[Video]The Stig runs the GT-R around Top Gear’s track

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Why is this on BMWblog you ask? Well I wanted to know as BMW enthusiasts how do you guys feel about the Nissan GT-R which …

Why is this on BMWblog you ask? Well I wanted to know as BMW enthusiasts how do you guys feel about the Nissan GT-R which is being compared to the BMW M3. The car as you know is extremely fast and has a 0-60 of 3.2 and in the latest Top Gear episode lapped the track right behind the Ferrari Enzo. I want to know how to BMW enthusiasts feel about a car that is priced the same as an M3 but competes with the likes of a Ferrari Enzo and Porsche Carrera GT. I for one Love BMW obviously so don't get me wrong but I think the M division has to step it up a notch. Please keep it nice :)


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  • Jon Harper

    unbelievable….nissan has found the secret to go fast magic and they put it in the new GT-R. I’d still rather have a new M3 tho….there are no tail out drift and burn antic in the new GT-R.

  • http://shantu@gmail.com Shantu Roy

    Wow!! That is amazing! I love BMW and the M division in specific. I currently have an E39 M5 and have owned other M cars in the past. I personally feel that BMW has been sitting in its lofty position for a little too long and is getting comfortable there. I for one am very glad to see the amazing cars being put out by Audi, MB and companies like Nissan. Hopefully that will cause BMW to sit up and pay attention and really start to push the edge like they did with model of yesteryears.

  • Mark

    I have to admit that the GT-R is a pretty cool looking beast!!!!


  • Toy Yoda

    And just think, Shantu Roy, this isn’t even the ‘M’ version of this car.

  • Giom

    Pardon my ignorance, but how would the M3 CSL have performed against the GT-R?

    And on price? Is the current M3 more expensive then the Nissan?


  • http://www.carversation.com carversation

    Shantu-You couldn’t be more right. BMW is was too comfortable for years being the top dog. And those other companies for years were cooking something secretly and let it out. BMW I know is pissed for sure and will no doubt be going back to the drawing boards to beef up their cars. I’d like to see some pictures of your m5. And yes I’m very impressed with Audi lately and can’t wait to see the new B8 Audi A4 which honestly I thought I’d never say this but the new A4 coming out looks better than a 3 series but lacks in performance to the 335. But keep in mind the A4 has only been around since I think 1994 while the 3 series has been around since the 70’s, so it’s great to see companies competing and making them better. In 15yrs all stock regular cars will be 1000 hp lol

  • Mathis

    Hi, honestly I could care less about GT-R and I do. A BMW is a BMW and I don’t think the M GmbH needs to change their Philosophy a lot, maybe makes the future cars lighter, but that’s all. In Europe the GT-R will not steal many M3 sales, if at all in the UK. Nothink against the GT-R, but here people will look at a M3, C63 AMG the S4 & RS4, TTS, the 911 before they will look at a Corvette Z6 or a Nissan GT-R. Its not just about numbers (price and seconds to 60) but as well about the design and brand.

  • Hantra

    I owned a $30k 1997 Maxima SE loaded to the gills. Loved the car. The reason I went to a premium brand (BMW) is because I absolutely HATED the service from the Nissan dealers. You pull in with (at the time) an outrageously expensive car that is their flagship, and you get treated the same as the guy who spent $9k on a Sentra. That pisses me off.

    Think about pulling in with a GT-R, and getting the same treatment.

    BTW, my BMW dealer’s service has gone to hell now, so I guess I’ll have to build my own car to get the service I want. ;-)

  • http://www.carversation.com CARversation.com

    Mathis-Very true its about the brand but to the die hard racer who only cares about numbers and performance and not what others think which i feel would place all japanese car owners in this category, then this is the car. What i’m saying is they are building their brand up.

    Hantra-I don’t know, I got and still get the worst service at my BMW unless I were to pull up in a 760li then I bet I’d get good service.

  • Mathis

    carversation-sure nissan is building up their brand and that is good!

    Service, is a completely different topic. Finding a good service, is like finding a good dentist, you stay with that service guy/department because they are so hard to find. The problem is not the car make but rather that we deal with people. I have a great service department at my dealership here in Prague, but have friends in Germany that are extremely frustrated.