Driver’s perfect relationship with his BMW 335d

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  Once in a while, we tend to surf the BMW forums and get a feel of what people think about their cars, if there are …

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Once in a while, we tend to surf the BMW forums and get a feel of what people think about their cars, if there are any general issues, concerns, or just to check if everyone is in love with their bimmers as much as we are. The other thing we absolutely love about the bimmer forums is that you can actually find out information on BMW models that are not available in the States.

With this being said, browsing the forum, I came across a different type of car review, a review done at a more personal level. I have said it before and I will repeat myself again: I totally love these type of reviews that feel more natural and less standard.

dxb335d,  is a member of the forum mentioned above, and he lives in the U.K. Therefore, he is the proud owner of a BMW 335d (diesel engine for those of you that are not regular readers) and he has shared with the whole world his "relationship" with "her". :)

Before I will let you read the review, I am going to answer the question that might arise: when will the BMW 335d become available in the U.S? Our sources at BMW hinted that the 3 Series diesel will be released here sometimes at the end of this year or early next year. Our guess is that it might coincide with the 3 Series facelift launch or shortly after.

The DXB335d was a year old last month on the 10th of March. smiley laughing She is still Performing impeccably, calling upon her many horses day in day out with the only thing she has a real appetite for Diesel, rubber and brakes.

We have travelled most of the country together in the last 13 months attending over 6 meets and 3 Santa Pod (drag strip) visits :) She proved her worth over the Quarter-mile standard (13.9@101.5mph) and re-mapped (13.5@105mph) and is a Right beast on the road. :) 

She's covered a fair few miles in 13 months but (touchwood) has never had to go back to the dealer for any problems just routine servicing. Smile

Currently she is still stock bar the DMS Re-Map which has transformed an already fast car into a Blindingly fast car…. (Much quicker on the road that what the 1/4mile times suggest).

This year I will treat her to a few cosmetic and handling modifications:

First on the list being a Aero Front splitter and maybe an M3 lip spoiler for the boot. Lowering springs seem a good idea although I dont think she actually needs lowering and she sits perferctly standard. It may just enhance the look ever so slightly.


I have thought about upgrading the rims, although upgrading seems the wrong word as the 19" 230's suit the flowing lines of the E92 fantastically anyhow so im still unsure of what to do on this score. What about 20"? will this ruin the ride and coudl they look too big? the plus side of the 230's is sometimes they look larger than what they are, if i go for a different aftermarket style 19" risk is they could ''appear'' smaller.

A drive out:

I went for a propa hoon (fast drive) the other day, and the day after had got driving fast right out of my system so i took a leasuirly drive into my local countryside to stop at various locations for a photoshoot. The DXB when clean does look very nice in Monaco blue and the Cream leather contrasts very well. Cool

She is a joy to drive whether it be at 10/10ths or just 1/10th BMW really know how to make cars these days:thumsup: Now i Know people critisise autos for lack of involvement, and not having an auto before the 335d i had nothing else to compare it too, but i never have had any issue with the superb Steptronic autobox in the 335d.

BUT i drove a 57 plate mini cooper yesterday with an autobox, HOW AWFUL was that, NOW i can see why people dont like autos… the mini was downchanging when i didnt want it too, was slurring and really in my opinion not match the engine whatsoever.. This is completely the opposite of the 335d, the autobox is matched PERFECTLY. There is no hesitation, no unecessary kickdown and certainly no slurring, it offers alot of involvement with the paddle shift and can be used to good effect on winding roads.

A match made in heaven I feel.

BMW 335d

BMW 335d

BMW 335d

BMW 335d 

BMW 335d

BMW 335d

BMW 335d

BMW 335d

BMW 335d

BMW 335d

BMW 335d

5 responses to “Driver’s perfect relationship with his BMW 335d”

  1. tkf says:

    Wow that 335d sounds amazing. I bet nothing can keep up. Lambos, Ferraris, Porsches – get out of my way!

  2. bmwboy says:

    I heard that if two remapped 335d’s have a tug of war with an unbreakable rope, the rope snaps and the universe ceases to exist after they come on boost?

    Is this true?

  3. jez says:

    did you get to upgrade your 230’s as I’m looking to buy a set for my 335i, your’s look wicked

  4. chaos says:

    wow. one day, jsut one day i hope to own such a car as her. why would any normal individual want something other than a BMW 335d. truly remarkable

  5. TFFT says:

    Wow, this thing can surely own the USS Enterprise. I reckon with the sheer amount of torque it will pull the earth out of orbit. Lambo and Ferrari want your maps and will be in contact shortly, you da man!!!!!!

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