Fuel Pumps Part 2???

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It seems we have reports of another round of Fuel Pump issues with the N54 twin turbo engine.  We all know that there were some …

It seems we have reports of another round of Fuel Pump issues with the N54 twin turbo engine.  We all know that there were some fuel pump issues in the past.

However this reader is reporting that he has already has his fuel pump replaced once and is now being advised to keep his gas tank above 1/4 a tank to prevent any limp modes.

Has anyone else out there seen reduced power or hesitation when driving below 1/4 of a tank of gas? If so you may want to take it to your local dealer and have them check the leak down rate and see if you need to be placed on the list for a new new new new fuel pump that should come in the 09’s.

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  1. bsd107 says:

    Can you please verify regarding “that should come in the 09’s”.

    Are the MY2009 E90 335i cars going to get a new fuel pump design from the start of production in September?

  2. Jake C says:


    I’m unsure. I have heard reports both ways but nothing concrete. If I receive word I’ll post it up.

    – J

  3. harry says:

    I have had a bmw x6 for 4 months now which I have been extremely happy with. However, the front fuel pump decided to pack up on me last week. The garage had it replaced within 2 days but it has been annoying as it has only done 4500 miles. It seems the issue of BMW and their fuel pumps is still unresolved.

  4. Jason says:

    I have an 09 335i and had to have the high pressure fuel pump replaced at only 3500 miles. I now have 4800 miles on it and the second pump is exhibiting the same issues, so I am going to have to have it replaced as well.

  5. Doug says:

    I have an 08 535xi. Purchased April 30, 2008 with 15,200 miles. A great vehcile but on Saturday, June 13, 300 miles from home, car wouldn’t start. Turned over, sputtered, and shut down. Flatbedded to dealer, diagnosed high pressure fuel pump problem, and replaced. Ran well until the following Wednesday, June 17 when engine light, reduced power message flashed, and the car shut down while I was traveling about 40 MPH. Flatbedded to dealer who diagnosed and replaced the low pressure fuel pump. I’m wondering if this will solve the problem.
    Based on the previous posts, fuel pumps seem to be a huge problem. Anyone have any problems after the replacement? BMW Assist has been outstanding in providing assistance in getting the car to a dealer, providing alternative transportation, etc. Helped make a difficult ordeal somewhat manageable.

  6. Nate says:


    “. . .and is now being advised to keep his gas tank above 1/4 a tank to prevent any limp modes.”

    One problem with electric fuel pumps in the gas tank is they use the fuel in the lubricate and prevent overheating the pump. The pump is also sensitive to fuel sloshing around the pump pickup that occurs when the fuel level is low. They typically put a canister around the primary pump inside the tank to equalize the amount fuel when making turns, accelerating, stopping fast, because these maneuvers cause the fuel to slosh away from the pickup, causing cavitation and overheating.

    Normally you don’t want to run your tank down to empty to prevent problems, but saying you should avoid going below a 1/4 is an admission there may be a tank design issue. If the primary pump runs dry it will adversely affect the HPFP, which could be the basis for the recurring problem.

  7. Charlie says:

    My “limp mode” intermittently kicked in when running cold (early in the morning). It’s happened 3 times. If I shut down, then re-start, the problem is gone. I have 14,000 miles on my ’09 X6, and the fuel pump is being replaced as I type. I’m not amused. It’s being handled (after a second visit), and they’re giving me a loaner, but a car this advanced and expensive should at least make it more than 14,000 miles… There was speculation that this is only happening in the US (fuel additives), but I find that hard to believe. This should be a recall.

  8. Nate says:

    Apart, from the obvious problem and frustration you’re experiencing I wanted to comment on the “additive” myth that seems to floating around. I highly doubt it’s an auto company circulating that because (not meaning to sound negative) but it’s basically ill informed nonsense. The additives in fuel are virtually the same for all the same types/brands of fuel and have been around for many years. New car fuel delivery systems are not affected by the additives as evidenced by the other manufactures not having this problem.

    Regardless of retailer (Shell, ARCO, etc.) all gas is generic now days and the particular brand additive package is mixed in the fuel at the last minute, so to speak, just before it’s loaded into the delivery trucks in route for the gas station.

    Years ago they were experimenting with non-petroleum based fuels like methanol that were highly corrosive to different types of metals and plastics. However, now days virtually all auto fuel is petroleum based with a percentage of non-petroleum based additives such as ethanol (distilled vegetable based alcohol). This has been the practice for many years and all new cars designed for sale in the US market are designed to handle it.

    All that is to say that BMW’s n54 TT in-line 6 cylinder fuel pumps have some type of design flaw. Why they can’t fix it is a big mystery because they’ve had plenty of time. I pile on lots of miles on my cars over a number of years – my current non-BMW car had over 60k mile before fuel pump replacement and the car before that had over 100k miles. My friends have had the same experiences – many trouble free fuel pump miles.

    Let’s face it, German cars may be cool, but German engineering is not all that it’s cracked up to be. They certainly don’t maintain the same quality control standards used by the Japanese, notwithstanding the recent Toyota bad gas pedal design. Feel free to disagree with me, but think about it: BMW offers a no cost maintenance program and their sales skyrocket. Now VW is going that way too. Expect the same from Audi because they are basically crap anyway. People may be bored by Japanese cars, but does Honda need to do that? Manufactures offer long warrantees only when they have to. Honda doesn’t because people are not afraid of having to pay huge $’s for unscheduled repairs with a Honda.

  9. tim says:

    335 xi 2008. Had the hpfp replaced 4 times in 2 yrs, all injectors replaced twice… been in and out of the shop 7 times in 2 yrs. Called bmw and told them to buy the car back.. too many problems.. considering it a lemon. Brother has the same car 2007.. not as many problems..but same hpfp, long cold start problems. I would not touch the twin turbo engines on the 3, 5 or 6 series in 2007- 2010. I hope problems have been corrected going forward.. I have lost some faith in BMW.

    • JED says:

      Having the same issue. What did BMW say about the buy back? Have the agreed to the buy back? Just wondering what you have to do to convince them. My dealer is currently trying to give me my car back not fixed! And BMW is not returning my phone calls!

  10. Marco says:

    2008 3.0 BMW X5. Has anyone experienced severe engine lag or hesitation when trying to accelerate or going up hills? I had a 2006 3.0 BMW X5 with identicaal problem. BMW Canada says “that’s how they drive!” NOT!

  11. Bryan says:

    My 2000 M5 has had both fuel pumps replaced 4 times since it was new. They recently replaced the pump that equalizes the tank. The problem is that when the tank got a little below 1/2 full, the engine would just shut off for lack of fuel. Then it was hitch a ride to the gas station with gas can in hand, get a couple gallons in the tank and then start up and go fill ‘er up and the car ran again, until it got to 1/2 full again.
    Problem here was the problem has never been fixed! Then the warranty ran out. BMW refused to fix the problem and after many calls to the dealership and the BMW District Service rep, I finally gave up. My showroom new looking 2000 M5 has been sitting in my garage undriven for 6 years now. It has 17,000 miles on it. I paid around $80,000. with tax and license in 2000 and now the car is worth maybe $20,000. or so. So my 17,000 miles cost me an arm and 2 legs!

  12. Spprasad999 says:

    Does 750 LI of 2009 have the fuel pum problem, if so is it covered under new warranty

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