Renderings: 2012 BMW M6

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Update: Front photos added The next generation BMW M6 is not due to be released until around 2012, but this doesn’t stop us speculating on …

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Update: Front photos added

The next generation BMW M6 is not due to be released until around 2012, but this doesn’t stop us speculating on how the next M6 might look like. One of our dear and talented readers, Giom, has created some 3D preview images of what the BMW M6’s design could turn out. The renderings show us a sexy and sleek design, with the rendered M6 sporting some 21″ wheels and rear headlights similar to the BMW CS Concept.

From the tiny bitty piece of information that came to to us a few months ago from BMW, we learned that the next generation M6, codenamed F12, might be sold in two different models: a regular M6 and a CSL M6. There will be also a debate on whether the next M6 should have a glass roof or the Carbon Fiber roof.

Of course, we’re still a little too early to know exactly what BMW has planned for us, so in the mean time, let’s focus on Giom’s renderings and hear your opinion on them.

Personally, I think the 3D images are great, I’m in love with the rear design, but I would love to see how the imaginary front end might look like. Oh, there is one thing I’m not sure if I dig: the bulge on the hood.

So, what do you think? Yay or Nay?


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2012 BMW M6 - next generation M6 renderings

2012 BMW M6 - next generation M6 renderings

66 responses to “Renderings: 2012 BMW M6”

  1. Benny says:

    No pics of the front available?
    Looks nice, but I think BMW will do even better :)
    This car reminds me of the 8 series, especially the second picture (rear lights, boot lid, exhausts…).

  2. kafkef says:

    I like it except for the small part of the front in the first picture. That part looks kinda f’ed up.

  3. Oswin Haludilu says:

    this would be a century of seeing good stuff, which will leave me to save have one of the BMW M6 comes 2012……………

  4. Toy Yoda says:

    I think the current 6er looks better. The front I guess I could get use to. They replaced the distinctive (and some say ugly) back with a back that’s boring and mundane.

    • KTN says:

      Indeed, the current M6 is much more awsome. This concept is totally whack. Looks like a space car–the BMW badge is not consistent. Rims are not hardcore like in most BMW M models. The only thing that I give credit for is the hard top curve. 

  5. Kelly Van Rijn says:

    Ugly. The proportions are all wrong. The lines and bulges are a jumbled mess. yuck!

  6. viper says:

    that looks like a mercedes to me….even so it looks awesome I hope it does look excatly like that

  7. viper says:

    Yes that’s looks like mercedes just for me, you fucking all

  8. joe says:

    it’s lookin like a benz, but the rear still looks clean, the front end needs some work, that pig nose has gotta go. most BMWs have a more broad front end, the flaired fenders are a nice touch

  9. nyoten says:

    عن جد سيارة بتاخد العقل

  10. ameer sultan says:

    soo nice and sport look

  11. eu says:

    not cool….
    don’t like it

  12. ayham i hamad says:

    its a nice car but i think the old front and the hood are nicer than the new one and good luck

  13. Kaleo Boy says:

    This is a nice car but the front looks a little weird.But when i graduate i would definately buy this car.

  14. alberto says:

    i think that everything is really nice but the front you all really need to work in the front why don’t you put the old front it make’s it look with atittude and personalite

  15. BMW says:

    need to shorten up the front

  16. Josh B says:

    Dont like it and i dont think current 6 series owners will dig it at all. The front looks like a squashed up version of the current one and the back looks to bland. My mum drives a 650 and she loves it! But she would never drive something that looks like the 3d rendarings seen here.

  17. Wayland says:

    To all the people saying this car is not nice, you don’t have taste in cars, this is better than the old m6

  18. dirty330 says:

    thats suppose to the b the next m6? well no thank because that is just ugly with a capital u. i would rather drive the current one. at least the look of it is easier on my eyes. that new one might give me glacoma to the eyes,back to the drawing board bmw

  19. Random says:

    Freaking awsome car, i would so buy one if i was a millionaire, for sure or even if i had the money.

  20. Topcat says:

    I’m a 5 owner for 9yrs bought the redesigned 5 for the cars’ lines and tech.. this has GREAT LINES …. very hot…



  22. preka says:


  23. jason says:

    I like the design and everything ,but i like it even more if it was a hard hood convertible looks nicer :)

  24. adrian says:

    ta muy bueno pro tendrian q sacarlo ahora jaja¡¡¡¡

  25. RamZess says:


  26. j says:

    it looks good directly from the side but thats it… from any other angle i dont like it much…particularly from the front…

  27. z4 says:

    the only weakness is the front, its not like BMW, if it was similar to the
    3-er coupe it will GREAT!
    stick to this design its just amaizng :D cant wait til 2012…

  28. z4 says:

    the only weakness is the front, its not like BMW, if it was similar to the
    3-er coupe it will be GREAT!
    stick to this design its just amaizng :D cant wait til 2012…

  29. hossein says:

    بسیار عالی بود

  30. shiptaria says:

    aaa syt pe ti qerrojka

  31. xbmw says:

    keep working! so many positive comments ;)))

  32. benjamin kirton says:

    nice car cant wait i buying it

  33. aykut yener says:

    the 7 seriess is the bestt not anymore

  34. n8n says:

    Headlights looks poor :F like in actual model… definitely not pretty.

  35. beedy says:

    m6 is nothong like benz.benz copies bmw any way.the car is nice

  36. John Warner says:

    The design group at BMW is distancing themselves from the original Bangle Design. Good for them. This is a very aggressive look that is much more appeal than the previous 6. Although, it could be toned down a bit. The rear wheel wells are perhaps a bit over the top.
    FYI, I started a blog called I would love it if you checked it out. It’s for BMW lovers to tell cool stories about and experiences with BMWs. So, tell us your own experiences with the current 6 or any other BMW for that matter.



  37. sahar says:

    It’s so good

  38. bmwboy says:

    looks beautiful but sedan will be more beautiful!!

  39. jumpmanjr11 says:

    it lookz clean but im not feelin da front end too much i like wut dey did wit da tail tho lookz sharp n da whole new shape of da m6 itself iz a real looker overall bmw did a good job on it

  40. I think back is beautiful, reminds me 850i an is very BMW but front is very bad looks like at an indian car :S But back is really piece of art

  41. jonnie says:

    looks better than the bangle designed cars

  42. sierra Garris says:

    OMG! this car is so sexy I love it!

  43. elia nailenge says:

    this new generation of bmw is phenomenal and sexy, its beuty at its best

  44. nabil says:

    when are us BMW viewers going to see any NEW renderings on a new bloody 6 series? there is hardly any new information on the up comming 6er and always this same rendering,, its starting to piss me off!
    new renderingsssssssssssssssssssss pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  45. Charlie says:

    I like the front of the car because it looks like a 6-series. The side of the car looks like a cool race car, but doesn’t resemble a bimmer at all.

    Overall, a neat design.

  46. hicham says:

    The front look nice but the back if the car look very weak comparing to BMW design

  47. downforce says:

    i love the look from the back , but in my point of view the front end just looks so ugly like a dead rat i don’t know whit what to compare.

  48. Bob77 says:

    I like everything except the front. I just cant stomach the front fascia.

  49. seb says:

    front should be adjusted. Sides & backside are AAAWESOME, I’d buy one probably

  50. Jack H says:

    Honestly, i am a BMW 6 series fan and i am truely looking for? hoping for bmw 6seris to be my next car. But i just look 2012 design but looks like 2010 design is better… hope there will be more change before bmw 6 series really come out on
    2012. GL bmw

  51. Daniel says:

    Hey, i am a huge fan of the bmw m6. In fact i found a video for the 2012 renderings. check it out.

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  54. HOSSEIN says:

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  55. valdizan says:

    what would be the difference between the M6 and the CSL M6? anyone knows?

  56. mohsen says:

    بسيار طراحي شيك و جزابي در اين مدل به كار رفتهو خيلي عالي

  57. فرشيد says:

    سلام خوبي ممنون از لطفتفون.بسيار طراحي عالي و خوبي بكار رفته است.

  58. Arch YY says:

    too much lines!! the design should be more simplified, the general shape look like a 3 series coupe E92, the proportions shoud be larger to give the 6 series impression! the rear is good, the font is so ugly, the “nose” of BMW should be much bigger even the front light too..

  59. Lauraine lee says:

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  60. Üllar says:

    My Car!

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