BMW 335d shows up at the Performance Center

3-Series | September 15th, 2008 by 8
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A member of E90post forums, Park2670,  has just returned from his BMW Performance Center delivery. Beside the great photos and story that can be found …

A member of E90post forums, Park2670,  has just returned from his BMW Performance Center delivery. Beside the great photos and story that can be found here,  he came back with a surprise for all the bimmer fans. He turned into a little spy photographer and managed to get some beautiful shots of a BMW 335d in the great Titanium Silver color. 

But here is the interesting part: when he asked for the keys to check out the 3er diesel, he was told that it belongs to another customer who will pick up the car….NEXT WEEK. So now, I’m a little confused, will BMW really release the first diesels next week, keeping it under the table or was he just being given a false information?

Regardless, great photos, great little story and good spirit of observation.

Thanks Park2670.

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8 responses to “BMW 335d shows up at the Performance Center”

  1. Jon H says:

    how is the performance center different from the regular welt delivery system?

  2. M5 says:

    What a beauty !

  3. RawAutos says:

    What a beautifully sculpted body. The E90 has officially become as characteristic, if not more, than the E46…

  4. Horatiu B. says:

    @Jon H: IMO is very different. Basically, the European Delivery program saves you money, you go to Europe, pick up your car, drive without any speed limit on Autobahn and save money.

    Performance Center on the other hand, it’s just a program, still a great one, where you get to enjoy some BMWs on track and off road. It is still fun and for those that are too busy to go to Europe, it’s a great choice. I know people that actually do both, they pick up their car at the Welt in Munich and then when the car gets to the U.S, they go through the Perfomance Center experience as well.

  5. Lance says:

    Why is the gap at the front of the car, between the bonnet and the bumper so wide? Is it the way it is produced or did they not close it properly? I surely hope that it is not poor workmanship or design. The new Merc C Class’s bonnet gap when looked at from the side is extremely wide and it looks terrible for a premium segment vehicle.

  6. bsd107 says:

    I keep seeing over and over in pictures what looks to be a huge gap between the hood and the top of the kidney grills. IMHO it looks terrible in that area. I think the pre-LCI kidney grills were a much better solution to avoid that appearance. Seriously – this gap is so huge that I had to study the pictures to determine whether the hood had been released….

    The rear end is a big improvement, though….

  7. Bob says:

    Muscle cars can have bonnet gaps. This beast has 425lb/ft of torque!

  8. […] of the more elusive cars in BMW’s recent history is the E90-Series BMW 335d, at least in America. The last six-cyldiner diesel 3 Series to be sold in North America is also one […]

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