M3 vs. Nissan GT-R vs. Porsche 911 vs. Audi R8

BMW M3 | February 29th, 2008 by 6

In the latest edition of Car Magazine, one of the articles that stands out is the comparison between the all new BMW M3 vs the …

M3 vs. Nissan GT R vs. Porsche 911 vs. Audi R8

In the latest edition of Car Magazine, one of the articles that stands out is the comparison between the all new BMW M3 vs the Nissan's GT-R, the Porsche's top seller 911, and the amazing Audi R8.

It's an interesting and informative article, and while I don't agree with the fact that the M3 is in the same class as the other cars, I still think it's a good read and I'm sure you will enjoy it. 

Unfortunately, due to copyright issue, I will not be able to post the scanned pages from the magazine, but I will point you to m3post.com, where you can read all about it.  

  • javier

    So the point is.. A car made by a company that used to be called DATSUN (they made their money from cheap pickups) beats the best 911 ever made , AUDI´s R8 and anything from BMW that starts with an M.

    Indeed amazing NISSAN GTR.

  • John

    yes, it “beats” it but who would choose the GTR over a porsche? racing off the line is one thing. but driving on a daily basis is another. the porsche combines race car feel, performance, daily handling and all the right essentials to be the best car on the market today for under $150k. GTR would be a stiff driver and has ZERO style. i mean zero. it’s meant for 20 something guys that just want to brag about 0-60. great performance but anyone would take the porsche. BMW doesn’t even belong in this test. the car has zero road feel. it’s a couch sedan… made for women or men who can’t afford porsche.

    • Mike R.


      Apparently, you have never driven an M3 (please do not respond by saying you have, your just lying and making everyone uncomfortable).

      I have owned an M3 and 911, both are great cars; however, there is something about the M3 that just makes you want to make random trip for condoms after your vasectomy.

      The Nissan GTR is no doubt an amazing piece of machinery and engineering, however, I would drive an M3 over a GTR any day of the week.



  • jason bourne

    A Ferrari is a gift from G-D but a Porsche is a VW bug on steroids….A GT-R corners better than both and blows them away with performance and electronics but alas there is no better image than a Ferrari but a Porsche is common.

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  • http://nissan-gt-r.org/gt-r-07-review/ gt r 2007

    think GT_R will be the best option when compared to other cars with all aspects.

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