Spy Photos: 2010 BMW X1 with the funky camouflage

BMW X1, BMW X3 | August 27th, 2008 by 6
2010 BMW X3

Update: This is actually the BMW X1 The friends at are “guilty” of bringing us the latest BMW X3 spy photos. As usual, we’re …

Update: This is actually the BMW X1

The friends at are “guilty” of bringing us the latest BMW X3 spy photos. As usual, we’re looking at the “famous” BMW pattern camouflage, that pretty much covers the entire design and just leaves us guessing…again.

The test mule spotted looks similar to the one we have seen back in July, but there are a few little extra details. Now the side mirrors are sporting the turn signals, the front grill seems to be larger than before and a new set of wheels.

The car dimensions are close to the existing model, but in the same time, it will have more interior room, a complaint that many bimmer fans had before, including myself. The guys at CarConnection believe that the new X3 will have all the whistles and bells available to order, such as Night Vision, head-up display, adaptive headlights or seats with ventilation.

I do hope that BMW will work on the interior design as well and gives something decent and not the sub-par one found in the current generation. I do own  an X3 and I am far from being impressed with the quality and finishes of the interior. The X3 was not and will not be geared towards car enthusiasts, therefore BMW needs to focus on offering more luxury and comfort for the drives and the passengers.

Now, if the new BMW X3 will turn out to be similar to the one in the rendering below, X5ish, then it might have a shot.

Update: I apologize, this is the X1, hence why there were some difference from the previous spy photos. Even though the dimensions look similar, I was told that the X1 is way smaller than the X3.

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  • Giom

    Nice to see a more wedge shape line through the side window sill.

    My wishes for this design are to be more sporty, more daring, more aggressive and just all round more beautifull. I will not miss the current one at all!

  • George

    I got a feeling that this will look better than the current X5.The dimensions look more prortionate. The new X3 will face some fierce competition from the Mercedes GLK because the bimmer lacks the off road abilities that the GLK has. As for the Audi Q3 there is no need to worry: it is one of the most boring, blunt design out there at the moment.

  • v1p3r

    “Now the side mirrors are sporting the turn signals…”

    BMW always sticks tape like this on their prototypes. It never turns out to be turn signals/indicators.

  • adood84

    they better put some AC vents at the back , this is one of things missing in the current X3 , and living in hot countries means that you need AC vents everywhere in the car

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