Canada to get BMW 335d and X5d in November(Photos Included)

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During an internal client advisors training that was held in Vancouver, BMW Canada confirmed that the long-awaited BMW 335d and X5 xDrive35d will be available …

During an internal client advisors training that was held in Vancouver, BMW Canada confirmed that the long-awaited BMW 335d and X5 xDrive35d will be available in November. For the past few weeks, conflicting information were being published and I promised that I would not speculate on the launch date anymore for the U.S market, but we can assume that BMWNA will most likely release the diesels in the same time.

Our dear reader J M Wong attended the training and he kindly offered to share with us his opinion on the BMW diesels, and of course, to show us some new photos of the BMW 335d.

2009bmw335d 2 498x373

Personally, I find the 335d to be a bit boring because after driving the 335i, it is hard to drive a less power 3 series besides the M3 of course.

If a BMW client is looking for performance in a diesel, this is it. With 265hp and 425lb-ft of torque at 1,750 rpm, it makes the same kind of thrust as the 335i. I drove it pretty hard right of the start and find there is a little hesitation compared to the 335i.

What impressed me the most was the pull when you hit about 1,800 rpm you don’t feel like you are driving a diesel. As for the X5 xDrive35d, there is also a lot pull at about 1,800 rpm. It has more torque than my 2007 E70 X5 4.8i.

According to J M, BMW Canada expects to sell more X5 diesels than 3 series sedans, but of course, the pricing will most likely set the sales’ course. There were many petitions and complaints over the years regarding the U.S pricing vs. the canadian ones and I look forward to see again if the gap will be smaller or the “tradition” will stay. 

Our article on whether the BMW 135i price will be lowered in Canada has some of the most informative and useful comments and if you live in Canada, I stronly suggest to scan through them.

If you have any questions regarding the BMW 335d or the X5d, J M offered to answer any of them, so feel free to email him at

Thank you again for the great photos!

2009bmw335d 10 498x373

19 responses to “Canada to get BMW 335d and X5d in November(Photos Included)”

  1. Clara says:

    This is the bumper design of the original 2009 pics, not of the ones that showed up at the germany dealership. Hmmmm…. Personally I like the germany ones, there a bit less busy.

  2. Nicolas says:

    Why is the front grill black on these 335d? Is this something BMW is going to use to differentiate the diesels?

  3. Sam says:

    I like the black grill, I was going to black it out anyway when I get mine. I don’t see an e91. :( Wonder why the red one doesn’t have a number on the rear.

  4. J M Wong says:

    @Nicolas & Sam: These were pre-spec 335d’s from Germany. They were shipped to Canada from training purposes. They will be shipped back to Germany once all the training is completed. The crimson red was a 335d as well. I think it was debadged so it won’t attract attention. The alpine white 335d was equipped with halogen head lights and the crimson red has xenon.

  5. Artmic says:

    I wonder how overpriced this model will be…
    they are really pushing it with their 3 series of cars.

  6. BernardP says:

    So, have the 2009 prices been released by BMW Canada yet? They have been out for weeks now in the US, and the BMW USA web site is already displaying the 2009 Configurator

  7. vtsung says:

    What is the motif here for BMW fans to pick up the inline6 tt diesel over inline6 tt gas engine? I am a diesel nut; I have been charmed by 04 & 07 Touareg V10s for quite a while, I do wish the 4.9 V10 diesel would be the engine in my A8 or the S8. Since the 300 ft from gas engine comes in as low as 1400 rpm, that is more than beautifully enough for me, beside, the diesel engine is heavier than the gas one, the 335D would be a tough sell with the gas tt stands side by side. In the meantime, I really do enjoy driving my 08 535xi.

  8. J M Wong says:

    @BenardP: Pricing should be released in a couple of weeks by BMW Canada. As usual, Canada is always weeks behind the US.

  9. Horatiu B. says:

    @J M Wong: Thank you for the info J M. Out of topic: do you get a lot of questions regarding the large gap between the US and canadian prices?

  10. J M Wong says:

    @vtsung: The diesel 2009 335d will propel from 0 – 100km in 6.2 seconds claimed by BMW Canada. Unprecedented fuel economy rating is 10.2/7.2 liter per 100km (city/highway). The fuel saving is 35.3%(city) and 26.9%(highway) compared to the gasoline variant. BMW’s BluePerformance technology filters and actually cleans the exhaust before it leaves the vehicle, making this generation of Diesel engines the cleanest BMW has ever produced. With reduced emissions from comparable gasoline vehicles, and near-elimination of both smoke and NOx emissions, BMW Advanced Diesels will be every bit as clean as CARB-legal gasoline engines when they are introduced in the US in 2008.

  11. J M Wong says:

    @Horatiu B.: Are you kidding me? I deal with it on a daily basis since the CAD hit par with the USD back in September 2007. One thing I will say Horatiu, there are a lot of die hard BMW fans all over the world, Canada is the second least expensive country to buy a BMW behind the US. Yes, there is a gap so BMW Canada has been countering it with BIG cash rebate programs. For example, the current cash rebate on the 2008 3 series ranges from $3,000 – $5,000 even on the all new 2008 M3 sedans, $12,000 on the 2008 M5, $8,500 on Z4 and etc. When my potential client(s) walk into my dealership, I told them the rebates right from the start and have never ever used these rebates as a negotiating tool. Die hard BMW enthusiast are still buying these Bimmers in the great white north. BMW Canada had an all time record month in June of 2008 delivering 2,943 units. Once I take you out on test drive in these “ultimate driving machines”, you will be hooked for life. I personally drive a 2007 E70 X5 4.8i and will be taking delivery of an Alpine White 2008 E90 335i on Tuesday September 16, 2008. I had to get the 2008 E90 to complete my garage. Here is a quote from “the 2008 BMW 335i is the best sports sedan money can buy and you can quote us on it”. The bottom line is there are still a lot of Canadians that see the value in a BMW.

  12. BernardP says:

    Thanks for the pricing timetable info JM. I trust that 2009 pricing will be made available on this blog as soon as it is released by BMW Canada. I am also looking forward to see if base equipment level has been upgraded (like standard 17-inch wheels on the 328/328xi…)

  13. Horatiu B. says:

    @J M Wong: That’s good business practice J M. I’m sure the customers appreciate a CA being upfront with everything. And yes, the pricing in North America is definitely way lower than the european market.

    Congratulations on the 335i, you’ll love it. I have on myself, picked it up in Germany this year and the car is simply amazing.

  14. Marc says:

    @J M Wong: JM Wong, I am a current Calgary BMW customer (bought my 2006 323i from Calgary BMW when I was 23… now I am 26).

    I was curious if you have any thoughts on the availability of a 3-series sedan with a smaller diesel engine such as the 320d or something similar? I have heard that they have some of them at the Vancouver training facility and am interested in this possibility for a possible early change.

  15. hhhm3 says:

    I am not sure where you get your info JM Wong about Canada is always weeks behind the US.
    The US market don’t even have a release date or pricing or any ideas for their 335d and X5d release.
    Canada do have production date of Nov 2008, delivery of Dec 2008 for pre-spec and custom spec a month after.

    It seems that the US is behind Canada.

  16. JXL26 says:

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  17. Brenda Song says:

    Hi Mr.Wong im just asking but for how much is the BMW 335D for ??

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