BMW Z4 E89 ..front grille exposed

BMW Z4 | October 15th, 2008 by 12

Another day, another new photos of the next generation BMW Z4. These are the first photos where we can clearly see how the grille will …

Another day, another new photos of the next generation BMW Z4. These are the first photos where we can clearly see how the grille will look like and as expected, the kidneys are larger than in the current generation and…I totally dig it.

No need to mention again that the new Z4 will be a “rockstar” and it will become a tough competitor for the existing roadsters.

Stay tuned my dear readers, we will definitely have more photos shortly.

[Source: More photos at via Worldcarfans ]

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12 responses to “BMW Z4 E89 ..front grille exposed”

  1. Gragop says:

    I just hope this thing will be able to go Cayman-hunting. haha

  2. Speedoholic says:

    I can see some CS cues on that car. It looks so gorgeous even under camouflage!

  3. Gragop says:


    there’s CS design cues in all forth-coming BMWs. I think that’s the platform for their current design language.

  4. mathis says:

    I like the wheels, for sure this car is meant to go Cayman hunting with these
    Porsche Turbo inspired wheels ;-)))

  5. Gragop says:


    Yeah, those do look like modified Porsche 993/ 996 Turbo wheels.


  6. miles says:

    The part of the dash where the A/C controls are looks just like the Concept CS! FINALLY!

  7. Gragop says:

    Here’s going to be my only big turn-off with this car and it’s not going to make a lot of sense at first.

    This car will look brilliant and probably drive just as well, I think. I was very impressed with the current Z4 and I think it’s a blast to drive. Even better is my buddy’s ’07 M Coupe. It’s gorgeous, fast and fairly light – all things a true sports coupe should be.

    However, with the new iteration of the Z4 – I worry that the M division will slap the V8 from the M3 upfront and then you can say goodbye to a well balanced car. Maybe I’m being paranoid but I just hope the V8 doesn’t cause this car to be severely nose heavy and induce more understeer than would be normal.

  8. Mathis says:

    I see your concern and think its a valid point, but there is an easy solution just go for twin turbo Z4 instead of the Z4 M /// -> the power will be more than sufficient and it will not be as unbalanced as the V8. The most powerful version is not always the best one ;-)

  9. Gragop says:

    @Mathis: Man I hope you’re right.

  10. Horatiu B. says:

    @Gragop: I don’t that will happen, from what I learned in the past few months, this is definitely not the direction BMW is going towards to. It will definitely have the 3.0 liter twin-turbo engine and also a four cylinder 2.0 liter.

  11. mathis says:

    new rumors, its supposed to get a lot more expensive than the current model. autobild claims close to € 10.000 more than the current Z4…
    …hope its not true.

  12. Gragop says:


    It could be true if BMW truly intends to roll out a Z2-type model that’s a lower-priced, small roadster using the possible 4 cylinder engines may bring to the US.

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