Comparison: 2009 BMW 730d vs. Mercedes-Benz S320

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It was bound to happen and it was just a matter of time until the first review or comparison, if I may call it, of …

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It was bound to happen and it was just a matter of time until the first review or comparison, if I may call it, of the new BMW 7 Series and the Mecedes-Benz S Class, will make its way onto the Internet. We have been looking to write such a comparison for quite some time now, but we decided to wait until we will have the chance to drive the car, based on real time data, as opposed to technical specifications released by manufacturers.

Well, the german fellows at had the honor to drive the new 7 Series, more specifically, the European 730d (F01 Short Wheel Base version), and comparing against its direct competitor, the Mercedes-Benz S320 CDI. 

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Starting with a catchy title, “War of the Worlds”, the german editors would like to point out the importance of this duel that could help one brand or the other, take the reign in the luxury market they both compete in.

While the 730d is being recommended by the advanced assistance systems and driving dynamics, the S320 CDI stands out with calm and balance. The alle-auto-in fellows point out the high quality diesel engines in both cars, along with an excellent ride quality and low consumption for the 730d. 

In the end, we are still back at square one and we learned that nothing has really changed when it comes to the BMW vs. Mercedes war. They represent two different worlds, one of modern, fun, agile drives and excellent dynamics, BMW that is, and the other, its timeless elegance and comfort. But when it comes to this comparison, the german fellows concluded that BMW seems to be a little ahead of its Stuttgart competitor, “by at least one car length”.

The article represents a nice piece of journalism and I encourage you to read it. For our german speaking readers, you can find it here: and for the rest of us, I put together a Google Translation, which could be find behind this link. Please keep in mind that the Translate engine powered by Google is not 100% accurate, but it is absolutely easy to undersand it.

And if you would please allow me to express my personal opinion on this, then I would like to say that, even with the risk of sounding biased, the BMW 7 Series is by far my favorite car between the two. I admit I was a huge fan of the S Class before and I did feel that the E65 7er didn’t live up to the S Class rank, but the new 7 Series models are a total different story, from the aerodynamic shapes, to the shark looking front and perfectly sculpted rear. As far as the driving experience, I will need to refrain myself from commenting on it and wait for my turn to drive the new BMW 7 Series. 

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26 responses to “Comparison: 2009 BMW 730d vs. Mercedes-Benz S320”

  1. IDK I personally like the S class better. Looks like a Maybach. S65 brabus is the best sedan.

    • Cristian says:

      The 2009 BMW 7 ha no real competotor becouse its a new car ,new technology…The 2008 BMW 7(the last generation of 7 series) is the competitor for this S class …

  2. Horatiu B. says: I’m not so sure about that, I think the new 7 has a more sportier look, while still being classy and luxurious.

  3. Adi says:

    Even if i don’t like the bmw S7 it is still better loking then the S class:more agressive design,sportier look,like Horatiu said,and the interior is better looking.

  4. okeribok says:

    bigger = better

  5. Adi says:

    S class =lux 730= sport!!!!

  6. E-Biz-Buzzz says:

    2 Great Cars… leaning towards the 7 series myself, but doubt they will bring the 730d to the States.

  7. jo says:

    the benze kiks but

  8. mercedes benz did not manifactured to be compared with cars

    so its a company which built her self by
    controling the deitails whith no any comments about the car
    shortly merceds is the kinng of the cars

    when iwas was waching tv i saw a group of bmw 7 series they was great and attractive …..
    but guess where is the joke
    the truck that where lefting the cars was atruck from merceds actros
    trhats why i love mercedes

  9. shibu says:

    if there is a m7. the bmw 7 could match the merc s65 amg

  10. Babken says:

    BMW is the king all the way. BMW holds the road in a much more confident way than the dirty mercedes. Plus the inimitable ENGINE. I wonder what can pathetic mercedes have in reply. That’s why BMW is the LEADER in the premium segment today.
    BMW RULES!!!!!

  11. chennit says:

    I think BM 730d present more sportivity and pleasure than Mercedes S320. the S320 is more confortable but the BM’s interior is very good that’s why I’am with BMW

  12. nwamadu says:

    Yawn!!! keep cheerleading for BMW. I own a Benz E class and BMW 5 series. I will never buy a BMW again for a lot of reasons. But to sum it all up, the benz is better in all respect than the BM. Enough of the drive quality BS, which is subjective. I bet those who write shit about MB can not even afford to buy a wheel.

  13. nwamadu says:

    I notice the writer above is a BM fanatic, but could not help himself with the beauty of the new S class. Even if BM had turned out a BOX, he would have still rated it better than the S class. Well, tough luck as statistics do not lie. The 4 year old S class still out sells the newly introduced BM, because people at that level do not think like children, and cannot be fooled by your slim.

  14. Pankaj says:

    I used a BM for 7 years; sold it and bought a merc but the biggest mistake i ever made. I am looking to sell my merc to buy BMW again…

  15. enri says:

    mercedes benz S320 Yeeee

  16. Vish says:

    People who say that BMW is more fun and perky 2 drive would have a look at S65 AMG and the BRABUS V12 R….i bet not even the M series Bimmers cud stand a chance against this monster….and if you want to know aboyt the fastest luxury car in the planet – It is again the ‘BRABUS Black Baron – E calss’…this brut can breach the 370 kn/hr mark….so bimmer fans please stop talking about PERFOMANCE again…and to top it all ‘Karl Benz’ patented the first ever four wheeled carriage machine aka ‘the car’ in 1886, by then France Joseph never even existed(Father of BMW) and what he managed to do in 1916 was just 2 copy Mr.Benz’s work and label it as BMW….Bimmer Fans – I am not trying to hurt your sentiments, for BMW is one of the greatest car makers of all times..but i just wanted everyone 2 understand the magnioficience of this ‘beauty in motion’ called Mercedes Benz…

  17. sal says:

    BMW ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MERC SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. sal says:


  19. Ric says:

    In my opinion Mercedes Benz over all look was better this year.

    Auto Transporter

  20. Saeid_mercedes_1982 says:

    It`s impossible to compare a Mercedes with a BMW. The name of BMW is coming after Mercedes-Benz during 120 years and never a BMW can be compared with the best car of the world , Mercedes.
    (Das Beste Oder Nichts.The Best or Nothing). It has been the way that mercedes has choosen during these years. Otherwise Mercedes coudn`t continue until now.

  21. Anonymous says:

    The AirCap looks a bit out of place on an otherwise sharp-looking automobile, but at least every hair will be in place on arrival. 

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  22. Smahziar says:

    this is the old s class….

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