Sorry folks, no BMW M3 CSL

BMW M3 | August 27th, 2008 by 9

Back in July we reported that BMW’s Chief of Development, Herr Klaus Draeger confirmed that there will be no BMW M3 CSL despite the spy …

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Back in July we reported that BMW’s Chief of Development, Herr Klaus Draeger confirmed that there will be no BMW M3 CSL despite the spy photos that were floating around the web for quite some time.

In an interview a few days ago for the UK Carmagazine, another high-level BMW executive Ludwig Willisch, the Head of M Division, reconfirmed the previous statements: “Based on current numbers, there is most likely insufficient demand for the M3 CSL.”

Translated: too expensive too build, not enough market for it.

The M3 CSL had potential, no doubt about it and there were a handful of people that would have died for such an amazing car, but we found out recently that the BMW’s strategy for the future has changed, due to the economy recession, and BMW is moving towards a pull-oriented (versus “push”) sales strategy that will limit sales volume, requiring customers not only to pay full price(Jonathan Spira has a really good analysis on that), so obviously this will impact any plans regarding a car that might not be extremely popular.

Sorry guys, I’m sure BMW will bring other more exciting models and honestly, I am more pumped about the new Z4 and a future four-door high-end luxury sedan.

[Source: carmagazine ]

9 responses to “Sorry folks, no BMW M3 CSL”

  1. adood84 says:

    Its funny how BMW are pushing High performance SAV/SUVs and will not make a M3 CSL, I think BMW is starting to loose some of its value just to earn some more money.

  2. Gragop says:


    Agreed, this is a sad day. BMW originally set out to take down the establishment – Mercedes – and now they’re becoming just that.

  3. Jonathan Johnson says:

    i have been reading all about how the csl will be receiving a double clutch automatic gear box and what not, than i get this news that there will be no csl!! its a sad thing really…perhaps the board will reconsider after some thought…

  4. Horatiu B. says:

    @Gragop: I guess the economical reasons were more important to them. Unfortunately, they’re looking at things differently now, long gone are the days of volume sales and here comes the PROFIT game.

  5. Gragop says:

    @Horatiu B.:

    They need to bring back Von Kuenheim to run this company again.

  6. Toy Yoda says:

    The Ultimate Driving Machine Company is making SUVs instead of performance cars. I wonder if all the BMW fanboys will finally consider what I’ve been complaining about 4 years ago: that BMW has lost its edge.

    (Note I didn’t complain on this board. I like this board.)

    So I contend that the only “high”-volume sports car mfg is Porsche. Barring stupid things like their SUV, Porsche has built a brand around the fact that they haven’t strayed (that much) from making performance cars. That brand strength is evident in their profit margins. BMWs brand moat? Almost none; t’s a commodity and it shows up on their balance sheets.

  7. eggster says:

    just bought new bmw m3 08 having problem with the rear dif making noises the factory states needs new special oil_replaced still there _ there is a grinding sound when making turns.they say you must at least 600m before its curd????????

  8. Gggbiz says:

    The commentary regarding BMW’s focus on profits may be forgetting some of the company’s history. In the late 1950s and into the early ’60s, BMW nearly went under. When the 1500 4-cylinder, 4 door sedan was introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 1961, they weren’t nearly as worried about flat out performance as they were about survival. The bottom line must be adequate profits to stay in business. It ain’t classy or sophisticated but there will be no BMW or anyone else for that matter, without the necessary profits.

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