Which of the following luxury sedans would you buy?

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New 7 Series, MB S-Class, Audi A8 or Lexus LS ? This is a question that went through my head many many times and I …

New 7 Series, MB S-Class, Audi A8 or Lexus LS ? This is a question that went through my head many many times and I have been meaning to put together an analysis, along with a poll to find out your opinion on this.

We have all seen by now, at least in photos, the new BMW 7 Series, while the other luxury sedans have been on the market for quite some time now,  so we should have an opinion on which car we like most. I know that ,since we are all bimmer nuts and post on a BMW related blog, our opinions might be biased, but hey…let’s give it a try, no hard feelings if the S or A8 wins.

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8 responses to “Which of the following luxury sedans would you buy?”

  1. abs says:

    No disrespect meant to anyone, but posting this question on a forum like this – it would be a surprise if the results were anything but the ‘7 no? ;-D

    It *is* a nice piece of work of course…

  2. Horatiu B. says:

    @abs: Not everyone that loves BMWs automatically are in love with all the models. I can tell you at least a couple of Mercedes-Benz cars that I would choose over a BMW.

  3. Artmic says:

    i’d pick the Mercedes S class, it just looks more sexy and “Rich”.

  4. Brookside says:

    The “7” series is probably the best car of the bunch-with the Merc not far behind.
    But I voted for the A8. Saw one last night in a deep blue…almost black metallic at a snooty function and my God, the thing is commanding, even tho the 2 ton hulk depreciates in value on a daily basis like no other German automobile.
    But for design, character, presence, the automobile is unsurpassed in this category.

  5. Daniel says:

    Obviosly I’m well out gunned o this blog, and mean no disrespect. The 7 seris is a wonderful car. BUT from a design stance the Audi A8 is a nose ahead of the competitors. Aluminum space frame, first in electronic stability, the most intuitive multimedia interface for gps, radio, and all other fatures. Why they do not hold value is a great German mystery. I have a 2001 S8 (Ronin) that I purchased for 24K with 45K miles??

    An Audiholic

  6. Tizy says:

    As a owner of 2006 S-Class I would buy it again. I tried a lot of BMWs, though, in luxury car market there´s no better choice…

  7. George says:

    If people love to drive, then there is only one brand….BMW

  8. Horatiu B. says:

    @Daniel: Daniel, the A8 is a beautiful car, the interior is simply amazing, but like George said, when it comes to driving experience, the BMW is a little more fun. And yes, Audi’s multimedia is top notch

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