BMW X6 vs Porsche Cayenne vs Range Rover Sport

BMW X6 | January 21st, 2008 by 31

Update: Here is why there is a difference between the diesel engines  We came across an internal document issued by BMW which shows several comparison …

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Update: Here is why there is a difference between the diesel engines 

We came across an internal document issued by BMW which shows several comparison statistics between the upcoming BMW X6 and the alleged competition: the Porsche Cayenne and the Range Rover Sport. The results: the X6 is way ahead of its competition and wins in all the departments.

Unfortunately, we can not post the original pdf file so I will type out all the data for you. Let's start first with the comparison between the BMW X6 xDrive 35i and the V6 Porsche Cayenne. 

  BMW X6 xDrive35i Porsche Cayenne Range Rover Sport
Engine R/6 V6 No V6 gasoline engine
Capacity 2.979 3.598
Horsepower 306 290
0-60 MPH 6.7 sec 8.1 sec
Speed 150 MPH 141 MPH
Fuel Consumption 21.53 MPG 18.19 MPG
CO2 Emission 262 g/km 310 g/km
Dimmensions 192.15/76.35/66.58 in 189.04/75.96/66.94 in
Weight 4719 lbs 4917 lbs

As you can see, the X6 xDrive35i is 1.4 seconds faster, it consumes less fuel, it's less polluting and it weighs about 90lbs less. 

Winner: BMW X6 

Now the xDrive50i vs Cayenne GTS and the V8 Supercharged Rover

  BMW X6 xDrive50i Porsche Cayenne GTS Range Rover Sport V8 – Supercharged
Engine V8 V8 V8
Capacity 4395 4806 4197
Horsepower 407 405 390
0-60 MPH 5.4 sec 6.1 sec 7.6 sec
Speed 155 MPH 157 MPH 140 MPH
Fuel Consumption 18.17 MPG 15.54 MPG 14.76 MPG
CO2 Emission 299 g/km 361 g/km 374 g/km
Dimmensions 192.15/76.35/66.58 in 189.04/75.96/66.94 in 188.50/78.07/71.33 in
Weight 4983 lbs 5060 lbs 5786 lbs

Once again, the X6 powered by the V8 xDrive 50i is about 0.7 sec faster than the top Cayenne GTS and…2.2 sec faster than the Rover Sport V8 Supercharged. On top of this, once again, it burns less fuel, less emission rating and it weighs 4719 lbs vs 4917 lbs and 5786 lbs.

Winner: BMW X6 

Diesel Engines 

  BMW X6 xDrive30d Porsche Cayenne Range Rover Sport TDV6
Engine R6 No Diesel V6
Capacity 2993   2720
Horsepower 235   190
0-60 MPH 8.0 sec   12.7 sec
Fuel Consumption 28.62 MPG   23.70 MPG
CO2 Emission 217 g/km   265 g/km
Dimmensions 192.15/76.35/66.58 in   188.50/78.07/71.33 in
Weight 4730 lbs   5566 lbs

Even in the diesel market, the X6 xDrive30d is the king.

Winner: BMW X6

  BMW X6 xDrive35d Porsche Cayenne Range Rover Sport TDV8
Engine R6 No Diesel V8
Capacity 2993   3628
Horsepower 286   272
0-60 MPH 6.9 sec   9.2 sec
Speed 147 MPH   130 MPH
Fuel Consumption 28.27 MPG   21.14 MPG
CO2 Emission 220 g/km   290 g/km
Dimmensions 192.15/76.35/66.58 in   188.50/78.07/71.33 in
Weight 4807 lbs   6039 lbs

WOW, 2.3 sec faster?? Clearly, the R6 diesel engine is better than the V8 offered in the Range Rover Sport.

Once again  Winner: BMW X6

I know this is a document issued by BMW, so I'm still curious to see some tests done by car magazines to find out if these numbers stand.

The only thing we're missing now is the pricing, maybe the Chicago Auto Show will bring something new. 

31 responses to “BMW X6 vs Porsche Cayenne vs Range Rover Sport”

  1. These charts are comparing apples and oranges. The BMW is NOT a proper offroader. Critically, it lacks a low range case, locking differentials, and height adjustment that the Porsche and Rover have. The BMW would get stuck on a golf course. Compare it to other crossovers and grass and gravel SUV’s like the Jeep SRT8 and the Infiniti FX and the Mercedes ML63 and you will be less impressed with the bimmer.

  2. Speed Racer says:

    This is a ridiculous comparison. Of-course the 6 is going to win on roads. The PC should fair better and if the appropriate model were here would. The RRS is an off road truck, not a street racer. Stick a 6 next to a RRS on the side of a mountain and lets see the results. Notice the didn’t include the X5? What a joke.

  3. Elclair says:

    This is an uneducated comparision, the BMW Xdrive50i has a Twin-Turbo charged engine while the Porsche GTS is naturally aspirated, the BMW’s have no off-road capability besides its ground clearance. Compare the Xdrive50i with the Cayenne Turbo (which is comparing apples with apples since both are twin turbo V8’s) and the X6 will get decimated in EVERY apsect. The X6 is nothing more than a raised, over-glorified, stationwagon.

  4. Wrong info!! says:

    Cayenne 0-60 : 7.5sec not 8.1
    GTS : 5.7sec not 6.1
    don’t lower others to gain self asteam=]
    not to mention results compared off-road

  5. Wrong info!!2 says:

    guess what, found more
    X6 xDrive35i 0-60 : 6.9 not 6.7
    X6 xDrive50i : 5.6 not 5.4
    info from both maker’s offical site

  6. Horatiu B. says:

    @Wrong info!!2: The numbers came from an internal BMW document and we did not made them up. Now, I agree that BMW might have been a little conservative when it comes to the competition’s numbers, but from what I know, they do tend to test all the cars, including the competitors’, thoroughly, so they might be true. Also, this was an internal document, so not a marketing scheme.

  7. carlo cruz says:

    both the bmw x6 and the cayenne are both road bred vehicles no question abt that but in general only the RRS can live in both habitats so do the math guys., take a look at the bigger picture. functionality wins.

  8. biggie says:

    this information is bullsh*t. the X6 cant go off road so it dosent count as an off-road SUV . got somthing to say …?? wittle baby wanna cry ??

    so you can go —- yourself and i know that range rover is da best .

    and please dont put FALSE INFORMATION on the internet , put it in your wittle play book ok

  9. tom says:

    this is the worst review i have seen in my life, everything is completly wrong for a 2008 article. The porsche cayenne actually does 0-60 in 7.5s and since 2008 when it says the article was produced they inroduced a diesel.

  10. spencer says:

    ok first of call, your comparing bmw X6 to the base model of the porsche cayenne, and the range rover sport. I would like to see bmw X6 go up againts the porsche cayenne turbo S and the range rover supercharged.

  11. david says:

    the X6 M would be a fair comparison to the Cayenne turbo (horsepower wise), but the the X6 is still faster. The X6 35i with 300 hp is faster 0 – 60 than the Cayenne S witha 385 hp V8. Basically the X6 was built to be a “sport” SUV, the Cayenne was built to be a VW Toureg before it became a Porsche.

  12. david says:

    oh, and new “performance upgrade” option adds 40 hp and 30 lbs of torque to the X6 50i. . . . . that’s right, that equates to 440 hp and 480 lbs of torque!!!! 0 – 60 5.1 seconds!!! You can get one with just about everything in the low $80,000.00’s.

  13. D. says:

    Your utterly useless comments about X6 dont explain why its sold out, jackass. BMW X6 is the best so deal with it. this is the best review ever. this information is not bullsh*t, these are facts u @sshole.If you dont like it, its not meant for you. the world does not revolve around you alone. try get that thru your think skull

  14. Toni says:

    The x6 is a beast.
    The porche is essentially a vw.
    The rr are s l o w.

    Now the Bmw x6 M would decimate ANY suv, sav etc made to date.

    • Casciov says:

      I have driven by many stuck x5 and x6s in my Wife’s CTT this winter in Colorado. I love BMWs but they really will get stuck on a golf coarse. Their not ment for anything more than one of their cars could handle, it really is nice but its worthless as a suv. Plus I tow 8000 pounds with her truck all the time:0)

  15. Scott V says:

    The Bimmer would get stuck on a golf course. A VW would then be required to save it. Why some people would buy a jacked-up 5-series is beyond me.

  16. mahmoud says:

    Hello I want to Marivat Price Range Rover BMW x5 2006 Please reply and I want to Alsarie Mariva price of one and five of the Range Rover BMW x5 Kst Thank you “Dzelan

  17. Taylor says:

    Have any one you guys actually driven any of these cars? Honestly you guys are comparing things u don’t even know about. I have a rrsc and hae a best friend with an x6 5.0 and honestly, the ride on the rr is much nicer than the BMW, it’s much smoother of pick up and honestly, from a roll with both cars in tip, you can’t say the BMW feels THAT much faster. The brakes on the range rover are much nicer feeling also. I’ve only ever driven the cayenne turbo and not the basebut it’s a porsche and it drives like a Porsche, so it’s much stiffer and more sporty feeling than both. Doesn’t mean its faster but that’s how it feels. For 83,000 I would much rather own the rrsc because the differnce in capabilities. The BMW and Porsche are made for street perotmace and the range is obviously made for both. So why don’t you guys actually do a real test yourself and actually see. I preffer the Rova anyday in my opinion.

  18. max says:

    porsche cayyene and range rover sport should be compared with X5 not x6

  19. ray says:

    here just supporting one another to ban bmw x6 and x6 to say that one is faster and accelerates faster than a Porsche Cayenne are very wrong. and also for some reason very evident cayenne has a higher cost than a x6.esos agan bad data is a comparison that is of the same year as those of 2011 and look for information on the pages of the manufacturers.

  20. ray says:

    and as the x6 max design is not the same kind of basic speed the Range Rover and cayenne.

  21. The chart simplify the numbers for us to see the difference and each unique features.I’m a car enthusiast and i always like cars or let’s say SUV.It’s because of larger space,number of seats for family used and deeper the power,engine,performance and fuel efficiency.

  22. Pharis mmani says:

    After reading all these comments,i think i would go for the RRS Cos the rest x6 and pc cant last in golf course.speed of 0.6 is no advantage.Engine capacity and space combined with comfort ön and off the road would do me proud in kenya.RRS is the machine:PHARIS

  23. A. R. K. says:

    I just sold my 2010 X6 3.5i to buy a 2011 Porsche Cayenne S.

    I test drove the Cayenne S with PDCC (Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control) and PTV Plus (Porsche torque Vectoring Plus). Both of these features were standard on the X6 as I bought it.

    However, the real reason I sold my X6 to buy the porsche was not because of the brand name or 0-60 time (the x6 5.0i with with similar BHP actually beats the cayenne S 2011 in this regard). I’d say comparing the X6 5.0i to the Cayenne S 2011 is a good comparison. because:

    a) both cars weigh roughly the same this time around.

    b) x6 has a turbo charged engine producing approx 400 HP, whereby the Cayenne S produces the same HP from a naturally aspirated engine.

    So let’s for a second overlook the fact that a naturally aspirated engine will obviously last longer in terms of durability (due to the reduced wear and tear).

    The first, and most obvious reason I prefer the Cayenne S revolves around two worlds: “turbo lag”. The X6 suffers from non-linear acceleration. Meaning: when you accelerate, you get a certain amount of punch, but that punch varies over the RPM range, not due to the amount of pressure your foot places on the accelerator pedal, but it varies depending on when the turbos like to kick into full gear (which to my experience on my X6 3.5i was around the 110 -120kph range onwards).

    The Cayenne, by comparison, has no problems in the department, for obvious reasons.

    The second most important thing, and in all honesty, this was actually the one that tipped the scales for me: understeer. The X6 suffers MAJOR understeer. In fact, going into a corner at high speed was NOT something i was ever comfortable with in this car. Just didn’t give me the confidence to do so as the car always seemed to push out quite a bit. I believe this is due to the narrower tired up front compared to the beefy ones at the back.

    I took the Cayenne S for a test drive, and I took a highway exit at moderate speed (that being 120kph). No understeer. nothing. I turned the wheel, kept it there, and the car followed my line. no corrections necessary.

    oh, and the cayenne’s optional air suspension also helps make the ride more comfortable when u want it, and more aggressive and sporty when u want that too.

    In the X6, i was stuck in sport mode. I refused to take my nephew out for a ride in his carseat for fear of him getting car sickness. can u imagine a 2 yearold strapped into his carseat bouncing around in the back?

    Having said all this, I have to admit, that with all the options I put in my cayenne s (expected delivery January 2011), the premium I pay is about 27 thousand dollars over the X6 3.5i.

    But if you were to compare the X6 5.0i and Cayenne S in terms of value for money… well, then you have equally priced vehicles. The x6 in this iteration would beat the cayenne 0-60 (as it should, with its turbo), but then the cayenne s would trash the X6 on the track (i.e. where it actually counts), because all four wheels have similar traction (tread) and the car suffers virtually no understeer, making it much easier to toss around the chicanes and hard corners. understeer, even in the real world, reduces driver confidence. I don’t know about you guys, but understeer (and oversteer in FWD cars) tends to make me feel disconnected from the vehicle i’m driving. I guess It forces me to make more guesswork and calculations before and during a turn than i’d like to.

    Both cars can look ugly as sin, or damnright mean looking, depending on which side of the fence you’re standing on. But in terms of performance, I’m hardpressed to say…. the cayenne acts more like what it’s trying to be, whereas the X6 looks a lot meaner than it really is. (i.e. x6 = form over function) although the cayenne can essentially be blamed for the same thing (i.e. why would you turn an SUV into a sports car?)

    I personally decided to buy the cayenne because I wanted a marriage proof vehicle (hahaha). Needed to make sure I had the extra room if I have kids soon. But ultimately, I bought it because I prefer the road clearance… being able to see the road ahead better than I would in a sedan or other sports coupe.

    my two cents, as a person who has owned an X6 for a year and has driven the cayenne s 2011 extensively prior to ordering one.

  24. BETEP says:

    BMW haters, x6 5.0 is 5.0 0 – 60, handling wise would smoke any of these competitors with ease

    most of you haters cant afford a bmw keychain

    new porsche is nice but price is way over the head, look up some magazine comparisons and notice that x5/x6 always win

    bmw is not that great off road but if u show me serious off road on the us roads ill buy u a cookie! so shut it with all ur off road comments.

    porsche and bmw both nice, its user preference and price that determines the winner. v6 to v6 bmw wins, v8 to v8 bmw wins, x6m vs turbo s….bmw wins……………………….any questions????

    and for the rest of the brainless people, dress nice and maybe they’ll let you test drive an x6, then u’ll understand what u have been writing is complete bs

  25. Blink says:

    As an owner of the X6, I would say it lacks two things. One, don’t try to stop light race because of the turbo lag and weight. Two, don’t care about off road but driving in the snow is scary because of the sport tires.

  26. I just stumbled on your blog when i was looking on Google.

  27. shane says:

    I think the 2 best cars are in  second place is the Porshe Cayenne Gts. in first place come the bmw x6 .for look the BMW come in third place the back spoiled it all. In second place come the porshe Cayenne . And the Range Rover come in second

  28. Dean Miller says:

    You guys have until the end of 2013, then you have to move over for the “Tesla Model X”.
    * 0-60 in 5.6 sec (4.4sec sport)
    * Seats 7 plus luggage (Two Trunks – Front & back)
    * No gas, $6 to fill up
    * Instant off the line torque (no stop light lag).

    & Did I mention the doors?.. yep.., Falcon Wing.

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