Paris Auto Show: BMW 335i Facelift

3-Series | October 3rd, 2008 by 19

I won’t talk again abou the 2009 BMW 3 Series sedan facelift and I would rather prefer let you enjoy these photos. All I have …

I won’t talk again abou the 2009 BMW 3 Series sedan facelift and I would rather prefer let you enjoy these photos. All I have to say is that BMW did an amazing job with this facelift and the car looks MUCH better than before, closing that gap between the coupe and the sedan, when it comes to aggressiveness and coolness.

Any thoughts you guys might want to add?

  • L1ndja

    it looks better but the “behind” still looks like shit :S

  • Gragop

    I like the headlamps and the grill work on the LCI E90 but I think the front bumper is way to “busy” in it’s design and the rear just doesn’t look that good to me. I prefer the Mk I E90’s before the refresh…which sounds weird to say. Oh well, maybe it means I can pick up a 2006-2008 E90 on the cheap! :-)

  • beto_L.A.

    I like the car…I think it looks great….I currently own a ’04 E46, and in 2 months I’ll be getting the ’09 E90…The car looks sportier and aggressive.

  • Joe

    Amazing job. I just wish the back of this car was sharper.

  • Brookside

    I pretty much go along with what others have said.
    It’s well done, an improvement overall- but a little droopy drawer fussy at the bottom of the front fascia.

  • Eric

    M-sport package really nails it – none of the fussiness of the front bumper shown here. Dig the shadowline trim.

  • Gragop


    I absolutely agree that the M Sport package really pulls the front of the car together.

  • Horatiu B.

    The M package is amazing. I wonder if I should retrofit my 335i :)

  • Lance

    Definately best looking car in this class. The front bonnet gap is a bit too wide though. You can see it clearly at some angles.

  • beto_L.A.

    does anyone know what color is this car???? is it space gray????

  • Nico

    My wife got hers this friday, and we drove it immediately to the Paris autosalon and back :)

  • bsd107

    Looks like Titanium Silver to me….

    LCI is a great update – makes the already good looking E90 look even better all around.

    Only part I’m disappointed with is the wheels (335 ZSP Sport Package wheels shown in the picks). I really loved the previous 335i ZSP wheels – I think they were the best looking wheels BMW has made in 5 years. I can see what they wanted to change them for change’s sake. But since that was the reason, I don’t understand why they simply stole the wheels that have already been sold on the E92’s for so long. I would have much rather had an all-new wheel design….

  • beto_L.A.

    aren’t those the same wheels (style 189) on the 335I coupe sport package?????

  • Nico

    I agree, all the good looking rims have dissapeared after the LCI

  • nidget

    To answer the question above: this car is bluewater. It’s a new color, similar to titanium silver, but blue instead of silver.

  • beto_L.A.

    thanks for the answer!!!!!

  • karl

    let me understand this….face lift for the 3series 2011…then a complete body style for 2012?

  • Mikejvvuuren

    The new cars are great looking from the outside, but the inside looks like a toyota, i have an 04 E46 with black interior with brushed aliminium trim , the new cars dont come close , PLEASE BMW do something about your crappy interior

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