iPhone 2.0 and BMW iDrive address book not syncing

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The guys at have some bad news for those of you that upgraded your iPhone to version 2.0 or recently purchased a new iPhone …

iPhone 2.0 and BMW iDrive address book not syncing

The guys at have some bad news for those of you that upgraded your iPhone to version 2.0 or recently purchased a new iPhone 3G. As we reported earlier also, the new iPhone seems to have some issues with the BMW's navigation system or the factory kit. 

The 2.0 update will stop your BMW iDrive from seeing your iPhone’s contacts list. Basically, all the iPhones running the 1.0 to 1.1.4 software version should connect perfectly to BMW's integrated bluetooth and the contacts should appear on your iDrive screen or on your radio display, for those of you that did not order the BMW Nav System.

Scoopz has checked the compatibility between the first generation iPhone running the 2.0 software and his 2006 BMW M5, which accordingly to previous reports, it works flawlessly with the iPhone.

I will let them take over from here and explain to you more about this issue and the steps they have taken trying to sync up the two systems.

Full Article with photos

Thanks for the tips and the great photo.

P.S If any of you experience the same issue or found any solution to this problem, please let us know and we will pass on the info further to BMW.

  • Mark

    Oh well, as someone who has never given a fart about the iPhone, all I can say is c’est la vie!!!! Or, as we are talking about German cars, das tut mir leid!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


  • Enzo

    Unfortunately, the list of 2.0 problems continue to grow.

    By the way, if you don’t give a “fart” about the iPhone, don’t respond to an article about it with asinine comments because nobody cares what you have to say. I hope whatever you do give a “fart” about breaks tomorrow.

  • Mark


    Do NOT tell me what I can or cannot post here……

  • 3SeriesGuy

    I have a first generation iPhone with the 2.0 software update, address book works fine in my iDrive 328xiT.

  • Horatiu B.

    Ok guys, let’s keep this discussion constructive. Each one of us has different preferences but we can discuss them peacefully :)

  • Tom Anderson

    I have been able to sync an original iPhone with 2.0 and a iPhone 3G to my 2007 760 with no problems.

    • Horatiu B.

      @Tom Anderson: It seems like he might have had a defective cable. I did hear the same story from another person, but in the same time, majority of people were successful in pairing them, so we will post an update to the article. Also, remember this is a UK car.

  • Horatiu B.

    @3SeriesGuy: Is it an US spec car?

  • Scoopz

    @Horatiu B.
    Just an update – it’s not related to a defective cable since were talking about wireless bluetooth connectivity. This is regardless of whether it’s in the iPhone cradle or not (which is only there for charging purposes).

    Of all the comments I’ve received so far, and the comments on 3 or 4 of the Apple support page threads this issue is affecting BMW, Mercededs, Jeep, Chrysler, Landrover and many more.

    It does seem that those with very recent build cars (late 2007/2008) do not have a problem after updating to iPhone 2.0 or getting the iPhone 3G.

    Here’s an extract of the ones from my blog that I’ve just scanned through:

    Not Working:
    2006 330D
    200? Freelander 2
    200? 535d
    2007 335 (Canada)
    2007 325
    2005 535d
    2005 525d
    2006 520
    2007 X5
    2008 X5
    2005 5series
    2006 Merc SL350
    2007 X5
    2007 530xi
    200? 530

    2008 335
    2008 335 cabrio
    2008 135
    2008 M3
    2008 X5
    2008 M3

  • Mark McRobie

    Address book syncing doesn’t work in my 2005 BMW 530 using a 1st gen iPhone with 2.0 firmware

  • Enzo

    iPhone 3G syncs the address book in my brothers 2006 330i.


    2006 328i with Sat Nav and no addresses synch

  • girlsavvy

    First Generation iPhone 2.0
    2007 BMW 328i no sync

  • Cazisk

    My 3G iPhone is working fine with my e92 335i (late 07). The address book comes out fine..

  • scoopz

    Apple have just (20 mins ago) released iPhone 2.01 update. It’s a chunky 240MB download, I’m just waiting for my backup to complete before updating then I’ll go and check if any of the bugs introduced by 2.0 are fixed.

  • Enkur

    2007 328i Coupe 1G iPhone 2.0 … no contact list but hands free bluetooth works.

  • scoopz

    I appear to have found a fix for those who still aren’t getting the iPhone contact list to appear on the iDrive. If you add 2000 fake contacts to the iPhone it seems to extend a timeout and allows all the contacts to suddenly appear on the iDrive. Don’t worry about having 2000 contacts to scroll through on the iDrive that you don’t want, they’re all z-contacts….z0001, z0002, etc so appear at the end of the iPhone list, but all 2000 have the same phone number so they only appear on the iDrive as one entry.

    I have created a walk through for both Apple and Windows users on how to add 2000 fake contacts easily, there’s even a vCard file for Apple users to download that does it all in one step, and a CSV file for Outlook users with step by step screen shot instructions.

    So far I’d say around 25/27 people have reported back that this method works, the 2 that are having problems don’t have iDrive just standard Prof Radio.

    More details and all the instructions on my blog post:

    If it works for you please leave a comment here or on my blog so others can see the success rate.


  • sudhir

    I upgraded to firmware version 2.1 on my iPhone (2G) and all my contacts are back on my 2007 523i.

  • TOm

    My 2009 750il reads the phone book just fine, and does it quickly

    HOWEVER, it doesnt get them all. I get entries from A-Z but for some reason, there are many missing, seemingly random, from throughout the phone book in the iphone that dont end up in the car…

  • BrettH

    We had this issue. Took the car to BMW, had the car firmware updated and no problems since

  • AlexanderKent

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  • Peter Fines

    I have a 318d SE Business edition with the inbuilt NAV etc. When I first got it (Nov 2009) the iphone paired perfectly no problems. Just recently I can make and receive calls but cannot be heard by anyone I call or who calls me. This is really frustrating as it all worked fine. I did upgrade to OS4 but I’m not sure if that caused the problems or not. Anyone out there with any advice?

  • Steve Varley

    Just in case anyone out there finds this useful…….

    I have finally after 2-3 days of experimentation found the reason for my wife’s iPhone4 not syncing address book (and being unstable on bluetooth).
    To cut a long story short the cause was open and/or closed round brackets in the Firstname or Lastname components of the contact.
    I removed all entries of these in her address book (3 out of 127) and immediately as I was sat in the car it synced the contacts and was stable from then on.
    I really believe the ‘illegal brackets’ is the cause of this problem.
    Give it a try and please post your results.
    Note that prior to doing this I had done numerous factory resets, copy data to other iPhone3 devices etc etc, but it seems like only iPhone4 and the brackets caused the problem.

  • Joewill

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