Top 6 reasons why I buy BMWs

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I was just sitting here today and was thinking about why am I such a BMW hardcore fan. Why am I bimmer enthusiast and not …

I was just sitting here today and was thinking about why am I such a BMW hardcore fan. Why am I bimmer enthusiast and not an MB, Porsche or any other german brand? In my early driving years, I have owned several cars, from the german automaker Opel, to Ford and even Mercury.

About 6 years ago, I have switched to a BMW 3-series and I have never looked back. What made me go this route? Well, here are some six simple reasons:

  1. BMW gave me back the joy of driving, ignoring all the terrible Chicago traffic.
  2. Perfect balance of amenities and performance.
  3. The BMW free maintenance program
  4. BMW European Delivery – one of the best experiences ever (BMW Welt- a must see)
  5. BMW makes me look more sexy then i already am.
  6. Chicks dig it ?

Putting all the jokes aside, what are your reasons for buying BMW cars? 

8 responses to “Top 6 reasons why I buy BMWs”

  1. Daniel Michaels says:

    :) Funny.

    well, here are some of mine
    1. Love how they drive, the Ultimate Driving Machine
    2. I’m young, so it feels like it suits me more than a Mercedes
    3. My family owned 6 BMWs so far, and the reliability was top notch

  2. John says:

    1. 50/50 balance
    2. love German engineering
    3. maintenance program
    4. twin-turbo engines

  3. Ed says:

    1. I like to drive.
    2. I like to drive.
    3. I like to drive.
    4. I like to drive.
    5. I haven’t found ANYTHING that drives like a BMW!
    6. I love the features, engineering and kudos!!

  4. Mani says:

    This saturday i bought 1997 bmw 320 and millage is 173000 you will not believe it i did 130mp/h on M74 on my way back to manchaster and car was stick with road wwooooooooowwwwwww cant believe this 173000 millage and running soomth like new engine.My first car was bmw G REG 316 sinice that i luv BMW and i have a very good experiance with bmw.BMW will never let you down.

  5. Nick says:

    I’m on my 6th (everything from a 318i in ’95 to today in a 6 Convertible).

    1) Perfect mix of class, performance, luxury and style
    2) Taking corners at high speeds!
    3) Power when you need it (even in the smallest engine)
    4) The 2 blonde bombshells that hit on me on the highway the other day didn’t hurt either… ;-)

  6. stan says:

    I know BMW it’s da best i adore it every 1 who care bout car should love BMW other wise u r not a car lover…..

  7. Wulff1e says:

    crap in the snow   Rubbish tyres, majorly expensive runflats and a needless standard.  Very expensive dealer maintenance costs, Tacky compared to a Merc. Tramlinining (Due to crappy runflat tyres) Milage is crap compared to bigger diesels.. I am talking about my BMW 320 D M sport  the first and last BMW I will ever own… Did I mention it did not go in the snow….. And the tyres again  only 11k if you are lucky before you pay double any other types for replacement. I am replacing tjois 18 month old piece of crap with a proper car in 6 months as soon as I have finished the payments  .. anybody want to buy it?

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