Rendering: BMW Mega-City Electric Car

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project i Rendering: BMW Mega City Electric Car

Last week, BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer , confirmed one more time that Project i received a green light. By 2015, BMW will build an all …

Last week, BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer , confirmed one more time that Project i received a green light. By 2015, BMW will build an all electric city car with two engines available, one will be a very efficient internal combustion engine and the other will be a purely electric model.

The two-powertrain vehicle will be electric powered and it will represent the ideal solution for congested city motoring.

The felows at Autocar UK are following the steps of other publications that hurried to come up with computer generated images of the BMW’s electric car. The first ones to adventure into this CGI game, were the folks at Autobild, who came up with this interesting concept.

i car 500x333 Rendering: BMW Mega City Electric Car

Not a bad rendering, but now let’s see what the UK felows came up with:

project i 498x253 Rendering: BMW Mega City Electric Car

Quite different, isn’t it? While the second rendering seems to be closer to reality than the first one, mostly due to its size, I can’t help not to favor the first concept. Of course, these are just speculations and it will take at least another 4 years until the final design will be approved.

So, which one do you like most?

6 responses to “Rendering: BMW Mega-City Electric Car”

  1. Benny says:

    Well, the AutoBild-proposal looks like a car, the other one looks like a Toyota… I don’t like this van-styling at all. But maybe it is necessary in this class, to keep the costs down. I would be happy if BMW would make the car rear-engined and therefore equipped with rear-wheel-drive. Because in such a small car you will certainly not build the engine in the front and have the power transmitted to the rear. So, hopefully we will see the car with a rear-engine-layout. Don’t go for Front Wheel Drive, please! :-)

  2. jcatl says:

    That’s like asking do you prefer poo or vomit? I can’t stand either one of those, but if I had to pick the bottom one. The rear wheels on the top one just look gimmicky.

  3. Horatiu B. says:

    @jcatl: The bottom one reminds me too much of a Smart, which is fine, but….please, not a BMW

  4. Olivier says:

    It seems that the german automakers are really behind when it comes to Electric Vehicles. A bit of market research will even show you that the MEGACITY is already an EV in existence manufactured by Aixam Ligier of France…

    Zero points for creativity

  5. Ralph says:

    I have always wondered why BMW, a company that does both: cars and motorcycles, never came up with a proper crossover between the two. BMW’s Clever project (a Carver lookalike) was aborted before it even took off.

    It’s the reason why I decided to introduce and design (to my opinion) the first proper crossover between a motorcycle and an automobile. It’s called the Space-Efficient Vehicle. It’s a semi three-wheel three-seater, and it will be way safer, mroe comfortable and more energy-efficient than for instance the Smart Fortwo. Well, check it out at the website that’s mentioned hereby.

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