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I have been meaning for a while to put together an article on what BMW is preparing for us next year. A while ago, more …

I have been meaning for a while to put together an article on what BMW is preparing for us next year. A while ago, more exactly in January this year, we published another roadmap for '08 and '09, but I think it's time to revise it a little bit, even though the previous roadmap proved to be quite accurate.

BMW 7 Series

It will be launched in the first quarter of 2009. The new 7 will be launched in its both version, F01 and F02 and one of the few options missing from the beginning will be the AWD.

BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series sedan and wagon facelift will be released this fall as a MY09 model. As mentioned before, it will indeed get the new redesigned iDrive along with a few small but necessary exterior changes. The BMW 335d will be launched in the same time, as being the first 3 series diesel to be launched in the States. No news on the coupe or convertible models, but we do expect some slight changes next year. Stay tunned for that.


The highly awaited and expected new BMW Z4 design will be launched in 2009 as well. We have just learned yesterday that the Z4 will stop its U.S production soon and as expected, the manufacturing process will move to Regensburg, Germany. Expect the Z4 to come in a single version(yes folks, no coupe or M models) and with a single choice when it comes to the roof: hardtop. Back in April, BMW was planning on having a soft top version as well and many bimmer fans were excited about the news, but unfortunately, the soft top version never made into production and most likely it was used as a testing mule against the hardtop model. 


It will be unveiled at the Paris Auto Show in October, but the secrecy around this new interesting model is fairly high, no clear spy shots and no other official information. 


The X5 diesel will make its debut along with the 335d and they will share the same engine. Expect some models to arrive in dealerships before October. The expected petrol engine refresh is in works as well. The BMW X5 3.0 liter twin-turbo will be featured in the 2009 models, but we just don't know YET if they will be launched later this year or sometimes in the second half of '09. We're working on that as well.

That's it for now, these dates are pretty much set in stone and accurate. Of course, there will most likely be some 2010 models released later next year, but we can't offer any exact dates nor information at this point(BMW 5 Series, PAS..etc..)

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  1. Guster says:

    No M model on the Z4… thats not good coming from the “ultimate” driving machine company…

  2. BMW sales says:

    I have driven the pre-production diesel 335d and X5 xDrive35d as of spring 2008 in a BMW testing facility in California. These engines have as much torque as they need to scoot along with the rest of the line-up. The X5 will be perfect for anyone who plans on towing a trailer/boat/Jet Skis. And the 335d, although still tight inside for 5 passengers, gets up and moves just like the petrol version already in mass production. I look forward to these cars as a great competition against the Benz crowd.

  3. Horatiu B. says:

    @BMW sales: Thanks for the feedback. We heard similar stories about the 335d and I think shortly we will have a chance to drive it. Tell me, would you choose the diesel before the petrol 335i? Also, what was the tested X5d MPG?

  4. BMW sales says:

    @Horatiu B.:
    Loaded questions, so I will try to break this down:

    Up the corporate ladder, BMW reps state that the diesel production demonstration cars should be in our dealerships (in the Western US) in the month of October 2008. Upon driving the 335d, I would consider paying the supposed several thousand dollar premium to benefit from the estimated 37+ highway MPG due to my driving needs. However, my local management has been performing a market study regarding the up-front costs vs. long-term savings of alternate brand hybrids and such. In simple terms, where do you “break even” when you purchase a hybrid vehicle? Based on EPA MPG rating and 15,000 miles per year, it takes a client 98.7 years of driving to re-coop the up-front $11,000 premium for the hybrid version of a full sized Lexus sedan, model in study being the LS600hL. Please, Lexus lovers, keep in mind this is just an internal market study and I am not trying to spread unfair slander. Due to this internally calculated study, it may not be equitable for me personally to purchase diesel vs. petrol 335.

    Furthermore, due to its exhaust channel additive, the diesel does produce cleaner emissions and therefore stands to gain respect from the Green crowd due to this lovely concern we all have to cope with labeled “Greenhouse Gas Emissions”. BMW has warned us to notify our clients of one important aspect to diesel ownership: if you choose to ignore the 1500 mile, 1000 mile, and then 500 mile warning that you are running low on “Bluetec” or substitute exhaust additive, your diesel BMW engine will temporarily cease to function. This will anger those clients who fail to acknowledge the LEGAL importance of this additive when their 335d is stuck in their garage at home. It will be towed to the nearest BMW Center for a top off of this interesting fluid. One suggestion, when anyone gets the opportunity, smell the exhaust of the 335d or xDrive35d. The aroma (odd word choice, sorry) is ammonia-like, rather than typical diesel exhaust.

    The EPA rated MPG for an X5 xDrive35d, to my knowledge, has not yet been released for the US market. The pre-production versions we were driving in California were Euro spec. and therefore produced slightly different MPG than our US bound technology will do. I calculated, only track driving with no highway driving to average out, roughly 20 to 24 MPG, if I’m not mistaken.

    I hope this info has been of good use.
    Please respond with further questions or concerns.

  5. jose says:


    yo compre aqui el bmw dvd road map europe high 2008-2

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