Cadillac CTS-V faster the BMW M3 and M5 on Nurburgring track

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According to the guys at Car and Driver, the 2009 Cadillac CTS-V managed to beat the new BMW M3 and the M5 on a timed …

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According to the guys at Car and Driver, the 2009 Cadillac CTS-V managed to beat the new BMW M3 and the M5 on a timed lap around the 'Ring. A Cadillac representative states that is actually the fastest documented lap time for a production sedan, just a little under 8 min.

Its german competitors, the BMW M3 and M5, had a timed lap of 8:15sec respectively 8:13sec. The Cadillac is finishing testing on its CTS-V, which the american automaker prepares to start producing in a limited-edition 2009 performance sedan in the fall.

The Cadillac CTS-V is packing under the hood a supercharged and intercooled 6.2-liter V-8 known as the LSA. Even though the official numbers have not been released, everyone is expecting 550 horsepower at 6200 rpm and 550 pound-feet of torque at 4000 rpm. Cadillac keeps the tradition of big engines and lots of ponies. 

Could the CTS-V become a serious competitor for BMW's M division? Are you really surprised by the results? Could the 2009 CTS-V keep up with the rumored 5.5 liter 550 horsepower BMW M5?

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  1. EuropaCar says:

    I am actually fairly happy about this news – hopefully with this Cadillac and the nissan gtr time claims, BMW will be inspired to beat them

  2. RawAutos says:

    I agree with EuropaCar. I actually just wrote my weekly RawAutos article about this topic for this week. I am happy to see that Cadillac makes a manual transmission car that is worthy to take on the M3 and M5. The new IS-F and the MB C63 AMG aren’t really cutting the mustard.

    I would sit a CTS-V next to an M3/M5 in my garage any day…

  3. Benny says:

    I would not rate this news to high,
    because the times known for the BMWs are driven from the German magazine “sport auto” and their driver “Horst von Saurma”, whereas the times posted by Nissan and Cadillac are driven by their professional drivers. BMW never posted laptimes driven by their own experts who are driving the Nordschleife every day and worked out the setup of the M-cars. I can imagine that they are some seconds quicker than Horst von Saurma, who is a good driver, but you can’t count him to the top of the crowd.
    So maybe BMW also made faster laptops with M3 and M5, but just didn’t post them. There are definitely a lot of drivers who can drive the ring faster than Horst von Saurma, and if he does it in 8:05 and some Cadillac-Pro does it in 7:59, well, I think it depends more on the driver than on the car which is the faster one. Both cars are obviously very fast.

    Greetings from Germany ;-)

  4. Mark says:

    Yeppers, so what….unless Cadillac has learned to put a SERIOUS interior into their cars and not the usual plastic, chrome and cheap ass leather, it may be a great car in the end…..then again, the Big Three always seem to think that as long as they insert BIG engines and LOTS of torque, buyers will overlook their usually SUB PAR interiors…..not to mention that ANY Cadillac will loose roughly 50% of its value just 15′ from the dealer’s drive….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH


  5. gothicaleigh says:


    You should take a look inside the redesigned CTS, it has a SERIOUS interior.

    It was designed by Eric Clough, who was also responsible for the interior in Cadillac’s Sixteen concept, and draws many styling cues from that car.
    The interior is hand cut and sewn at Drexel Meyer, the same people who build interiors for Maybach and special edition AMGs. The seats are supplied by Recaro. Seat inserts and the steering wheel are sueded for grip.

    It is the best in it’s class.

  6. NapperV says:

    The caddy was an auto and John henrichcy is a pro driver but he’s an old man…
    this car ..even he said set in auto has alitttle more in it… Auto’s are doing better than ever and the magnaride is the key along with supsension and a big HP

    you contention the we stuff big motors in our cars and hope for the best……the CTS-v out handles and out g’s the M5.. and is heavier.

    Sory this is real engineering……we got you …..we alwsys could just never tride
    and the interior is stunning sorry to say it ON par with any euro german supercar… You just can”t accept that an American Caddilac beat your precious
    M series cars for far less…..and you get all the amenities

  7. NapperV says:

    It also has a muscular look not the smooth, everycar look as te M’ series does…

    i’ts bold mean….and kicks the M’s ass at your game…and in drag situation its not even close.

    Your just pissed because a bankrupt company built a M killer and that company is American which you loathe…….You’d be speaking russian if not for US

  8. NapperV says:

    I’m not anit M cars…they are great….the V is just matter what the bmw loving mags have to say…ouu notice they always go to the intrior…because hard number are indisputable

    Mt CTS-v interior rocks…….its what we call in america SUPERFINE

    Yeah M seats are better than recaro’s give me a fricking break..and the leather is great..soft yet thick..not thin like in the Vette.

    and the price …do you have any idea what amazing deal they are making on this car.? surely they are losing money…..but the Caddilac Name has risen to the top as it once was the car of choice for Luxury and power… it handles Amazingly too

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