2009 BMW 750Li Photos

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The hype around the next generation BMW 7 Series seems to have been cooled down a little bit, so we thought we should bring it …

The hype around the next generation BMW 7 Series seems to have been cooled down a little bit, so we thought we should bring it back. The first few days after the official launch, many photos and videos were released onto the web and the subject has been covered many times by us, so we would like to point out some of the most popular articles:

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With that being said, today we have some new photos of the 750Li model that was shown to the press a few weeks ago.

2009 BMW 750Li Photos

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  • Lance

    I still think that the nose is sticking out like a pig, and pigs are not attractive to me…..but the side and rear design is brilliant

  • http://automobilesdeluxe.tv Gunnar

    I agree – to a point. However, the rear in profile is very Lexus LS-ish. I wonder if the kidney grille would look any better if it were chromed out a la CS Concept.

  • Mark

    Still liking it more and more and even better in white!!!!

  • http://www.CARversation.com CARversation.com

    I’m not really feeling the exhausts, but wow this is amazing. I love the 7-series, but still feel the Benz S-Class is a lot better.

  • George

    I think they could have done a much better job with the 7 series. There is alot of critisism about the Bangle designs but the truth is that Adrian van Hooydonk is to blame for this design and for the dissapointing 3 series sedan. What is it with this guy? The new 7 series rear looks like a Lexus and Hyundai and the rear of the 3 series sedan looks like a Nissan Almera! Why doesn’t he work for them then?Oh! I forgot to mention the PAS concept which is not original at ALL!Renault came out with this design first with their Laguna YEARS AGO!

    I will have to agree with CARversation.com, that for that specific target market group the S-Class is overall a better performer.

  • pimp

    lol :)..some of u are funny …

    pls there are alot of BMWs (old & new ones) that have this kind of rear ;) (3 series , 5 series ) ;) … lexus copy BMW :) (from the beggining)

  • Artmic

    the 7 Series does nothing for me, neither does the 5 Series… in terms of look. I”m sure they are nice cars to drive, etc…
    but from the look standpoint, i’d rather want a Mercedes S with nice rims than a 7 series.

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