If possible, what car would you import from Europe?

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Yesterday I spent a few hours looking at some European car related websites and mainly paying attention to the European automaker. In my life I …

Yesterday I spent a few hours looking at some European car related websites and mainly paying attention to the European automaker. In my life I had the opportunity to drive a few cars available only in Europe. One of the first ones I drove was the Open Rekord Sport edition, it belonged to an Opel engineer that modded the hack of that car. Fast, sporty and quite good looking for that time.

Then I moved onto to another Opel model, the quite popular Vectra, which was one of their top cars back then. Once again, fast, better handling and reasonable priced. After this, I went a few steps down and drove for a bit a Fiat Punto. I know, I know, a little tiny car, but fun to drive in busy cities. And without getting in more details, I will just enumerate the other European cars I managed to drive: Renault Laguna, Renault Megane, Daewoo, Ford Escort, Audi A4, Peugeot 206 and 306, VW Golf 4 diesel. There are probably a few more, but I simply can't remember all of them. But one of them remained in my heart: Alfa Romeo 156. 

If you recall, last week we announced that BMW will be supporting the U.S launch of Alfa Romeo's models in 2010. In the mean time, I will share with you the two cars that I would absolutely love to import here if possible.

Opel Insignia

Here is a nice review on it from our friends at Autoblog

opel insignia.thumbnailopel insignia photo.thumbnailopel-insignia

Alfa Romeo 159

Autoblog review

Alfa Romeo 159Alfa Romeo 159Alfa Romeo 159

Remember, I'm trying to stay within reasonable limits and "ignore" the exotic expensive European cars.

So, I shared my ideal European car with you, now, let's hear about your favorite one. Feel free to leave a comment with links to photos and I will update the article with your name and your preference.

14 responses to “If possible, what car would you import from Europe?”

  1. [; says:

    I cant understand You man. I come from Europe and people dream here about cars from US because of prices. Yeah I know that you havent many nice cars ;p , but it is not that important. For example one BMW 3 costs in US 30 000 $, in Poland the same model costs about 50-60 000 $. ‘Yours’ Fiat Punto costs the same like Ford Mustang GT……. There’s no magical cars when You see this differences…

  2. Wyspa says:

    First: BMW 535D Sport Wagon – you wrote some time ago that maybe it will be available in USA (late 2008), also 530d would do.
    Second: Not big fan of French cars but citroen-c5-tourer is very German, as the commercial indicates :)

  3. Mark says:

    Uhhhh….why would I want anything other than my beloved BMW’s??? Maybe some flavor of BMW we do not get here?? Other than that, give me a drop dead, stunning, seeexxxxy, Bugatti Veyron!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


  4. Gragop says:

    E46 M3 CSL – no question about it.

  5. Benny says:

    Well, the Alfa 159 looks stunning if not perfect, BUT is is way too heavy and needs way too much fuel to be a useful car. So in the end I like BMW the most ;-)
    They just have the best relation between handling, performance, fuel-efficiency and design ;-)

  6. Horatiu B. says:

    You guys are no fun :) I thought we’re all gonna ignore BMW for a second lol

  7. Benny says:

    No one who thinks of a BMW would think of a Opel for a single second ;-)

  8. [; says:

    hehehe yeah, you havent diesels engines xD USA – fantastic xD
    opel GT is a fine car, alfa romeo brera, fiat 500, MINI ONE, MazdaRX8, 6.0liters BMWs diesel, V12 diesel from audi but U will never get them ;p

  9. Horatiu B. says:

    @[;: We will get some Alfa Romeo models in 2010, and I for one, am truly excited.

  10. Horatiu B. says:

    @Benny: :) True Benny, but it costs less and it might be a viable option for a lot of people.

  11. Horatiu B. says:

    @Wyspa: The 535d will probably be available next year, I think the only diesels launched in ’08 will be the 335d and X5d. By next year, based on the diesel sales, more models will follow.

  12. Mathis says:

    I was just on vacation in the US and had for a week a Dodge Avenger, the design was not even that bad, but nothink like my E90 330d at home.

    We are planning to move to the States in 2009, unfortunately most likely taking the E90 with me will be to complicated (Navigation, lights, emissions, etc…). But if someone has knowledge about importing European BMW models to the US outside of the European Delivery program I would be grateful. BMW has no reason to help as they would benefit more if I would buy another BMW in the US than transport mine there. You can reach me at: mathishaas@yahoo.de

    Another car company I really like in Europe is Skoda from the Czech Republic, there especially the Octavia RS II, the Octavia Scout and the Roomster, great cars at a very affordable price. They export them to Australia http://www.skoda.com.au/ why not to the US???

  13. sukram says:

    Fiat 500. The 2008 version – oh man, so fun to drive, cheap, great for cities and awesome retro look.

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