Interview with BMW Chief of Development Klaus Draeger

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The German magazine Auto Motor und Sport had an interview with BMW's Chief of Development, Herr Klaus Draeger. Here are some key points taken out …

The German magazine Auto Motor und Sport had an interview with BMW's Chief of Development, Herr Klaus Draeger. Here are some key points taken out of the interview:

  • There will definitely be a hybrid version of the F01/F02 7 series- There won't be an electronic engine for the 7 series. According to Draegerelectronic cars are only useful for short distances like those driven within cities.He talks about a maximum of 150 kilometers per day.
  • BMW is very happy with the sales-numbers of it's X-Cars.
  • BMW won't build a supercar or a rival for the Audi R8. BMW concentrates on the strategy of reducing emissions and fuel consumptions and is not planning to waste any money on supercars.
  • There will be no M3 CSL
  • The BMW PAS will be something similar to the Mercedes CLS, but it won't be marketed as a four-door-coupé.
  • The CS Concept was "close to reality", so maybe it will be built, he does not really confirm it.
  • The next Rolls Royce model is ready to be launched (the small one I guess, but no information about it in the article)

Interesting news regarding the M3 CSL, especially since for the past few days, many reports came in that BMW is indeed going to launch the M3 CSL sometimes in 2010, and just a few months back, the car was spotted on the 'Ring. Take what you want from this :)

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  1. Hantra says:

    I’m glad about the CSL.

    Having a CSL every time they have an M3 sort of dilutes it. I think they need to keep it special.

  2. George says:

    I think that there should be a CSL version because it is almost like a tradition. A “hard core” version of the M3 would have a better appeal on the purists who would want a better steerring feel, more horsepower,stffer suspension setup etc. But I don’t agree with stripping the air-condition and radio from the car and selling it for an outrageous price!
    Finally, if what the Chief of Development, said is true about BMW not building a supercar or a rival for the Audi R8 because they are concentrating on reducing emissions and fuel consumptions and not wasting any money on supercars. Then this is the biggets contradiction I have ever heard from a top level manger! Perhaps then he could answer:
    -Why is BMW investing an ENORMOUS amount in F1 and the KERS unit?(hybrid technology in F1)
    -Does the 4.2 lt engine AUDI uses for its RS4 and R8 consume any less than the engine found in the M5 and M6?
    -How does he expect BMW to fully capitalize on their investment in motor-sport racing , if a”sport pedigree “company does not have to offer at least ONE supercar that would be the epitome of their tecnology and their racing car flagship?
    The truth is that BMW does not have the confidence yet to build a supercar, that’s why they still keep the M1 name in the museum. I think that this is a turning point in the company’s history and they need to go to the next level because they have the know-how and built brilliant engines.
    Don’t bother taking Herr Klaus Draeger to Vegas, because no matter what cards he has in his hands he will still fold!

  3. Benny says:

    Well, if you see that a standard M3 laps the Nordschleife in the same time as the R8… What kind of competition would it be to build a supercar for BMW that could destroy the R8? Even the new V10-R8 (R10 or however they will call it) will not be that much faster than the current Lamborghini Gallardo and so it won’t be much quicker than the E46 M3 CSL.
    What Audi has done is building a car with supercar-looks, but it hasn’t got supercar-performance! Hey, the R8 is 4 seconds quicker on the Ring than the RS4, with the same engine. This is almost within tolerance on an 8-minute-lap…

  4. George says:

    What is your definition of a supercar?

  5. Benny says:

    To put it short: A supercar has to be superfast. Not only on the straights. So – for me – a current supercar, build in 2008, has to be in the league of a Lamborghini Murcielago or at least Gallardo, Ferrari F430, Porsche 911 Turbo or even faster. Something like an M3, RS4 or C63 AMG is not a supercar for me. Yes, these are fast cars, but for me a “supercar” is more special, not on the basis of a “normal” car, somehow exotic and very, very fast.
    Well, very individual point of view, I know ;-)

  6. George says:

    I don’t realy think that we disagree… So in other words a super car has to have:

    -super fast performance
    -exotic car looks
    -superb car handling

    Don’t you think it is time that BMW built one? I think that the R8 was a very good move from Audi because it might not have “super fast performance” but I it scores pretty good in the rest of the factors. I think that part of the R8 success is that it makes you feel like a super driver even though someone might not be. Would I buy one? No, in fact hell no! I would always prefer a Porsche from an Audi. But did the R8 score points for Audi?You bet it did…

  7. Benny says:

    You are right. I just think that BMW would never build a supercar with such “bad” performance numbers like Audi did with the R8. Audi has not got that sporty image, so they could not destroy something. If BMW would bring a supercar with R8-performance everybody would be disappointed.
    Well, I am a fan of superfast cars, so if you ask me: YES, BUILD ONE, TODAY! But I don’t think it is necessary at the moment for BMW. And since they are trying to save money whereever they can at the moment I don’t think they invest money on such bonus-things like a supercar, they will concentrate on the basics. Because if the next 5-series sells like hell it will definitely bring them more money than any supercar could. I guess thats the way they are thinking.

  8. Horatiu B. says:

    BMW will build a Z9 or Z10 but it might not be the supercar you’re all waiting for. There is also one more model that will be released that will be in direct competition with the Bentley Coupe, a high end and expensive car.

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