2009 BMW 7 Series out in the open

7-series | July 28th, 2008 by 7

The upcoming 2009 BMW 7 Series has been caught undisguised somewhere on a German autobahn near Munich. With the official photos being released already by …

The upcoming 2009 BMW 7 Series has been caught undisguised somewhere on a German autobahn near Munich. With the official photos being released already by BMW, there is no need for the extensive  stupid necessary camouflage.

The rear end still seem to have a small camouflage on the trunk lid, but other than that, the car is pretty much the same one from the official photos.

Looking at this black exterior color, the new 7 doesn’t do much for me, but maybe just the quality of the photos might have something to do with that. The previous photos that we posted really made me change my opinion on the 7 and I absolutely started to love it, but I can’t say the same about these photos.

Anyway, nothing really exciting here, but I thought I would share with you these real life photos.

[Source: Autojunk.nl ]

image 04 500x375

image 01

7 responses to “2009 BMW 7 Series out in the open”

  1. RawAutos says:

    Just like every BMW. It looks good sitting still, but once it starts moving, there is nothing more divine.

  2. Nico says:

    Yeah, but just with every BMW, once it’s moving, you should be _inside_ it, then it stays divine ;)

  3. Auday says:

    BMWs have dynamic lines that makes them look better when they move. For example the E92 is way more attractive moving than standing still, I don’t know where you got this from.

    Anyway , looking at those photos I would say it’s a Korian or a Japense car that makes no difference for me whatsoever until I see the BMW logo, and then I feel the pain in my heart that this is what BMW ended up looking like.
    I look at the E65 now and think I would like to keep it for another 8 years, it’s not the most beautiful car and it’s not the BMW I love, but it has a distinctive character and personality, it screams uniqueness and power and it still looks like a brand new design (or even futuristic design) after 8 years!

    For all those who love (or forced themselves to love) the new 7, I would ask you just one question, if you see this car and you don’t know it’s a BMW would you think it’s a unique design attractive design? honestly?

  4. Giom says:


    To answere your question: It looks like nothing else but a BMW. With or without badges. And that’s what makes it attractive – to see it’s a bimmer without seeing the badges.

    The problem imo is that the orients have started to copy european design – this has been going on for a long time now. Now all of a sudden, a european car is starting to look asian?

    BMW has the strongest design language of all the brands – if you’re saying it looks Jap, then I can only assume you’ve got no idea what you’re talking about.

  5. Auday says:


    Thanks for the reply!
    I am a religious BMW lover but not a fanatic. When I see something wrong I say it’s wrong, I can’t just keep praising BMW while they are making sh*** (I have 2 BMW and no other car, and I’m looking for the 3rd).

    The Asian (the word you used is inappropriate IMO) companies are copying BMW and Mercedes all the time, Lexus specifically is following the trends of the German style cars, even other European companies do so. What’s cool though is that BMW always comes up with a new innovative design and redefines the fashion in car design. Now if you are a BMW fan and see BMW not only copying Lexus style but also copying the exact lines in almost all sides of the car (except the ugly face), you would be disappointed.
    Most fans were expecting a new style based on the innovative CS concept that would redefine the design language for the next decade, instead they got this ugly creature.

    Look at the links below and tell me they dont have lots in common, I’m sorry but if you don’t see it, you are in denial.
    You might say they were developed separately which is true, but it used to be that when a new BMW comes out it takes other companies years to understand the design language and start copying it, now a new BMW is out and the design is already outdated.


    Back Lexus:

    Back F01

    Side Lexus:

    Side F01

  6. Giom says:


    Guess I’m in denial then…lol!

    Can I point one thing out (there are so many to point out). Just look at the short front overhang on the BM, then look at the Lexus. Now c’mon. That my friend is a BMW trade mark. Where did they copy the long nose on the Lexus.

    Go through every piece of detail, and you’ll see the strong BMW dna.

    I can honoustly say that I dont see what you call “BMW not only copying Lexus style but also copying the exact lines in almost all sides of the car.”

    The Lex is bulky, the 7 is sporty! Thats it! PLEASE look again!

    One more thing. Hold judgment till you see the car in the metal.


  7. Mark says:

    Stunning except for those Lexus tailpipes….maybe some after market tuner can fix that!!!!

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