BMW X2: Sports Activity Runabout

Rumors | September 5th, 2008 by 8

The bimmer fans were greeted today with a new rumor or apparently a confirmation of a new BMW model being launched in the near future. …

The bimmer fans were greeted today with a new rumor or apparently a confirmation of a new BMW model being launched in the near future. The vehicle in question is the BMW X2 that has been rumored for some time now. We reported back in July, that the BMW X2 might make its way into the BMW line up as soon as 2011. 

The initial news and renderings were brought to us by the fellow at LeftLaneNews and today Carmagazine UK came back with more news, but the same rendering. 

bmwx2scoopcar1 499x277

The BMW X2, codenamed SAR, short for Sports Activity Runabout(yeah, I know, always wonder how they come up with these names), is portrayed as X6’s little brother, a baby BMW, as Carmagazine calls it. 

The X2 will be a two-door model with coupe like lines, sharing the same engines as the BMW X1 and most likely similar technologies, one of them being the xDrive. 

The conflicting part comes from the fact that Carmagazine UK states the BMW X2 is still on the drawing board and it has not been given a green light, but in the same time, we are being shown a test mule spotted in Munich. 

bmwx2scoopcar2 499x277

I can’t really tell from the photo above which one is really the X1 or X2.

Regardless, I stil consider this a rumor and at this point, I am not sure BMW will go ahead with this, especially since things are not as pink as they used to be.

Opinions? Thoughts?

[Source: Carmagazine UK ]

P.S Interesting fact that I admit I did not know: BMW is the world’s biggest player in the premium 4×4 arena. Contrary to popular belief, BMW sells more four-wheel drive vehicles than Audi does quattro or Mercedes 4Matic. In fact, in 2007 it flogged 60,000 more.

8 responses to “BMW X2: Sports Activity Runabout”

  1. Elio says:

    Surely the top car is an X3 mule and the bottom is the X1 mule? Anyone else think that?

  2. Artmic says:

    They can stick both cars up their booties.
    I am tired of SUV/Sports Util’s/Crossovers/and other such BS.
    Give me a 3 Series Coupe, and forget the tractors.

  3. Giom says:

    Neither one is the X2 I believe, like Elio said.

    If the X2 will look anything like the render… I say go for it!

    I read some where long time ago about BMW being the top 4×4 manufacturer. After a while I wasn’t sure what I had read, but now I know.

    Great going BMW and kudos for not making a fuss about it…lol.

  4. tseemann says:

    If the X2 is supposed to be a two-door coupe, then none of these pictures are of the X2 – they are both 4-door.

  5. Gragop says:


    Exactly! I’m so glad BMW is spending R&D time and money on SUV’s instead of stupid things like CSLs or sport sedans and coupes. The new Z4 may be our last hope!

  6. Horatiu B. says:

    That’s what I thought also, the photos have to be of the X1 and X3.

  7. Jonathan Johnson says:

    enough suvs please, stop pushing it with the X’s

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