Fan deletes (OEM clutch fan & OEM electric fan) w/ BMW Motorsport fan stud nut
◦ Magnaflow 14815 stainless exhaust w/ mandrel-bent cat-back tubing
◦ Higher-capacity plasma coils
◦ NGK BKR6EIX Iridium spark plugs
◦ Redline Water Wetter
◦ Safety wired oil-pump nut
◦ Samco throttle body boot
◦ ScanGauge-II (Actual Water Temp, Intake Temp, Gallons-per-Hour, & Engine Loading)
◦ Stewart Heavy-Duty water-pump
◦ Stygar engine-bay vent mod
◦ Total Quartz Racing 10W50
◦ VAC oil sump baffle kit
◦ VDO oil-pressure gauge with LeatherZ sender block
◦ Vorshlag Motorsports “red” competition aluminum / polyurethane motor mounts
◦ Zionsville Autosport SuperComp aluminum radiator w/ 14” Spal fan & integrated oil-cooler 

◦ Edge Motorworks prototype diff / rear subframe re-enforcement kit
◦ Mason Engineering 1-piece TIG welded tubular steel strut brace
◦ Strong Strut Butt Strut
◦ Turner Motorsport front subframe re-enforcement kit

◦ Bentley Manual
◦ Griot’s Best In Show wax
◦ Griot’s claybar
◦ Griot’s Machine Polish 1, 2 & 3
◦ Peake R5/FCXII
◦ Spinneybeck Finished Leather Maintenance Kit
◦ VPD Koni shock adjustment tool

◦ RedLine Power Steering Fluid
◦ ZF shorter-ratio steering rack (OEM, for standard Z3, non MZ3)

Suspension – Front:
◦ Aluminum control arms (OEM, E30 M3)
◦ GC adjustable aluminum front swaybar link assemblies
◦ H&R 28mm adjustable sway bar with urethane bushings
◦ TC Kline camber plates (up to -4.2° max camber)
◦ TC Kline Smart Design D/A coilovers with VVS 450# shorty springs (corner balanced)
◦ Turner Motorsport Delrin centered LCABs

Suspension – Rear:
◦ 2mm shaved spring pads (top & bottom)
◦ Custom adjustable aluminum swaybar link assemblies
◦ H&R 21mm adjustable sway bar with urethane bushings
◦ Ireland Engineering adjustable camber kit (with a 1.0° range)
◦ Ireland Engineering adjustable toe kit (with a 1.5° range) 
◦ Ireland Engineering urethane rear subframe bushings
◦ Ireland Engineering urethane trailing arm bushings
◦ TC Kline monoball RSMs
◦ TC Kline Smart Design D/A shocks with VVS 500# barrel springs (corner balanced) 
◦ Turner Motorsport rear sway bar lower link re-enforcement kit

Tires & Wheel Accessories:
◦ Eibach spacers 12mm (F) & 10mm (R)
◦ Falken Azenis RT-615s tires 235/40ZR17(F) & 255/40ZR17(R)
◦ TC Kline Ultra Coated NASCAR style 60mm wheel studs

Track Gear: 
◦ Apex Performance balaclava and helmet bag
◦ BELL – BR1 – SA2005 helmet, with mirrored blue/anti-fog visor and breath deflector
◦ CCW custom modular wheels 17×8.5 w/41mm offset (F) and 17×10 w/9mm offset (R) 
◦ Cobra seat grommets
◦ G-Force GF125 racing suit (SFI 3.2A/1 Rating) in red & black
◦ Nitto DOT R-comp NT-01 tires 235/40ZR17(F) & 255/40ZR17(R)
◦ Simpson Carbon-X socks, undershirt & underwear
◦ Sparco 360° wedge-shaped helmet support
◦ Sparco 6-point FIA harness: 2” ASM belts & 3” shoulders w/cam-lock; 3” harness pads
◦ Sparco Fast Tech Alcantara / NOMEX FIA driving gloves
◦ Sparco harness bar
◦ Sparco Soft-Touch NOMEX balaclava 
◦ Sparco Top 2 NOMEX FIA driving shoes
◦ TC Design Tow Hooks


…..he got to this fine Z3 M Coupe

 hop1641 498x332

How much do you think he spent? I will contact him to find out the exact number, but take a wild guess…

13 responses to “Those crazy bimmer fans”

  1. Diego says:

    I might be wrong, but isn’t thata Z3 and not a Z4?

  2. Jonathan Johnson says:

    looks very much like a Z4

  3. Ondrej Daňa says:

    It´s a Z3 M COUPE. A Z4 is completely different when it comes to looks

  4. Horatiu B. says:

    Absolutely correct guys LOL Sorry, 2am is not a good time to post

  5. Lee says:

    “when you add about 100 mods/parts to your car, then you are a true bimmer fan”

    I have to completely disagree with that statement, and it’s not because I’m one of those people who feels it’s a strike against God to bolt an aftermarket part onto a BMW.

    If anything, though, I would figure those who have to change that many parts on a car to be happy with it weren’t really big fans of how the car came from the factory in the first place…

    Kind of like saying someone is a “true” fan of Restaurant X, yet that customer brings food from Subway into the restaurant each time they dine there.

  6. Dustin says:


    I totally agree with you. I am a true bimmer fan and I really don’t care for mods. If I am driving a BMW, I want to know how it drove and how everything felt from the factory. The point of buying a BMW is for that certain driving experience. I don’t have anything against mods or people that use them, I just don’t like them myself.

  7. Horatiu B. says:

    @Lee: okay, maybe I went overboard a bit :) , but let me tell you, the BMW tuning industry is one of the largest. I myself love the stock look of my car, but I can name at least 9 friends that love to “pimp it out”, so unfortunately, we are outnumbered.

  8. Lee says:

    Never did I say that I have anything against modifying a BMW. I certainly do thing there’s room to expand on BMW’s designs in order to better fit your personal driving style. I’m actually about to start doing some work on my e34 Touring, which will likely include a few aftermarket parts here and there.

    My point was simply that me (or the owner of the Z3 coupe above) bolting on some aftermarket stuff doesn’t make me any more of a “true” fan than the guy who meticulously maintains his bone-stock e38 or the guy that restores 2002s for fun…

  9. Lee says:


    WAY too early in the morning for the internets…

  10. Eric says:

    Welcome to about 90% of Bimmerforums.

  11. Chrome Bulbs says:

    Thanks for the listing on your Mod List! Our Stealth Bulbs are the best chrome bulbs on the market. We took years to perfect them and love it when we see people putting them to good use. :)

  12. BF.c says:

    Wow, you guys are fags.
    Modding a BMW is a fun and rewarding experience.

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