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BMW Z4 | September 24th, 2008 by 10
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Update: Based on the suggestions given, Jon has updated the renderings a bit. Decide which one you like better. We are just a few weeks …

Update: Based on the suggestions given, Jon has updated the renderings a bit. Decide which one you like better.

We are just a few weeks away from the official launch of the 2009 BMW Z4, codenamed E89, which is going to be unveiled at the L.A Auto Show in November, but with marketing materials released to the media a few weeks prior to the show.

With all this painful wait, many rendering artists are trying their best to come up with a CGI that will be as close as possible to the real deal. We have seen the guys at Autoexpress giving it a shot(not bad I might add), also the LeftLaneNews with an interesting, fresh take on the Z4, and today, our friend Jon Sibal came up with other renderings, both of the coupe and Roadster versions.

Jon believes that based on the recent light-camoed test mules spotted out there, he feels comfortable to show us his own interpretation.

Initial Rendering:

2009 bmw e89 z4 by jonsibal 498x366

Latest Rendering:

bmwz4 lr 2 498x366

And here is why Jon decided to go this route:

Design and Render notes:
This current model in my opinion should have been the car that preceded the Z3 (E36/7). If my rendering proves to be accurate, the new headlight is thinner and slanted which looks to be closer to the shape of the Z3 headlights than the E85 Z4. The kidney grills also appear to be thinner giving the car a wider front appeal. In addition, this new model also went back to the clam shell hood style as seen on the Z3 model. Comparing it to the E85 Z4, BMW has definitely toned down the flamed surface on this one. The new model looks really sleek with the BMW signature still evident. The recent spy pictures have enough information for me to feel confident about the accuracy of this rendering. The only part I’m not sure of is the side markings/vent design. It’s hard to figure out from any spy pictures I’ve seen so we’ll just wait and see on that one.

Of course, the coupe could not be missing from the picture.

Initial Rendering:

Final Rendering:

Thanks again for the photos Jon!

That’s it for now, we’ll be back soon with more exclusive news. But in the mean time, if you would like us to keep you updated on all the BMW news, please take a moment and sign up for our email feed. Get updates by email

[Source: JonSibal.com ]

10 responses to “2009 BMW Z4 Renderings”

  1. Mauro Corti says:

    Love it, like the actual Z4, it is simply an amazing, thrilling good-looking car…. it’s just the beauty, no other words..

  2. rsxlmz says:

    its really like next z4.but kidney part same current z4.and bmw never use signal lamp on mirror dont forget this.

  3. bunker says:

    From the spy photos, I think the grille will be a bit larger, but these otherwise look pretty accurate.
    that said, I like these renderings (and thus, perhaps, the actual car) LESS than the most recent set of renderings (LeftLane and Autoexpress both).
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but am not sure. I really think the Z4 ought to be their “show” car, y’know? Something really out of the ordinary and bold.

  4. Patrick says:

    I think engine cooling and intake requirements will mean the kidney grills are larger than what is shown in this rendering.

  5. PalBay says:

    Scott 27 over at German Car Zone said these are pretty close!!! Thanks! PalBay

  6. Gragop says:

    agreed kidneys will likely be significantly larger

  7. Jeff says:

    Horatiu, you’re doing a fantastic job lately with all the posts, just thought I’d give u some props. Having all of these renderings and rounding them all up really gives us a great critique point to jump off, even if they are slightly off. I think it makes us focus on issues of importance to us in regards to size and details that we feel are iconic too BMW and represent a worthwhile progressive statement of its language. Keep up the great work and keep posting renderings!

  8. Horatiu B. says:

    @Jeff: Thank you Jeff, I truly appreciate the kind words. It gives me more energy to keep going :)

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