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In case you haven't noticed, I have been missing for the past two weeks. I was actually in Europe for the the opening of the …

In case you haven't noticed, I have been missing for the past two weeks. I was actually in Europe for the the opening of the new BMW Welt Delivery Center(the story will be coming up soon) and in the same time, I wanted to experience the Mercedes Benz European Delivery as well.

18 months ago, I had the opportunity to do a BMW European Delivery and basically that was the beginning of our website and blog. I was so sold on the whole program and the amazing experience, that I have decided to share all the information with everyone and help them understand the process better, with all the advantages and disadvantages. 

Recently, by being promoted to the Director of European Sales position, I thought it would be interesting to experience the European Delivery program of the other large german automaker, Mercedes Benz. Soon, I will have a comparison article between these two programs and share with you my findings.

Out trip started in Munich where I have picked up a rental car that will serve me as temporary transportation to my final destination. I have to mention that this trip was also a great vacation that my family has enjoyed very much. We left Baden Baden about 6:30am and headed for Stuttgart to drop off the rental car, an ’08 MB C220 manual diesel(looking forward to more Diesels coming to the US in ’08.)

When we arrived at the car rental office, I asked them to call a cab for us for our short ride to the MB European delivery center next to their manufacturing plant in Sindelfigen. MB pays for one night of your choice of 5 star hotels and also gives a cab voucher for 65 Euros and a food voucher to be used at the delivery restaurant for 65 euros as well. It turned out to be more than enough for 4 breakfast meals along with two lunch boxes to go.

Soon after we arrived to a very nice campus, drenched in fall colors, a man came out to welcome us and took our luggage inside until we were ready to leave. A few minutes later, we met with one person who was going to start our paperwork and then told us it would be about 45 minutes until the few forms were ready for signatures. We decided to go over to the restaurant and sat down to a nice European breakfast, the food was very good as well as the service.

We were told that the MB Museum is in Stuttgart, but was closed on Mondays and were offered a plant tour, which is an amazing experience in itself, but we didn’t have the extra time as we needed to be in Fussen in time for the last tour of the day for Neurschwanstein Castle.

We went back to the check in area to finish signing the few necessary documents and were sent over to the car pick up area to take delivery of the ’08 E350 4matic that was going to be our transportation for the rest of our journey.

thumb DSC02675 0630 630 Mercedes Benz European Delivery Experience

thumb DSC02678 0627 627 Mercedes Benz European Delivery Experience

Mercedes European Delivery

The delivery takes place in a fairly large area holding about 50 -60 vehicles being picked up that day. There were many different models, many of which are not available in the US, but were built for different countries in Europe. I had asked for a brief overview of the car, even though I knew the car very well after having sold and delivered a number of them over the years.

Mercedes European Delivery

Mercedes European Delivery

Mercedes European Delivery

I was curious to hear what the MB delivery specialist had to say about the car and how effective his presentation was…I was not disappointed and soon we were on our way for the next leg of our amazing adventure.

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  1. Investor27 says:

    My wife and I would like to experience our first ED car (probably a BMW, with a Mercedes being a 2nd choice here). I can across your website with a link from, and I was wondering if you can email me more of your family’s experience with the tours of the castles in Germany.

    I have never been to Europe, and so this will be our first trip together. We both enjoy European castles a lot, and that will be the main focus during our first trip (besides taking delivery on our car, of course), and we would appreciate any suggestions you or your family may have to help us plan to see as many castles as possible during our 7-10 day trip. Thanks.

  2. Investor27 says:


  3. HiTach says:

    What are the earliest dates for European Delivery of the 2011 E class 4Matic?
    I can only travel late June to mid July, and would probably pass on getting a 2010 model year vehicle as the resale value would be minimized
    Thanks for the blog – great resource .

  4. Chris Branum says:

    Hello Everyone,
    I just help a friend of mine upload photos from his Mercedes-Benz European Delivery Experience. He has photos from the Delivery Center, Food, Hotels, MB Museum and photos from towns and scenery in Germany. Here is link to his blog: Enjoy! I know he would like to answer questions and read your feedback.

  5. Tony says:

    I am taking delivery of a MB E550 Cabriolet in June 2011. A few questions:

    1. Does anyone have experience dropping off in Madrid?

    2. What is the real (i.e. not the MB dealer’s talk) time it takes from drop off to delivery in the USA (Dallas TX for me)?

    3. How does the NAV system work? Will they load a European DVD into the system for the duration in Europe? From what I read, it seems as though MB supplies a portable (e.g. Garmin, Magellan, Tom Tom, etc.) system. Does anyone know? My dealer doesn’t.

  6. Dropping off the car in Madrid will be fine.
    They are well organized..
    The time frame to have your car back in Texas will be 8 to10 weeks.
    The E550 has an hard drive-satellite navigation….no disc is needed.
    Mercedes-Benz will always provide a portable navigation if the navigation system in the car does not work.

  7. Merbanz says:

    am planning to buy a GLK thru the EDP. would like to know what issues/problems other buyers encountered during the whole process. what other fees should i anticipate? thanks.

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