New BMW 7 Series spotted in New Jersey

7-series | October 21st, 2008 by 9

I have heard for a while now that the new 2009 BMW 7 Series and the 335d were being driven around New York/New Jersey, but …

I have heard for a while now that the new 2009 BMW 7 Series and the 335d were being driven around New York/New Jersey, but no one seemed to be able to snap any photos of them. One of our readers came to the rescue and emailed us some photos that were snapped by gqmd, a member of

We are just a month away from the official U.S launch, at the L.A show, so we will be seeing more of the 7. Nothing has changed, the car in the photos below seems to be having minor, very minor camouflage, if we can call it that way, the exterior color is quite attractive and once again I must say the new, redesigned BMW 7 Series is a great car.

Thanks for the tip J.K!

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dscn0426 498x373

9 responses to “New BMW 7 Series spotted in New Jersey”

  1. Gragop says:

    I’m surprised it’s all taped up. If they’ve unveiled it, why would it need any form of cladding?

  2. txdesign says:

    Based on the stripes that must be the tii model :)

  3. Gragop says:


    haha obviously! Too bad the stripes are black and not red, blue and purple M colors.

  4. Lance says:

    What is the point of putting all these black tapes around the car? We’ve all seen what it looks like. Don’t you think it is unnecessary?

  5. Gragop says:


    I do. It’s dumb and would likely call LESS attention to itself if it didn’t have the stripes. If I was driving around NJ I wouldn’t be looking to see an F01 jump out at me.

  6. Horatiu B. says:

    @txdesign: hahahhaha
    @Gragop: I also believe that many people will not even be able to tell that this is the new version.

  7. PalBay says:

    The black tape is called crease camo.Not real sure of the purpose…the last vestiges of secrecy I suppose.The tape cannot be removed…will pull the paint off.Learned all this from a BMW engineer here at the BMW Plant in SC.Until the actual production cars hit the road…these taped up preproduction cars are still considered prototypes/test mules.And get this…all these cars will be destroyed… Ouch…after full Series production starts for the specific model in question.I tried to inquire about buying one of these preproduction X6’s….and learned all this stuff about test cars.Thanks! PalBay

  8. Gragop says:

    @PalBay: It’s pretty common that any and all test vehicles from a specific model are destroyed, whether they reach production or not. In my research on the 8 Series, despite building the awesome M8 prototype, BMW eventually destroyed it as it no longer served any purpose. Sad to think about

    .@Horatiu B.: Agreed, the shock value of the revolutionary change from the E38 to E65 is gone. As this is more of an evolutionary change I don’t think it will jump out at people as much as the E65 did. I remember we picked ours up in early June 2002 when they first hit and we got a whole lot of stares for the first few months.

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