Tell me that you still hate the new 7 Series

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Take a look at these photos and please tell me afterward if you still think the new BMW 7 Series "sucks", it's "butt ugly", "looks …

Take a look at these photos and please tell me afterward if you still think the new BMW 7 Series "sucks", it's "butt ugly", "looks worse than a Lexus", etc…etc..I have heard all the terms in the past few days. 

I have to admit though, the moment I saw the first photos, I was far from impressed. I knew that technologically the car is a state of art, but the exterior just didn't make me scream WOW…this time. But, when new photos started to come out, I started to fall for the new 7, I felt that BMW went into the right direction, combining old with new, while still keeping the BMW spirit alive.

Then today, after I saw ANOTHER photos of the 7, I totally fell in love. The car is amazing, period. And in black exterior, it just screams SEXY.

I can bet any of you right now that the car will be a hit and the sales will be amazing, even at that high base price. 

If you disagree, please leave a comment here, everyone is entitled to their opinion and I would love to hear your arguments as well.

Click on the photos for a bigger size.

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BMW 7 Series

24 responses to “Tell me that you still hate the new 7 Series”

  1. Bangled says:

    I acutally liked what I saw of the first 7er photos. The only reservation I had pertained to the twin kidneys. They looked a little too upright, pug-ish even. I attributed the flaw to the new safety design guidelines and figured BMW had done their best to mitigate the government mandated uglification. The new shots, however, show the kidneys to be placed similarly to those on the 6er. It is much more fluid than the first released photos had let on. Ever since the dawn of the Bangle era, BMWs have looked much better in person than in pictures. I suspect the same will hold true for the new 7.

  2. Speedoholic says:

    I downloaded these wallpapers when they first came out this morning. And I was really impressed. I can’t wait to see it in person! It’s awesome!

  3. Enzo says:

    I too was unimpressed when I saw the first released photos. The 7 does look better in these, however, I’m still not overly excited. I agree with Bangled, BMW’s (any many others) look so much better in person. There are a lot of design details that just don’t show up in photos.

  4. gumshoecamus says:

    have to agree! the first pic I saw — the rather staid one of the front 3/4 of the beige limo on a background that reminded me of those old rover 800 photoshoots (remember them?) — left me a bit cold but after seeing the side profiles of the dark-coloured, normal wheelbase-version, I am in love. it just looks amazing, like a tiger shark. look at the way the bonnet (aka hood) actually falls towards the windscreen, the small glasshouse, the jutting nose with a shark-like underbite (the bottom half of the front bumper). amazing and more like a sports car than a posh barge. bmw seem to have decided to leave cossetting to mercedes and focus on the driver. I usually frown on big cars, but would sell my head for this 7 !

  5. Jeff Fields says:

    I saw the new 7 series about a year ago at a special conference in which BMW placed their design in with competitor offerings to select customers. I did fall in love with that design as it was more reminiscent of the 3 series coupe, only full-sized. The front end was sharp and the styling was sexy. I got to sit in, walk around and admire it well. Now this. I am very unhappy with the changes that they made to it. The front looks ackward and just not something I’d expect from BMW. I was seriously considering this car and I know that it has all the gadgets, and technology to fullfill me, but the styling is repulsive IMO. I will either have to step down to a 5 series that I do like, or will jump brands to the other Bavarian automaker in Ingolstadt which still makes a sophisticated and tasteful German full size sedan.

  6. Joe says:

    I am just falling in love by the minute. I loved it in the BMW video and I am totally head over heals. Wow what a car. Its so f’ing sexy. Unreal. I am really considering just giving up my M5 dreams and going to a 7 series. I can’t speed anywhere here anyways. Wow!

  7. Mike says:

    @Jeff Fields: You’re right, the initial renderings showed a much better looking car, but…I have a feeling I will end up loving this design. I’ve been through this already with the 3 Series and now I am in love with the coupe.

  8. Jeff Fields says:

    Mike, I guess my dissapointment comes from seeing the pre-released version of the 7 series that was very sleek and sporty. That image is still in my mind and I was extremely impressed. Somehow the nose on this version with the very large kidney grill looks very wrong. In this video, you can see what I mean: (Look at the snout at the 1:38 mark)

  9. saeed m6 says:

    Hi, I’m a new comer here and i’m crazy about BMW. I have to say that your website is the best and i very like it.

    I’ll check your blog everyday. take care buddy…

  10. Toy Yoda says:

    Sorry man. I don’t like it. True, it is still a photo, and maybe it does look better in real life, but I don’t know. And I’m going to be horrified with what they plan to do with the 6 series.

  11. valhalla says:

    Well I will say it is not horribly ugly… but it is not pretty either… it is just odd unfortunately.

  12. RiVo says:

    I like it!!! I’m convinced that IRL it’s look even better. Photo’s don’t tell everything.

  13. jst says:

    I’m still with the previous 7, i did not get the latest model because of 2 reasons:
    the seat controls are on the side, and according to BMW i’m fat (100kg 1m86), when driving with a coat on the seat starts moving because of the unlogical placing of the controls.
    second reason: the diferential has no lock, meaning that when parked on snow or ice i get stuck, even parked in a small bit of mud it gets stuck. The brake eating asc thing does not work as good as my good old fashion auto blocking diferential on my 540i. In the past, on all bmw models (i had 5 x bmw 5) had this special diferential as an option. Why did they stop?
    so if i can drive the new model without moving the seat and without getting stuck the first one at the dealer wil be mine. I don’t care about the looks, as long as its black & bmw

  14. Rich says:

    Hm, I must say these pics look a lot better than the previous ones. The second picture almost looks like a Maserati.

  15. Mark says:

    I too am one of those who disliked the new 7 Series when I first saw it…however, the more images I see, the more I LOVE the new design….


  16. looks at oneself especially aggressively

  17. X3 SoB says:

    This model is successfully deBangled, and has more than a few cues from the CS, a good thing. I think it’s beautiful too, with intricate detailing and flowing lines.

  18. Clara says:

    They took away a lot of the character that the 7-series had (has), and borrowed from the 3-series. I think that the flagship needs to have it’s own confident, refined design and the lower models should derive from *it*.

    The CS was a much purer design, this car isn’t sure what it is. Is it a big hyundai?

  19. Mike says:

    @Clara: Clara, I loved the way you detailed the 7. Good job

  20. Auday says:

    I’m not a big fan of Bangle’s designs, but I have to admit that they are special and striking, you might not love them (and I don’t) but you would always look at them as something special with their own character. Plus they are growing up on people including me slowly, which means they dont age quickly.

    The new design has nothing striking and different other than the front grill (and it’s ugly) the rest is a typical Lexus (actually 90% copy of the LS460, shame BMW , shame!!) or as Clara said a big Hyundai.

    I’m emotinally attacking this new 7series because I’m a BMW fan since I was 6 years old , the lovely days of the E23 and E24, and I loved those cars and was always proud of the new BMWs until the Bangle era opened with the E65, and now with this (F)01 it looks like BMW is getting F…ed and that’s No.1 of it. I’m sad…

  21. observer says:

    the current lexus takes a lot of cues from the current bmw, which was out first. So saying that the new 7 looks like a lexus is really saying that the bmw looks like its older self…not to mention the previous lexus looked like the older mercedes…if anything, bangle should be applauded for the groundbreaking design, including the “bangle butt” which has since been copied by other makers also

  22. Josh says:

    I am really in 2 minds about the new BMW 7 series. My dad currently dirves the 2005 750LI. Its a great car and converted me from a mercedes-benz man to a BMW man. I was really looking forward to the arrival of the New(was) Mercedes-benz S-class as my dad had one on order but to our disapointment it was a real let down! my mum calls it a glorified Toyota. yes it is wat you would expect in the inside but the outside is shocking! Due to the look of the S-class we went and baught a BMW 7 series. regardless of all the bashing it gets it really is an AMAZING car. the front of it is so agressive and sexy while the whole shape of the car gives it presence on the road, something alot of cars lack; looking at thies photos at first i was very disapointed! they have made it boring! something it wasnt before. I will try to reserve judgement until i see the car but i really want(ed) a new 7. My expectation was set very high after seeing the CS concept and the New BMW X6. I am also sad to see the famouse “bangle but” go. Please may this car look great in person; please.

  23. Horatiu B. says:

    @Josh: I think you will be very pleased with the new 7, it will blow away the older 7.

  24. A R Ansari says:

    I Really hate the ront grill of the new BMW 7 Series I Love the old ones I mean BMW E65 AND BMW E66 7 Series.I know that the old BMW i Drive is lagged and is lacking some functions BMW I will go for the old ones

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