Why the BMW X1?

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By reading some of your comments these past few weeks, I noticed that most of you are still confused about the BMW X1: what is …

By reading some of your comments these past few weeks, I noticed that most of you are still confused about the BMW X1: what is the X1, why do we need it and what demographic will it attract? While I did mentioned briefly before which market the X1 will fit into, I have never really gone into a detailed analysis since I have to admit, I was am still confused about this new suburban Sports Activity Vehicle concept.

But as always, I tried to look for a better answer and our friend Scott from Germancarzone, as always, has a great analysis for us. I hope it will shed some light and after reading his post, I am willing to give the BMW X1 a chance. But I don’t think I will totally dig the yellow color model that will be displayed at the Paris Auto Show.

Here is the video teaser of the X1, in case you missed it yesterday.

But here is what Scott had to say and if you wanna continue to follow up the discussion, click here.

The BMW X vehicles appeal to differing demographics and occur at separate premium market segments. Each model In the BMW X series has unique design aesthetic and of course dynamic focus than the overall look leads you to believe.

The BMW X series which commenced with the BMW X5 led to the very first compact SAV in the premium segment that car was the BMW X3. Although universally received by the market. The BMW X3 received a poor introduction as the car was developed to be more of a companion to the later E70 X5 rather than the then-current E53 X5.
The BMW X3 was not as considered a product cannibalization of the X5 as the new larger E70 X5 would vindicate the smaller X3 which it did.
The media seemed to vigorously derise the X3’s design aesthetic in which the customer understood the intention of the BMW X3.
And sales from early 2004 to today justify the acceptance of the BMW X3.

Every BMW X project is carefully considered and thoroughly developed through implementation of vigorous research and utilization of brand perception and identity.

BMW X1 is BMW’s interpretation of the “urban” SAV.
research for this exciting new BMW Concept took everyone from design , engineering and marketing back to their youth.
Music, art , film , Memories , things like pure urbanism you have experienced in your life one of my particular favourites was 1995 New York City a street in East Village at night , busy , energetic , music , just people having a great time on a very warm evening to a current jazz bar in Munich – so much creativity gives a feel to urbanism .
Today urbanism condenses city life with the above but also in design and architecture and performing street art , eg. Parkour or free-running is an expression of urbanism.

The BMW X1 offers a new perspective as a compact premium Sport Activity Vehicle. Not only as the first of a kind in it’s segment for the market but vilifies the entire 1er model line as the more youth orientated BMW line. Research has shown that a greater percent of 1er buyers are (A) new to the BMW Brand (B) much younger customers than expected.
with the sportiness of the 1er Coupe and the Style of the 1er Cabrio being responsible in the past year for sales growth of the 1er product line.
The BMW X1 will fit into this product line as a more compact SAV aimed at a younger demographic . Professionals who dwell in projects that identify urbanism. Throw a Roadster in the mix and you can understand BMW’s approach to extending it’s entry model series at a time when downsizing is becoming a very common word.

There will be comparisions to why the BMW X1 is closer to todays X3 in terms of proportion and space?
The BMW X1 will not be another product cannibalization of the X3
But like the first X3 and the previous generation X5, the next X3 will answer that question.

The Concept BMW X1 expresses it’s urban intentions by being a reflection to urban life in design , colour , aesthetic , energy and creativity.
An exciting new approach as seen by BMW as a Mobile communication statement.

8 responses to “Why the BMW X1?”

  1. Joe says:

    Living in a big city where parking, gas, and space is becoming a rare thing I totally understand this line 1er. Best of luck to BMW. Stay independent and strong!!

  2. Artmic says:

    I think the X3 is one of the ugliest cars that BMW has, along with the previous 7 Series, and the current “Blah” looking 5 Series.

    The nicest cars that BMW has are the 3 coupes, 6 Series, and the Z. (although the 7 series is kind of getting nicer looking now…but the first one was just ugly looking)

  3. Gragop says:

    this expression of urbanism and communication of language through design stuff makes me laugh…I guess I just can’t buy into what sounds like BMW trying to come up with justification of new models for new sales.

  4. Jeff says:

    Exactly spot on with the analysis. The X1 is aiming directly at the GLK. It’s more about fashion than about off road or sport. Which is after all, what 95% of people buy BMWs for in the suburbs (which is 90% of their market). Image.

  5. Gragop says:


    Sad but true.

  6. LGgeek says:

    For the same reason as the X6 , because it’s what people want and what BMW can sell. Today’s car business is about what you can sell not what some small minority purists think the brand should adhere to.

    Lot of folks said they didn’t understand who if anyone would buy an X6 , they sold out for 08 and orders are backed up for 09.

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