2009 BMW Z4: Can we say Gina Light Concept?

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bmw z4 rearside

I’m assuming most of you remember the BMW Gina Light Visionary Concept that was unveiled by BMW back in June, but just in case you …

I’m assuming most of you remember the BMW Gina Light Visionary Concept that was unveiled by BMW back in June, but just in case you don’t, here is a refresher: BMW Gina Light Concept Photos

Now, let me show you something really interesting. We’re all anxious to see the new Z4, right? Cool, I am too and therefore, let me add more fuel on the fire:

gina112 497x224

bmw z4 rearside 498x250

Pretty similar sizes, isn’t it? Before we jump to any conclusions, let me add that in no way the new Z4 will be based on the Gina Light Concept, but if it was, then we could have expected an astonishing, unique design. 

Based on the rumors I heard in the past, I can speculate that the future BMW Z9 or Z10 roadster, whichever name BMW will choose, could be based on the Gina’s design and that would be just dreamy.

[Source: the idea of this post came from Brookside, a member of Germancarzone ]

6 responses to “2009 BMW Z4: Can we say Gina Light Concept?”

  1. Gragop says:

    Wasn’t the Z9 the internal nickname for the concept that evolved into the E63 6er?

    Also – I agree, the new Z4 will look very much like the GINA concept.

  2. Patrick says:

    I thought I read that the GINA concept was actually almost 10 years old, and that it was only recently unveiled to the public when the concept itself was placed into the BMW Museum.

    If true, then you can plainly see that the design language that was introduced with the GINA concept already found its expression in the existing E85 Z4.

    The Flame Surfacing that Bangle likes to talk about really is a result of the surface dynamics introduced with GINA’s fabric-over-spaceframe construction: a surface defined by fabric-in-tension over structural elements.

    All the underlying “spaceframe”-defined elements in the GINA can be seen in the current E85: front fender arching rearward toward the door handles. Rear fender arches coming forward to meet it. The “rib” just behind the front wheels (which in the Z4 acts as a downward extension of the A-pillars). And of course the pig-belly swale (that actually seems to be tones down or even eliminated judging from the spy shots of the 2009 Z4).

    The GINA was the true origin of flame surfacing, and the Z4 the first BMW product to embody it. Over time, this design language has gained favor in the product line, and von Hooydonk’s more “formal” language of the 6/7 series is gradually being phased out.

  3. Brookside says:

    Thanks Horatiu for crediting my post in GCZ-
    I’m sure I’m not the only person to have noticed the similarities of the newest Z4 to the Gina Concept.
    The post above mine is spot on…Gina was designed apprx 10 years ago by Anders Warming who also designed the (E85) original Z4. It seems that BMW has returned twice to the same well for inspiration.
    I think there was a time in the mid-00’s among BMW’s upper-level poo-bahs about the commercial efficacy of flame surfacing and thus the rise of van Hooydonk as chief designer who plotted a more conservative design ethos.
    I’ve heard that Warming is back with BMW….which is a relief for people like me who consider him a monstrously talented guy.
    The next Z4 looks like it will be a classic design. As I said over on GCZ, I wish they had really stuck their necks out and transferred more of the balls-out look of the Gina into a production model. Maybe, as HoratiuB speculates, it’ll end up as the proposed Z9.

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