Poll: Which BMW will you buy this year?

Interesting | February 15th, 2008 by 13

Poll time everyone. I am very curious on what your next purchase will be. Would it be the BMW X6? Or the highly acclaimed  1-series? …

Poll time everyone. I am very curious on what your next purchase will be. Would it be the BMW X6? Or the highly acclaimed  1-series? Maybe the all new BMW M3 coupe and sedan? I know some people will go the conservative way and stick with the 3 or 5-series.

Here are the photos with these cars, all good products in my opinion. 




BMW 135i 

BMW 135i coupe

BMW M3 Coupe 

BMW M3 coupe

BMW M3 Sedan 

BMW M3 Sedan

BMW 335i

BMW 335i coupe

  • b33g33

    335d its coming in Q3!

  • Stephen Holman

    The poll is skewed. We are planning to take delivery in Munich of a 128 convertible.

  • carversation

    None, if i had the money i’d get the m3 coupe no question.

  • azp

    335 diesel coupe. Fastest 3 series over long distance travel.
    Try driving m3 on autobahn, you have to stop every 250km to refuel. On diesel you can do 450km doing 250-270 nonstop

  • http://BMW135i Georg Foltin

    BMW 135i Stick shifting or Automatic with SMG

    Im thinking to buy a BMW 135i…………..but i still dont know if i should buy a stick shift manual or the BMW Automatic system SMG-like!!!!!!!!!

    normaly im a fan of the manual – shifting!!!!!!!!!! but just a few days ago i drove the BMW M6 with SMG wich was a grade experience!!!!!!!! so i would like to know if its the same in the new BMW 135i………………
    so please send me your ideas/knowledge/facts


  • Alan Preece

    X6 due 20 Sept. Black and well loaded.

  • Peter Odell

    Regarding your poll…I will take delivery of a 2009 BMW 535xi early next week, having just sold my 2000 528i last week.

  • PP117

    In all the talk about handling, interiors, tires and what not. One must consider that the car needs to start reliably before one can determine that it is the nirvana of driving experiences. In that case let the buyer be beware.

    Wednesday night, the night before Thanksgiving, after packing up the 535xi for a several hour drive, the car will not start. It appears to be the same electrical problem that the car has been serviced for before: preexisting condition – a slow current draw that is draining the battery.

    Upon calling BMW roadside “unassist”, I have determined that the BMW customer care promise is a complete bait and switch.

    BMW refused to assist in obtaining a rental car, refused to contact the dealership to get a courtesy car (yes, it was getting late @7pm but that should not have been my, the customers, problem) and said basically I was on my own. Nor would they confirm that I would be reimbursed for a rental car if I could even obtain one (in NYC, the night before Thanksgiving)! This person also refused to let me speak with their Manager.

    The whole reason to pay up for a luxury car are for the extra services you are supposed to get. My problem is not only with BMW corporate, for their hollow promises, but also for the BMW dealership that did not, or chose not to, fix the underlying electrical problem.

    I will not patronize BMW with another purchase again and, of course, will advise my friends to do the same.

    Caveat emptor.

  • HF12358

    I feel the pain – I have had the same problems….

  • Charlier

    If BMW ever figures out in this down economy to go ahead and release the 5 series new design with the twin turbo V8, I will buy. I hope someone at BWW looks at how many people are willing to spend big $$ on a 7 just to get a new BMW.

  • rhnorb

    I’d buy a new 535xit, but only if/when it gets the new iDrive

  • Michael

    I’d chose a 335d Coupe with BMW Individual stuff as a daily driver or an M3 Coupe with a manual gearbox for the hooligan inside.

  • Sochermit

    I have ordered the 2012 135i.