New BMW 7 Series: Stunning!

7-series | September 21st, 2008 by 12
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Enough said, the pictures will speak for itself!

Enough said, the pictures will speak for itself!

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12 responses to “New BMW 7 Series: Stunning!”

  1. kafkef says:

    I didn’t like the back in other pics.. but this white one really is something else.
    wonder how the front looks in white.

  2. Gragop says:

    The first shot of Alpine white really does the car justice. However, in every other color it’s less than flattering. I still say the interior looks great and very refined but I can’t get past the looks of the exterior yet. The grill is just too wide and tall, otherwise the front would look good. From the side profile the 7 looks fairly lean compared to the E65.

  3. Donny says:

    I think it’s moving in the right direction, after making a 180 degree screw-up several years ago.

  4. Gragop says:


    Yeah – Can anyone point me in the direction of a low-mile, E38 and then a lightly used S62 motor and drivetrain? :-)

  5. Mike N. says:

    Do the extended wheelbase models have the chrome strip in the roof line??

  6. Horatiu B. says:

    @Mike N.: Good question, and honestly, there are not many photos of the LWB yet. We should see more soon.

  7. Gragop says:

    @Horatiu B.:

    I’ll concede that black does accent the nose of the car much better, but I can’t say the same for the rear – but that’s my opinion.

    My family picked up an E65 in 2002 that was Sapphire Black on Grey and despite a lot of people’s complaints about the styling, the car looked wonderful in black to me. Especially compared to my ex-girlfriend’s family’s E65 in Grey then Silver – very bland and doesn’t do anything for the lines of the car.

  8. Horatiu B. says:

    @Gragop: Hey, I respect your opinion :) I still think we need to see the car in person before we pass on any judgment. As much as I dig the dark colors on the 7, that rear shot in the white color looks amazing.

  9. Gragop says:

    @Horatiu B.:

    In looking at the above photos I think I’ve figured out my issue with it: The angle of the camera.

    I think from an shot looking down on the rear(as in the first pic in white) it looks great. But something about next shot (3/4 view of the rear from a low angle) just doesn’t look right to me. The rear looks heavy and tacked on to the car, more so than the E65. The rear hips of the car just looks disproportionate to me compared with the rest of the car.

    That said, I do think from the side of the F01 looks much more muscular and lean compared to an E65 – and that’s a good thing.

  10. MPower says:

    WOW !
    truly amazing

    BMW baby !

  11. Horatiu B. says:

    @Gragop: In my case, I totally dig the rear and the sides, not a fan of the front, I’m not used to the large grill yet.

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