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This is just so funny and so true. The Ad speaks for itself. Article By

This is just so funny and so true. The Ad speaks for itself.


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  1. RawAutos says:

    Wouldn’t it be funny if the girl in the photo were actually a real life virgin? That would just make this ad even more hysterical.

  2. Clara says:

    This can be taken several ways… I’m surprised they ran it.

  3. Neal says:

    Uhhh…. I don’t get it??? Explain…?

  4. Toy Yoda says:

    What is the caption on the bottom right. The print is too small for me to read it. Does it say “Pre-owned Vehicles” or something?

  5. Benny says:

    It says “BMW Premium Selection”, these are used cars in a good condition.

  6. Clara says:

    It seems like a reference to “American Beauty” where he assumes she’s not a virgin — until she gets undressed and looks 14.

    Or, you might catch an STD from this ho’ because if she’s that hot, she’s gotten plenty.

    Or, blonde chicks are hot and — like beer — that makes you want to buy a BMW.

    Or, buying a BMW is like telling yourself that the hot chick in your bed can’t be a virgin so there’s less risk of relationship.


  7. Or shes not the 1st meaning shes not the 1st love. BMW Then the girl.

  8. Horatiu B. says:

    @Clara: hahahha very innovative Clara. Good scenarios lol

  9. Horatiu B. says:

    But I think the ad means that you, the boyfriend/husband/fiancee, are not the first on her priority list, and the BMW comes before you.

  10. RawAutos says:

    It’s about being Pre-Owned. She looks brand new, but really she’s been around the block a few times… Just like a CPO BMW. The meaning is the same. It’s like a new bicycle when you were a kid, everyone wanted a ride around the block…

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