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Hello guys, as you might know, I am currently in Munich, and obviously I took the time to visit the BMW Welt and the BMW …

Hello guys,

as you might know, I am currently in Munich, and obviously I took the time to visit the BMW Welt and the BMW Museum. Thinking of you I took tons of pictures and of course you get only the best of them. They are all available in high resolution and if you need one or more of them in the original resolution feel free to write that in the comments, I will mail you the original as soon as possible. I will start in this article with the architecture of the BMW Welt and there will be articles of the cars in the BMW Welt and in the BMW Museum as well in the future. But now, finally, I begin with the picture. Enjoy!

BMW Welt exterieur architecture:

BMW four-cylinder and Museum shining in the glass of the BMW-Welt


BMW Welt double-cone

BMW Welt double-cone with the Olympia-tower in the background

BMW four-cylinder and the bridge that connects it with the BMW-Welt

BMW four-cylinder and Museum

BMW four-cylinder and Museum again

BMW Museum in front of the BMW four-cylinder

BMW four-cylinder shining in the glass of the BMW-Welt

BMW Welt interieur architecture:

The last picture is from inside the double-cone when you look up. Inside the double-cone are some 1-Series in all variants – 5-door, 3-door, coupe and convertible – and the opportunity to play Gran Turismo 5 Prologue with the 1-Series tii-concept. I will give you the pictures of the cars in the BMW-Welt as soon as I can, but since I am on holiday here I can’t be at the computer all the time. I hope you can accept that. But okay, as a small teaser…

That’s it for the moment, sorry guys, stay tuned and visit our site, you won’t be disappointed when the pictures will be finally online…

  • George

    It should be called: “Munich’s Jewel”. Absolutely beautiful….

  • Horatiu B.

    Good job Benny! I already miss the Welt, the last time I was there, I spent like 10 hrs inside

  • Mark

    I have a love/hate relationship with these images……I always love the many shots from the inside/outside of this magnificent shrine to BMW…, the hate (just kidding!!!!!)…pure jealousy and envy because I am stuck in blazing hot south central Texas still waiting for my own ED trip!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • RawAutos

    Great pictures Benny! Next time you need to throw up a self shot with the thumbs up, that would be rather Myspace of you, haha.

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  • Hannah

    I am Malaysian..I love this building…i wish it can be my precedent study for my future study..can u suggest me any other link to see further more details.

  • ramin

    i m iranain. i m architect. i love this building

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