BMW Named UK’s Cleanest Automotive Company

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It was released earlier today that BMW is the United Kingdom's cleanest Premium Auto Maker. Premium is a key word here. But still, it wasn't …

It was released earlier today that BMW is the United Kingdom's cleanest Premium Auto Maker. Premium is a key word here. But still, it wasn't Lexus, it wasn't Mercedes-Benz, it wasn't, okay, okay, you get the point… 

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The study was done by an independent green company called Clean Green Cars. The study was done for all over the industry and labeled the BMW brand of cars the cleanest and the greenest of all premium cars sold on the U.K. BMW was found to have, from January until June of 2008, to have only produced an average of 161.64g/km. Lexus, owned by Hybrid toting Toyota, recorded 194.85g/km. Ouch! Supposedly the greenest automaker in the world is suddenly producing the least. Audi and Mercedes-Benz even did better with 177.36g/km and 192.85g/km. Jaguar went over the 200g/km mark and Porsche did an average of 275.64g/km. In all fairness, Porsche has the smallest line-up of cars and only makes sports cars.

Clean Green Cars also showed that BMW has decreased its average level of emissions by 11.34%. Lexus has only helped theirs by 2.16%. Audi improved by 5.78%, Mercedes went down by 4.13%, Jag went down only 2.04% and Porsche increased their emissions by 0.63%.

BMW of course has been showcasing their new EfficientDynamics vehicle line for some time now, and it's obviously payed off for them. They have been working hard to meet the EU emission restrictions and have done so ahead of schedule. They are already working hard to meet the newest EU6 legislation tagged to go into effect in 2014.  

Now, if you live in the England, you can rejoice and feel free to let out a nice sigh of relief since you passed over that Toyota Prius for something, say, I don't know, a little bit more worth your time? Hopefully now you won't have the British greenies all over you about your poor judgment in saving the Earth. 

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6 responses to “BMW Named UK’s Cleanest Automotive Company”

  1. adam smith says:

    not only is bmw the cleanest its also the ugliest…

  2. adam smith says:

    do yourself a favour buy an alfa instead…

  3. RawAutos says:

    Adam, beauty is in the eye of the beholder… Why would I buy an Alfa? I can’t get one here in the United States. If I could have an Alfa Romeo, I certainly would, but I’d still have a BMW for those days that the Alfa wasn’t working right.

  4. Benny says:

    Hehe, Alfa is a “good” alternative. If they are working than they are way to heavy, too much weight on the front-axle, horrible handling, unbelievable bad fuel consumption, bad interieur quality. BUT they look good. If you buy a car for looking at it and not for driving it – get the Alfa :-)

  5. RawAutos says:

    Cliff notes to Benny’s comment: Alfa: Heavy, fuel craving piece of crap that looks BEAUTIFUL! Hahaha. The new 8C is pretty impressive. It handles well, from what I’ve read, but it’s still not that supercar that it could be…

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